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AICOK Portable Ice Maker -2019

AICOK portable ice maker is the most famous ice machines for domestic purpose. The obvious thing that the AICOK ice maker is winning over the other appliances is its easy and simple way of operating. The AICOK ice maker is mainly a large ice maker used for those having an exceptionally large kitchen or throwing for an event. This machine can produce up to 26 pounds of ice in a day and almost 9 pieces of ice within 10 minutes. 

AICOK portable ice makers are best suitable for boats or RVs, tailgating or camping- situations where you need ice but you are neither near fridge, nor the store where you can buy. AICOK compact ice maker can easily blend in the offices, houses and outdoors. It has transparent viewing window which let you to follow the ice making process so that it is not necessary to lift the lid all the time. The intellectual LCD control panel shows all the essential information while it’s working like ice cube size setting, error indicator, ice status, timer indication and also water gauge. 


  • Portable and compact
  • Efficient
  • Self-cleaning function
  • Three Size Options
  • User-friendly
  • Multifunctional smart design
  • Warranty
  • Polyurethane Foam Insulation Board
  • High quality DC fan
  • Infrared sensing technology

Anyone who often entertains or simply does not want the fuss with inconvenient ice trays or huge, melting bags of store, will have obvious benefits from AICOK countertop ice maker which are portable and does not need any precise knowledge for installation. 

It produces 9 cubes within 6 to 10 minutes, per 1 hour 1.1 lb of ice cubes and can enjoy the maximum production capability of 26 lb within 24 hours. The ice cubes are bullet shaped and ready for beverages. This machine is equipped with large water tank (2.3qt), large ice basket (1.8 lb) and BPA free ice scoop. AICOK 26lb ice maker is powerful and noiseless compressor. AICOK ice maker has thick foam layer which insulates heat effectively. It has advanced cooling system, Quiet DC fan, no hydraulic system.

In some areas with hard water, the minerals can get stick to ice maker internally during the ice making process, eventually forms the hard, scaly deposits in ice maker which may lead to sticky and impure ice cubes. Pure and clean ice cubes can’t exist without cleaning the water tank and pump. This AICOK ice maker self clean is the high end ice maker with self cleaning function that can cater the needs of people hard water for pure ice cubes.  With this self-cleaning function, cleaning the ice maker will be no longer messy. Just add some water, vinegar and click the few buttons. 

S/M/L, available in three sizes can cater all types of needs for ice cubes: smoothies, iced food, emergency ice bag, drinks and etc. Bullet shaped ice cubes will bring you refreshing coolness. 

In terms of user friendliness, this ice maker is very easy to fill and drain and can be used directly right out from box. The control panel is helpful for monitoring the activity and for controlling the ice maker. Monitoring is good and easy because of transparent view. 

LCD control panel which is operated via 4 buttons directly located under the LCD display. The simple and large icons give the clear vision at any time which mode has been put. Automatic stand-by mode when the ice basket is full, automatic water shortage warning and the timer makes it needless to monitor.

Product is approved by ETL with 2 year warranty and 30 days return policy from “AICOK”. Customer advice and technical advice are provided throughout the life span. This ice maker is not a freezer or refrigerator, it can produce ice but cannot freeze the ice cubes.

This best countertop ice maker has thick form layer that effectively insulates external hear, preserves heat for relatively longer time and reduces the power loss, prevents the ice cubes from melting so fast before their use. So no fear of high temperature any more. 

A DC fan are better than AC fans, and have many plus-points like starts faster, avoids long waiting time, can be able to create larger volume of air so AICOK portable ice maker cools down faster, lasts longer than AC fans and makes less noise. 

With the most advanced infrared sensing technology, AICOK portable ice maker will automatically shut off and give the signal when the ice bin is full or the water is running out, helps in avoiding the power loss and removing the heavy burden of monitoring. 


Specification Name Value
110-120V~60 Hz
11.5 kg/25 lb
Product dimensions
9.8”L * 14.17” W* 12.87”H (249*360*327 mm)
Brand name
Item weight
23.2 pounds
High efficient
Package dimensions
16.2*15.2*11.5 inches
Part number
26 liters
150 watts
High end
Batteries needed
Type of material
Stainless steel
Included components
Silicon cap, ice maker, ice scoop, manual and warranty card.
Shipping weight
23.2 pounds
Fist available date
August 13, 2018

Whenever and wherever

AICOK portable ice makers is the best small cube ice maker suitable for tailgating or camping and the situations where you require ice if there is no store or fridge in nearby places where you travel. Making hasty trips to supermarkets to get ice cubes is hectic and if you purchase portable ice maker then it can make ice for you within no time. As an additional benefit, you can even make more ice than standard freezer capable of producing. 

The solid-quality small ice cube maker that is AICOK portable ice maker can help and saves you from many bothersome situations and can also save lot of money in long term. It is mainly recommended people who frequently go for camping with RV or enjoy the chilled beers with friends at pool or during the family gatherings. 

Cooler with ice and cooler with AICOK

  • Fast ice cube production: produces 26 lbs in 24 hours
  • Quiet cooling: AICOK ice maker has the feature of modern refrigerator technology with high quality compressor.
  • Auto shut-off: when the basket is full the machine will automatically shuts off.
  • No need of installation: AICOK portable ice maker measure 14.2*9.8*12.9 inches and does not require installation.
  • Stylish design: AICOK stainless steel ice maker exterior can make easily blend into any modern kitchen which has stylish look and field. 


  • This ice machine is insulated and by the definition it is not a freezer. The ice cubes will not get frozen by this ice maker machine.
  • The innovative technology of this machine can reuse the molten water in turn saving the water and time.
  • In the first 5 rounds the production of ice may be poor, because the system is not stably running. 
  • It is suggested to add the water to maximum water level, and drain the air inside the pump.
  • Try to place the product on some stable, ventilated and clean countertop
  • The timing function is a type of mechanical timing so might have errors and cannot be used as clock. 
  • Before using the product, please check out the drain plug and inner silicone plug in order to prevent the leakage of water.
  • When the machine begin to make ice, do not press the other buttons frequently, to prevent the process of ice making from being stopped.
  • If a new unit does not produce ice, it may be due to backflow of refrigerator caused during the transportation. So please wait for 24 hours before using the device. 

AICOK automatic Ice cream maker:

Most of the people spend much time and money each week on ice cream because it is the most popular dessert and many people like it. The great thing about having the own ice cream maker is that you can prepare it cheaply, easily and can limit what’s in it, especially the sugar levels and additives.

This AICOK automatic ice cream maker is like freezer bowl type and similar to Cuisinart ice cream maker the Ice-21, and it is the good choice with reasonable price. With this ice cream maker you can make own frozen desserts at home itself within 15-30 minutes of time and can be customized according to your wish. 

Easy to use in 3 steps: salt is not needed. Keep the bowl dry and in freezer for 12 hours until you are not hearing the sloshing sound when the bowl is shaking, then pour your cold mixture into freezer bowl while it is running and finally just wait to enjoy the yummy and tasty creation. 

You can see the process without opening or stop the device, and even add the extra ingredients like fresh fruit, chocolate chips, peanut butter, cookies etc while making.

It is easy to take apart and clean the machine. The bowl is about 1.5 quarts which can serve for 2-4 members. 


  • Portable and Compact
  • Self Clean Function
  • 2-year warranty
  • Quiet DC fan
  • LCD control panel


  • Budget friendly
  • Great for parties
  • Easy to operate with LED control panel
  • ETL approved product
  • 2 year warranty
  • Modern and fashionable
  • Compact and portable
  • Makes ice quickly


  • There are problems with leaks
  • Can cease working suddenly
  • List element


AICOK ice maker is the best countertop ice maker which is very convenient and produces healthy and great chewable ice. So if you like to crush on ice then this works great for that. This machine works so well and was not loud at all while making the ice. AISOK ice machine is easy to use and it is the best small ice maker so you can easily move around. In terms of mass of ice, it is very hard and even does not melt very easily. The device will remind itself when the storage bin is full and the indicator light also jump when the water is shortage. Overall it is the top ice maker machine for home which is efficient, affordable, easier and is definitely recommended. 

Overall, Aicok 26 lbs Ice Maker is the best portable ice machine which suits well for any of your counter space. With smart and self-cleaning functions it is somewhat special from other compact ice makers. Buy this perfect machine now at a low price.

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