Best Portable Ice Makers of 2019: Don’t let pesky Ice Trays to take away your Party Time!!

Heat is on as summer approaches, Many of us will be escaping it with Chilled drinks to get refreshment. Small Ice Makers are the best for the chilling cocktails and soft drinks in the outdoor summer parties. Sometimes, we need more ice than our freezer can afford. Despite of being old-fashioned, just get rid of irritated Ice Cube trays and expensive bagged ice with the Small ice cube makers. The Best Portable Ice Makers will come in hand if you enjoy hosting summer parties or work in the outdoors.

In this article, you will be provided with full knowledge regarding the Best Rated Small ice maker. This information helps you to buy the Best Portable Ice Maker Machine which is suitable for your usage. Here we have compared and reviewed top rated portable ice makers so that you can be guided in the best selection that’s out there. This weightless ice maker can produce a significant amount of fresh ice which is necessary for outdoor parties. So your party becomes a memorable moment.

5 Best Portable Ice Makers 2019

The Best portable ice maker is a countertop appliance. It is having a less weight so you can take away depending on your requirement. A small ice machine can make a significant amount of ice every day which makes your work easy. The Best portable ice maker machine can deliver the 20 to 30 pounds of ice over 24 hours. A single ice batch can take 6 to 15 minutes time to produce approximately 9 ice cubes. Portable ice machine can save the space and as well as it gives a stylish look to your kitchen like a home decorator. The Ice maker which is having all theses excellent features and able to operate in normal power conditions is known as the best portable ice maker. Here you can check the best Portable ice maker reviews in the following section.

Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2018

In addition to home countertop use, these Best portable ice makers are a great ice source for RVs, boats, campers, tailgaters. With the only requirement of the power source, you can use these compact devices anywhere you wish. These Portable Ice Machines come in sleek finishes, colors such as silver, stainless steel, red and white which are designed to match your modern kitchen. Top rated portable ice makers are paired with their compact size, ensures that they are a seamless addition to any space and décor.

Top 5 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews 2019

Are you looking for a versatile ice machine that doesn’t require permanent installation or tired of filling up ice trays? A Best portable ice maker machine is great for both home use and on-the-go. The Small ice makers offer a plenty of ice for you, your family, at get together. Let us check the Best portable ice maker reviews with pros and cons here. Personal experience is required to know that what are the top rated portable machines? Top 5 Best Portable Ice Makers Reviews are provided below according to customer reviews, rating, features, specifications, pros, and cons.

What is the Portable Ice Maker 2019?

These Small Portable Ice Makers are the impressive countertop appliance which supplementals enormous amount of ice in the kitchen or home bar. With this Best Portable Ice Maker Machine you will never have to deal with those pesky ice trays and permanently installed machines again. As the name suggests, these ice machines are completely portable and require no installation. All you have to do is pour water into the reservoir and select your settings, Within few minutes you’ll be served with chilled ice cubes.

Latest Ice makers with Advanced features are available in Todays Market. But, Portable ice makers are Best and Convenient to use. We started research on Best Rated Portable machines to get a solution for this question. Finally, we found the Best portable ice making machines based on certain characteristics like production capacity, cycle time, drain spout, Removable bin, watertight basin, size, etc., You can get the Best Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2019 here along with detailed explation.

5 Top rated Ice makers based on overall performance factors

  • NewAir AI-100R 28lbs Portable Icemaker
  • Igloo ICE103 Countertop Icemaker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel
  • Portable Ice Maker of Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S
  • EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Icemaker
  • Ivation IVAICEM25WH Portable Ice Machine

1.NewAir AI-100R 28lbs Portable Ice Maker

The NewAir 28lbs Portable Ice maker Machine got a place in Top 5 Best small ice makers 2019. The NewAir portable ice maker (12 Inch) is having a lot of attractive features and capable of working with regular power supply. These two things give support to the NewAir AI-100R 28 pounds ice maker machine to stand on the top ice maker list 2019. Being a Best ice maker for a long time is not easy though the NewAir got it due to maintaining the high quality and standards.

This NewAir portable ice maker is capable of producing the 28 pounds of ice over 24 hours which is enough for all your party needs. The Fast freezing cycle allows you to enjoy the fresh ice within few minutes, i.e., 6minutes. You select the three different sizes of ice cubes by using ice volume button on the control panel. The side mounted drain feature makes your work easy in removing the excess water at the end of the day. This free standing ice machine has removable ice bin; it leads easy clean up.

NewAir AI-100R 28-Pound Portable Icemaker, Red, NewAir

Price: $138.99
as of July 21, 2019 6:24 am  
Buy Now

Price History


Current Price $138.99 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $171.14 March 28, 2019
Lowest Price $138.54 June 1, 2019
Since March 24, 2019

Last price changes

$138.99 July 19, 2019
$138.54 July 16, 2019
$166.80 July 11, 2019
$166.19 July 8, 2019
$164.22 July 5, 2019

NewAir Portable Ice Maker Machines Pros & Cons
  • Produces 28 pounds of ice per day
  • Quick ice production cycle (6 Minutes)
  • Electronic control
  • Free standing design
  • Countertop appliance
  • Easy to Install
  • Makes Crystal clear ice cube formation
  • No installation – just plug in unit & add water
  • Compact design

  • No energy star compliance
  • Doesn’t have Lock Facility
  • No reversible door facility
  • No Self-cleaning functionality

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Are you worried about buying the best Portable Ice Maker Online which is easy to move from one place to other? Then learn about the Newair Brand and the Products that it offer.

2. Igloo ICE103 Countertop Icemaker

The Igloo ICE103 countertop portable ice maker Machine made with stainless steel material which offers a sleek and stylish look to your modern kitchens. The igloo ice103 26lbs ice maker can able to produce 3 different sizes of ice cubes such as small, medium and large which is useful for various types of beverages. This Portable Ice Maker placed on best portable ice makers list 2019 for the current year with its long time working without any troubles.

The Igloo ICE103 ice machine has one unique feature, i.e., an oversized bucket which holds the 2.2 lbs of ice; this is ultimate. Igloo ice maker Machine made with faster ice cycle 6minutes and ice production capacity of 26lbs per day. This countertop Igloo ice machine compact size allows you to store it with ease after usage. You can control the ice maker working with the help of electronic control panel, and the LED indicators give alerts if any misconfiguration occurred. Igloo Ice Maker is one of the best small Ice Maker which occupies less Counter space of your Modern Kitchen.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Curtis International LTD

Price: $144.99
as of July 21, 2019 6:24 am  
Buy Now

Price History


Current Price $144.99 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $220.98 February 9, 2019
Lowest Price $118.00 March 19, 2019
Since February 1, 2019

Last price changes

$144.99 July 17, 2019
$179.92 July 16, 2019
$178.82 July 16, 2019
$144.99 July 16, 2019
$178.82 July 16, 2019

Igloo Portable Ice Maker machine Pros & Cons
  • Gives stylish look to your kitchen
  • Easy to Install
  • User friendly
  • Able to produce 3 different of ice cubes.
  • Faster ice making cycle.
  • Ice production capacity is 26lbs
  • Ice storage capacity of 2.2pounds
  • Low cost

  • Too heavy, when compared to other portable ice makers.
  • Hard to clean.
  • The absence of automatic overflow protection.
  • No self-closing door facility.


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Searching for the best Portable Ice Machine Online which is easy to move from one place to other? Then check the best ice maker Machine brand -Igloo Brand and the Products that it offer.

3. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Machine

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Ice maker is one of the popular ice machines in the market which is widely used the device. Avalon Bay company launched the only one model in ice maker with 3 different attractive colors though it is placed in Top Rated best ice makers 2019 list. The Avalon Bay portable ice machine looks like a home decor element due to its charming design. This Countertop ice maker Machine has automatic overflow feature which increases the lifetime of the machine. It is having 3 indicators such as water level indicator, ice indicators and power indicator which help to recognize the low water level, completion of ice making cycle and power flowing in the device respectively.

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Countertop ice maker is having demand in the market due to its high quality and fast ice freezing time. It can able to produce the 26 lbs of ice over 24 hours. A single batch can deliver approximately 9 ice cubes within 6 to 10 minutes with noise free environment. Removing of excess water at the end of the is compulsory to prevent the inner parts damage makes easy with the help of bottom drain out system in the Avalon Bay ice maker. Check the

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Machine, Air & Water, Inc

Price: $139.00 out of stock
as of July 21, 2019 6:24 am  
Buy Now

Price History


Current Price $139.00 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $139.01 March 21, 2019
Lowest Price $139.00 March 29, 2019
Since March 21, 2019

Last price changes

$139.00 March 29, 2019
$139.01 March 21, 2019
Avalon Bay Portable Ice Maker Pros & Cons
  • Able to produce 26lbs of ice within 24 hours.
  • Ice storage capacity of 26 lbs
  • User-friendly Product
  • Classic design
  • Easy to install
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • Countertop appliance
  • Quick ice production cycle

  • Not having self-cleaning function
  • Does not have any Lock facility
  • Not having the Self closing door mechanism
  • No reversible door


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Are you feeling the bore with your regular party spots? Do you want an exciting party place to enjoy this weekend? Then beaches and boats are one of the beautiful and surprising party destinations.

4. EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Icemaker

The Edgestar IP210 Titanium ice maker is made with Titanium Finish which looks like a classic design. This portable ice maker of the EdgeStar doesn’t have the drain system since it uses the unused ice in next ice production cycle through melting technique and produces the fresh ice. This intelligence process called as Innovative Water-Use Design. The EdgeStar 28lb portable ice Mak is the Best Rated Ice Maker for home use. This compact & countertop design of the EdgeStar can produce three different sizes of ice cubes.

Edgestar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker, Gray, Edgestar

Price: $164.00
as of July 21, 2019 6:24 am  
Buy Now

Price History


Current Price $164.00 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $164.00 March 25, 2019
Lowest Price $164.00 March 25, 2019
Since March 25, 2019

Last price changes

$164.00 March 25, 2019

The Best EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker Machine is capable of producing the 28 lbs of ice in the form of Bullet shaped ice cubes per day. The EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker Ice bin capacity is 2 1/2 pounds of ice which is great. This Best Edgestar titanium top rated portable ice maker can produce fresh ice for every 10 minutes. An excellent feature of the EdgeStar IP210 Titanium ice maker Machine is Soft Touch Control Panel which helps to control the Working of ice maker smoothly.

EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker Pros & Cons
  • Able to produce 3 different sizes of ice cubes.
  • Innovative Water-Use Design, i.e., recycles the melted ice and again produces fresh and clean ice.
  • Quick Ice production cycle.
  • Ice Bin Capacity is 2 to 2.5 pounds.
  • Soft touch controls
  • Compact size appliance which is best suitable for kitchen countertops, wet bars, break rooms, etc. and easy to install
  • EdgeStar Titanium Portable Ice Maker doesn’t require drain system.
  • Both water tap and bottle water for a water source accessible
  • Lightweight product.

  • Doesn’t have the lock facility
  • No self-closing door mechanism


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Today Everyone’s Life is hectic & very busy. All are preferring the units which will complete our tasks within few seconds. Some people may not have the time for preparing the food and to eat it. So, each and every one wants to have the modernized machines which will complete their task just within a short span of time.

5. Ivation IVAICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker

The Ivation portable ice maker also stands on Best ice makers 2019 list because of its unique features. This Ivation IVAICEM25WH new ice maker Machine with LCD made with Modern compressor refrigeration technology. This new technique leads to the fast ice production cycle. Another wonder features the Ivation portable ice maker is a programmable timer, with the help of this timer you can set the icemaker to start and stop time of the day. The Ivation 26.5 lbs Portable Ice Maker has the water recycling capability, i.e., it regenerates the ice cubes from the Melted Ice during the next ice-making session. The easy push button controls and warning alerts for low water and full ice capacity are indicated by the error message on LCD.

The Ivation auto shutoff feature leads to stop the Ice Machine automatically when ice basket is full for the safety purpose of the device. The Ivation IVAICEM25WH Auto shutoff Ice Maker Machine has the capability of producing the 26.5 Pounds of Ice Per Day and having the Built-in Water reservoir capacity of 2.8 Liters. The Ice size button on the control panel allows you to select the different sizes of ice cubes such as Small, Medium, Large. The Built-in ice bin has the ice storage capacity of 2.2 Pounds of Ice.

Ivation IVA-ICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker with LCD Display, White, C&A Marketing

out of stock  
Buy Now

Price History

Ivation Portable Ice Maker Machine Pros & Cons
  • Quick Ice Making cycle.
  • Programmable Timer.
  • Filter Facility.
  • Modern Refrigeration Compressor.
  • Auto-Shutoff.
  • Removable ice bin and Removable Ice Tank
  • Reusage of unused Ice cubes
  • Back-lit LCD.
  • Water Recycling System.
  • Durable

  • No Self Cleaning Functionality
  • Self-Closing Door facility is not available.
  • No Noise Free.
  • No lock facility


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If you are looking for a quick and simple way to make ice for a House Parties or Gatherings? Then you may be in search of Portable Ice Maker Reviews which can be moved from one place to another. If that is the case check this Ivation Ice makers Review.

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Consideration factors for selecting the best weightless and Portable ice machines

If you want to attain a new portable ice maker, then you may get confusion for choosing a suitable ice maker. Because many of ice makers are available with various brands in the market. So here i gave some of the important considerations that have to remember while buying the best portable ice machine for sale.

Consideration factors

Ice Production Capacity

How much ice to be produced by a Best portable ice maker? The Ice production capacity is one of the important features of any ice maker. First of all, you know the ice makers ice capacity before going to buy. Then only you can select required ice maker what you want. The Best ice maker Machine delivers 20 to 30 pounds per day for a gallon of water which is sufficient for home use and small parties.


20 to 30 lbs Ice

Ice Production Time

The ice maker can produce the ice as quickly as possible. The Best portable ice maker can able to produce ice within few minutes. The ice production time for an ice maker will be 6 to 15m per batch at normal temperature range. The ice production cycle of the ice maker will vary according to operating temperature; it may take much time at extremely high temperatures. The Best portable ice maker generates approximately 9 ice cubes for a cycle for the shortest cycle time.

Ice Sizes

The size of the ice cubes may vary according to brand models. An ice maker can produce three sizes of ice cubes such as small, medium and large. Some ice makers can make small or large cubes and some other produce only small or large. Ice cube size is not fixed, So you can choose the ice maker which produce cubes as per your requirement. The Portable Ice machine having the 2 to 3 different ice size settings options on the control panel.


Overflow Protection

The Overflow protection is an attractive feature for the best small Ice making machine. The Ice maker control panel has alert or indicator system to give a signal for overflow. The Overflow protection warning may arise when the ice bin is full. This system can prevent the avalanche of ice overflow.


Ice Maker Overflow Effect

Control Panel

The Ice maker control panel is for controlling the machine operation. It helps to select the size of ice cubes, shows the alerts and warnings like overflow, water level. The control panel of the ice maker made with LCD or LED display.


Icemaker Control Panel


The Light emitting diode used in the control panel is useful for showing the warnings when an ice bucket is full and for low water level. It demonstrates the indication by glow up the LED lights.


The LCD shows the error messages in the form of words for indicating the warnings and alerts.

Ice Basket

The ice basket is the built in part of the ice maker which is the major component to store the produced ice. The removable ice bin is the fantastic feature for an ice maker. The cleaning becomes easy with the help of removable ice basket. The bucket capacity of the ice machine depends on the production of the ice of the ice maker. Big ice bin means a significant amount of ice production and small container indicates low ice Reservoir Capacity

The Portable Ice Maker Reservoir capacity reflects the amount of ice production. You have to add water if the ice maker reservoir capacity is low.

Ice Maker size


The Best portable ice maker has the countertop design. You can place it on a table or even a small place. Selection of weightless ice makers is the best choice for outdoor parties and home purpose.

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How to Install the Portable Ice Machines?

The effortless mobility ice makers are specially designed for avoiding the permanent installation. As it is weightless, This type of ice makers is best suitable for the outdoor purpose. A portable ice machine installation is very easy. You can just plug into the power source to operate the ice makers. The Best portable ice maker installation is explained in the below figure.

Best Portable Ice Maker

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Portable Ice Maker Cleaning Tips

Before going to Ice Maker cleaning tips of the best Small ice maker, you have to find the solution for a question, i.e., When do you clean the ice maker? This is the right time when you notice a bad taste of ice or a smell of strong plastic / metal to clean the ice maker. Let us check the Freestanding Ice Maker cleaning tips in the following.

How to Clean Portable Ice Maker?

Cleaning of ice maker leads to elongate the lifetime of your Small portable ice maker and avoid the bad your experience with the best ice makers. Ice makers produce the significant amount of ice with the help of water. The water is the mixture of various mineral particles So these metals damage the inner parts of the ice maker. Regular cleaning of ice maker prevents damages its components. Rusty parts, bad small makes your small ice cubes are the indications to clean the ice maker. The cleaning and installation steps help to maintain your small ice maker properly. Ice Machine for sale 2019, check the latest ice makers price in the current market.

Portable Ice Maker Cleaning methods

There are 2 types of cleaning methods are widely used for the machines. First one is the self-cleaning method, it means the ice makers has built in self-cleaning function. In this process you have no work to clean the ice machine, you just press the self-cleaning button on the control panel to perform cleaning function.

The Second method of ice maker cleaning is manual cleaning which is time-consuming. Manual processes need safety precautions for the smooth running of the machine. So, This section discussed regarding the how to clean the portable ice maker manually and cleaning tips of the ice cube maker.

How to clean the portable Ice Maker manually?

Cleaning tools: Brush or Soft cloth (Preferred)

Required solutions: Lemon or vinegar, warm water, and cleaning solution.

Steps to clean the portable ice maker

  • Remove the ice bin and water reservoir if it is removable. Clean the tray and reservoir with the help of lemon juice of vinegar.
  • Clean the tray and reservoir with the help of lemon juice of vinegar.
  • For unremovable water reservoir: Allow the cleaning solutions into the water tank.
  • Press the ice making button and reset button on the control panel at a time.
  • Now the cleaning function starts, it will take around 10 minutes to complete the cleaning process.
  • A lite red colored water which consists of mud and rust may produce in this process so remove the drain cap to avoid the excess water.
  • At last clean the all parts of the ice maker with warm water and lemon or vinegar solution.
  • Now the ice maker is ready to produce the ice again.

Portable Ice Maker Cleaning Tips and Safty precautions

  • Unplug the ice maker for avoiding the electric shocks.
  • Remove the all ice cubes in the ice maker to make your job easy.
  • Pull the drain cap to avoid the excess water and mud water while cleaning the ice maker for proper cleaning.
  • Remove the filter and clean it with soap water.
  • Remove the all loose parts of the ice maker to clean.
  • Allow the ice maker to air dry to remove the moisture.
  • Replace the ice machine parts if needed.
  • Clean the inner parts of the machine with lemon or vinegar.
  • The Best tool to clean the ice maker is a soft cloth.
  • Fix the all removable components into ice maker respective places.
  • Plug in the ice maker and allows it for making the ice.
  • Discard the first batch.

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What is the Price of the Portable Ice Machine?

The sales of the any product not only depends on the quality but also on the price. So Ice makers cost is the important factor while buying the ice maker. Check the Best Ice Machine for sale.

Portable Ice Maker with best price

Ivation IVAICEM25WH Portable Ice Machine

Ivation IVAICEM25WH Portable Ice Maker

Ivation-$ 129

The Ivation portable ice machine is the cheapest ice maker among the Top 5 Best ice makers. The Ivation company produces the ice makers with modern technologies (Auto Shut-off, Modern compressor) with Low price. The IVAICEM25WH Countertop Portable Ice Maker offered by Ivation company is having the many new features among the best portable ice maker. The Ivation portable ice maker has good rating according to customer point of view. It is currently available in with $129.

EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Icemaker

EdgeStar IP210TI Titanium Portable Ice Maker


EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker stands on Top Ice makers 2019 list with its low price and best quality. The Edge Star introduces the innovative water-use design technique which reuses the unused ice cubes to make fresh ice for next batch cycle. It can produce a plenty ice within few minutes.This titanium EdgeStar Ice Machine doesn’t require drain system. The EdgeStart launched various models of ice makers with new technologies to make the work easy. The EdgeStar Portable Ice Maker is for Sale on the with $149 Price.

Igloo ICE103 Countertop Stainless Steel Icemaker



The Igloo Countertop Portable Ice Maker with over-sized ice bucket model is the top rated ice machine according to customer reviews. It is best suitable for the home purpose and gives a stylish look to your kitchen. It can able to produce the 26lbs ice per day. The Price of the Igloo ICE103 Countertop ice machine is slightly higher than Ivation and EdgeStar ice makers and lesser than Avalon Bay and NewAir Ice Machine. is selling the Igloo ice maker with a price of $153.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker



Nowadays, Avalon Bay portable ice maker is the widely used ice machine. Its charming design and silver color gives a new look to your kitchen like a home decor. The Avalon Bay launched only one model though it stands on the Best ice machines with its excellent quality and reasonable price. It has a unique feature of automatic overflow production which leads to increase the lifespan of the device. It indicates the improper working of the machine by using alerts and warnings system. Today’s price of the Avalon Bay ice maker is $159.

NewAir AI-100R 28lbs Portable Icemaker



The NewAir Portable Icemaker is the second top rated ice machine in customer point of view. It produces the great amount of ice compared to other best portable ice maker. The NewAir ice machine is the luxurious product which is fully electronic controlled. The portable ice maker offered by the NewAir is capable of making the 3 different size of ice cubes according to your necessity. It is having the 12lbs of ice storage capacity which is ultimate.

Which Ice Maker is the Best for Your Requirement?


The igloo is the best suitable if you are looking for the long life and quick ice-making machine. The Igloo ICE103 countertop ice maker is the latest Best ice maker launched by Igloo company. It can able to produce the ice within 6 minutes. The igloo portable ice makers maximum ice production capacity is 26lbs which are the best suitable for the home purpose.

If you are having a big family and needed the plenty of ice, then the NewAir portable ice maker is best the best ice maker for home Since it can be able to produce 28lbs of ice per day. It will take 15 minutes to produce 9 ice cubes per batch cycle, but its cost is higher than among all best ones.

The Avalon Bay Portable ice maker is the best suitable for the outdoor purpose like summer camps since it is lite weight device. The Avalon Bay is capable of producing the 26lbs ice per day.

If you are looking for the cheapest portable ice makers with good quality, then the EdgeStar and Ivation are the Best Ice Machine for you. Both are using modern technologies for producing the ice.

Common Problems with Portable Ice Makers and how to solve?

Sometimes the ice maker may work improperly due to small misconfigurations. It is very easy to solve that little problem yourselves. Common Problems that occur when using the portable ice makers are presented here with remedies.

How to buy a New and Best Portable ice maker?

downloadBased on your convenient, you can purchase the ice maker by visiting the nearest showroom or on online shopping websites. We have already discussed the Best portable ice maker price online. Coming to online purchasing, It is the time saving process, and you can also find the customer reviews on particular ice maker through online shopping which is the primary consideration. In this, You can see many deals on the Best portable ice maker for sale, compare the cost of the required one and find the cheap price ice maker with good quality. Place the order within specified time to grab the offer price of the ice maker.

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Which Ice Maker is having the Best Customer Reviews and Rating?


Igloo Ice makers

The Igloo ICE103 Countertop Portable Ice maker has the best customer reviews in website among others, and this is on of the best rated portable ice makers with 4.2 rating which is great. Let’s see the Igloo Portable Ice maker.

Igloo ice maker reviews 1: Love the larger ice capacity

I bought this for my in-laws. They had another one for years, but it finally bit the dust, so we bought this as a replacement. The difference is this one holds a lot more ice at a time which is great! My mother in law makes a lot of shakes, so she uses a lot of ice. The cubes can be three different sizes. Personally, I like the large. It also makes the ice very fast, which is ideal for getting together. I always depend on reviews when I’m shopping on Amazon, so I hope you found this helpful. If you did, please click the ‘helpful’ button below! Thank you!

Igloo Portable ice machine Reviews 2: I like the machine

This is a good machine and expecting the large size cubes to be a little bit larger, but overall, it works fine. The first couple of trays aren’t very good; but from then on, all cubes are cute. We use so much ice in my household that the automatic ice maker in our fridge can’t keep up. So this machine gives us the extra ice we need.

The Igloo ice maker is the Top most ice machine in the Best Portable ice maker 2019 based on customers experience and having a rating of 4.2 which is ultimate.

NewAir Ice Maker

The NewAir portable ice maker stands on 2nd place in best portable ice maker with a score of 4.1. The NewAir ice machine price is somewhat higher than others. The quality and the working of the this NewAir Countertop is almost same as Igloo. Let’s have a look at the Customers reviews of the NewAir AI-100R 28lbs Portable Icemaker.

NewAir ice maker Customer review 1: Perfect Ice Maker for the Home and Camp Trips 

The NewAir A1-100R Portable Icemaker beat our expectations. We took it on 2 weeks camping trip in some hot weather, and it kept us on ice the entire time. We were even able to share it with another couple. We are now using it at home, and it produced enough ice that we turned it off until we could go through our ice bin. I highly recommend this product.

NewAir portable ice machine Review 2: Works Like A Charm!

I have used this ice maker the evening of the day I received it. It works well. I returned to this review from time to time to report on the test of time. It will be welcome for a party and in the hot summer months. I like making my ice cubes from filtered water to ensure quality.

The NewAir Ice Cube Maker able to produce the 28lbs of ice which is highest among other ice makers and it having a customer rating of the 4.1 which is slightly lesser than the igloo.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker

The Avalon Bay is the best selling product in the market. Based on the customer reviews of the website the Avalon Bay Portable Ice Cube Maker stands on 3rd place. I found some negative reviews on this product like improper working and low lifespan.

Avalon Bay Customer Review 1: works great so far

Just I received my icemaker this afternoon. Run the 1st batch of ice, after cleaning inside per the instructions. Surprised at how fast the first cubes were released – 6-7 minutes. Finished that first batch of small cubes – threw them out to ensure clean cubes – then started the second batch of cubes, large ones this time. Very impressed so far.

Avalon Bay portable Ice Maker Reviews 2: Great machine that keeps up in the summer

Love this machine. Small ice maker in our LG refrigerator was not keeping up. Rather than the big expense of getting it fixed we bought this machine and just love it. We put a nice size tub in our freezer and just fill it with this ice, we also fill the ice dispenser with this ice. It makes ice so fast that we can’t keep up sometimes. We only need to fill the tub and the ice machine once a week. During baseball season when we use lots of ice for our boy’s water jugs and our coolers then we are using it a little more, but this machine easily keeps up with our needs. i can honestly say; it’s one of my top 5 purchases in the last 12 months.

Avalon Bay is also one of the best Small ice maker which is widely used product. It works greats and produces the ice as quickly as possible.

EdgeStar and Ivation Portable Ice Makers

The EdgeStar and Ivation portable ice makers stand on 4th and 5th place respectively with the ratings of 3.3 and 3.7. The EdgeStar and Ivation ice makers are the cheapest portable ice makers, and these are the best portable ice makers if you are taking the price as a primary consideration.


I hope these Portable Ice Maker Reviews are helpful while choosing the best ice maker for you. Portable Ice Maker is the best home appliance that must have in your home bar or kitchen. By considering these features before purchase, you will be much closer to find the best portable Ice Maker for your home or business. There are many factors available to get a right ice machine, but if you consider these factor mentioned above, you’ll be well on your way to find an exceptional unit. Hence after reading this article, i am sure that you’ll select the Best Portable Ice maker which fits your requirement.

Best Ice Maker