Antarctic Star 26lbs Countertop Ice Maker – Best self-cleaning machine with essential features!

The scarcity of ice on a hot summer day or for your drinks and beverages can be a huge spoiler. However, the product we have brought for you is going to solve the problem of ice shortage forever. And that product is the Antarctic Star 26lb Portable Ice Maker, renowned as the world’s famous ice maker. Ice makers are indeed a necessity for the summers, and we believe this machine will satisfy your craving for an icy cold beverage with its high-quality performance. However, read our genuine Antarctic Star 26 lbs Ice Maker review before choosing this to your home/bar.

With a huge and appreciable capacity of 26lbs, this ice maker can soothe your entire family in one go. This ice maker is apt for your home kitchen or bar. Its easy installation can serve you at your parties or any other gatherings. This machine has a high capacity allowing fast and efficient results; equipped with a self-cleaning mode, it avoids build-up and does not consume power being a burden on your wallet. We bought this ice maker our home to test and know all of its operational features.

Antarctic Star 26 lbs Ice Maker Review, 2023

1. Compact Design

Antarctic Star Ice Maker self-clean is a compact machine. It does not take up a lot of space, making it easier to store anywhere at your house. This ice maker is portable and can be carried to places for picnics and long drives with ease of fitting in your car.

Its dimensions are just 14.09 x 9.53 x 12.91 inches (D x W x H) and wouldn’t occupy much space at any space. One can easily place this ice maker at their countertops or tabletops. This ice maker provides convenience as it is portable, controllable, and easy to clean. Its design allows the unused water to be easily expelled from its drainage outing at the bottom of this product. Thus, one can easily use this ice maker for parties, gatherings, or campings.

2. Technology

Many ice makers come with complexity integrated into their operation, making it difficult for us to understand and operate them. But, this Antarctic Star Ice Maker Machine Countertop is equipped with high-end automated technology that allows minimum human effort and maximum user satisfaction. It comes with an emergency alarm light and an automatic shut down feature. This advanced technology will enable one to use this ice maker effectively.

Once you remove the ice from this ice maker, it automatically goes into ice making mode. There are two manually selectable ice cube sizes, namely large and small. It just takes 6-13 mins for this ice maker to prepare ice cubes. A sizable translucent window is present in this ice maker to observe the ice-making process. The Antarctic Star provides you with a removable ice basket and scoops for efficient transfer in your drink or ice bucket for ease using these ice cubes.

3. Energy Consumption

Antarctic Star 26lbs countertop ice maker achieves a fast cooling and better output while promoting low consumption. One may not worry about their wallet while using this ice maker. It has a powerful compressor and a high-quality copper fin condenser. A unique food-grade material enables satisfactory results, health, and proper safety. Also, the body of this ice maker can sustain for more prolonged periods promoting durability.

This compact ice maker has an assisted ABS shell, which ensures that the cold does not put any crack on this machine. It comes with a 21g R600a refrigerant that has a low environmental impact and excellent thermodynamic performance. This variant of the R600a is non-toxic with zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential), ensuring no harm to the environment.

4. Warranty

Antarctic Star 26 pounds Counter top ice maker is an excellent investment to your bucks. It does not demand a lot of time and satisfies urgent needs immediately. But with every electronic machine, there comes a doubt of safety and reliability.

Antarctic Star makes sure that it reassures its users with their warranted product range. They provide high-end, qualitative machines with a 45-day return policy for unsatisfactory results, a 2-year warranty covering damages and replacements. This brand shows customer loyalty with their lifetime customer service and full-time technical advice, ensuring that their customer queries are never left unanswered in a time of sudden, unprecedented need.

5. Installation

Antarctic Star ice maker self clean 26 lbs is one of the best home-ice makers when it comes to installing it. Its multiple features, high-end technology, unique design gives it a modern look suited for houses, cafes, bars, etc. The ice can be used in various ways in many techniques of storing food.

Antarctic Star 26 lb automatic ice maker can be installed in a countertop manner and easily moveable wherever required. It wouldn’t take a lot of time to install it anywhere. All you have to do is unpack it and plug it in. That’s it! You are ready to go for your first batch of ice cubes. This standard ice maker could be used for frozen food items like shrimps, fishes, crabs, prawns, etc. Fruits and vegetables could be kept fresher and better for a more extended period. Ice can be used in an emergency during sprains or swollen wounds.


Technical Specs

  • Brand Name : Antarctic Star
  • Installation Type : Counter top
  • Part Number : Z5812C-BLACK
  • Color : Black
  • Material Type : Stainless Steel
  • Form Factor : Stand alone
  • Item Weight : 17.15 pounds
  • Noise : 45 dB
  • Ice production capacity : 26 lbs
  • Ice making time : 9 ice cubes in 8 minutes


How do this Antarctic Star 26 lbs portable ice maker ice taste?

The ice prepared by this Antarctic Star Portable Ice maker tastes fresh and good because of its self-cleaning technology. It does not allow residue formation and the spread of odors.

Does Antarctic Star 26lbs ice machine keep ice frozen?

No, this Antarctic Star 26 lbs automatic ice maker does not keep the ice frozen for a long time. It has to be removed immediately after its ice is ready.

How many watts for Antarctic Star portable countertop ice maker 26 lb?

Antarctic Star Compact Ice Maker Machine works on 120V/60Hz on 2 Amps. Its wattage rate could be between 1100 to 1200 W.

What are we supposed to fill the water up to in this Antarctic Star 26 lb countertop ice maker machine?

Antarctic Star 26 lbs ice machine comes with a measurement line present in the interior of this device. It would be best if you filled it up till the line to avoid overfilling.

Final Words

In conclusion to our Antarctic Star 26 lbs Ice Maker review, we believe this product is a worthy addition to your décor. It’s smart, compact, and easy to use features are the things that make this Antarctic Star Ice Maker a popular one. It is also equipped with high-end technology and a round bullet design. The bullet-shaped ice cubes ensure better quality and taste of ice without damaging your mouth. Its mark-up line allows the user to fill water as much as needed without the fear of spillage.

Antarctic Star quiet ice maker ensures that its customers are assured of their purchase with their after-sales servicing and warranty of 2 years with a 45-day return policy. This article is fabricated with extreme care so that you can understand everything about this product and its necessary specifications for you to make an informed decision. If asked our opinion, we would highly suggest this product to you. We hope this article gives you clarity and helps in making a purchasing decision. Happy shopping!

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