10 Ideal Countertop Ice Makers that are convenient for Kitchen, RV, Home Bar or Boat

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Don’t you want to enjoy the magic of chilled drinks daily in the scorching heat of the sun? For those who like to enjoy a cold drink occasionally at home or to enjoy partying with friends, ice is a key accessory that most of us to quench thirst. But only relying on your freezer alone would not be enough especially when you are in need of enough supply of ice. While most refrigerators have built-in ice making machines that can utilize the maximum resources. But these built in Nugget Ice makers are bit expensive and have bulky and non-countertop that most enthusiasts hate. Say bye to your worries with this Best Countertop Ice Maker reviews.

A countertop ice machine not only makes ice at home, but it is also countertop and allows you to make ice anywhere. All you have to do is find an electrical plug and fill the reservoir with water, and you can get ice within minutes!  A Countertop Ice Maker is perfect for parties or other functions where you need to generate a lot of ice in a short period. But a question arises in your mind right now is what the best portable ice maker is? I reviewed an enormous number of models to create our short list to meet your requirements. The top portable ice maker review is especially beneficial for home, offices, and businesses like the food and beverage industry. While these countertop ice machines produce sufficient quantities of ice, these Nugget ice makers are usually compact and easy to install.

Top Rated Countertop Ice Maker Machine Reviews 2019

While examining the Best countertop ice makes 2019 in the market, there are some essential characteristics take into consideration such as price, ease of cleaning, ice production capacity, etc. This research has enabled us to rank the top five Best Countertop Ice Maker for home. Here are some of the top rated countertop ice maker reviews I’ve seen so far this year. Check and compare the countertop Nugget ice maker reviews 2019 in the following section. Below are some of the best countertop ice maker for you to consider when making your purchase.

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Top 5 Best Countertop Ice Maker Reviewed in 2019

The best countertop ice maker is going to bring a lot of benefits into your home. The fact is that these ice makers are very efficient and usable not only in households. With this in mind, almost every organization has one in their break room. Nevertheless, getting the right countertop Nugget ice maker machine is not always easy. A lot of things like size, daily ice capacity, production speed and much more to the list, need to take into account for before making the final decision. So that’s why we have a compiled a brief yet very informative list of the best countertop ice maker reviews. It is specially designated to allow you to make a proper comparison between different units that would ultimately enable you to make the best decision and purchase the perfect device for your particular needs. Check out the things that are discussed and rated.

  • The quantity of ice produced.
  • Speed and time required for the of Ice Production.
  • Ease of Use.
  • Cleaning.
  • Ice options.
  • Noise.
  • Portable Ice maker Dimensions.
  • Overall size and Unit Weight.

Top 5 Best Portable Ice Makers 2019

  • Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker.
  • Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker.
  • Avalon Bay Countertop Ice Maker AB-ICE26S.
  • Ivation 48 Pound Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker.
  • Avanti WIMD332PC-IS Counter Top Ice Maker.

1. Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27 lb Ice Maker


High countertop ice maker ratings do not lie. This is why the Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27 lb Counter Ice Maker Machine is put on our top five list of portable Ice Maker 2019. Being one of the best home ice makers on the market during this year, the 27lb Magic ice maker surely has a lot to offer. The Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27 lb Ice Maker is a portable mini ice maker that comes in an elegant stainless steel look capable of perfectly complementing the interior design of your modern kitchen. Magic Chef Countertop Ice Maker unit is capable of providing you with about 27 lbs of ice in 1 day which is rather significant in comparison to the portability. Magic Chef Ice Maker MCIM22TS allows you to choose from three different ice cube sizes. You can produce small shards or larger cubes for favourite beverages with this magic chef countertop ice maker. This Countertop Magic Chef ice maker is capable of producing about 9 ice cubes within 7 minutes. It also speaks a lot about the performance of this Magic Chef Counter Top ice machine.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Machine unit features with an exterior drain and a see-through window which allows you to oversee the ice generating process. The Magic Chef MCIM22TS countertop ice maker does not require any pre-installation, so can enjoy your freshly made ice in within 10 minutes. Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker unit is compact and portable with it’s 14.5″ x 11.7″ x 14.9″ and 26 lbs of weight.

Magic Chef MCIM22TS 27lb Ice Maker Stainless, Magic Chef

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MCIM22TS Magic Chef Ice Maker Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use controls with relevant light indicators for selection of power, ice cube size, add water and so on.
  • Portable Mini Ice Maker in a Stainless Steel look.
  • Magic Chef Ice Maker Makes up to 27 lbs of ice 24 hours.
  • Large storage basket.
  • Makes ice in as little as 7 minutes.
  • Capable of producing 3 ice cube sizes.
  • A clear See-thru window.
  • Makes 9 ice cubes per 1 cycle within 7 minutes.
  • Comes with an exterior drain, which will refill the water and make fresh ice.
  • Magic Chef Ice Maker  Compact design: 14.5 x 11.7 x 14.9 inches with item weight of 26.1 pounds.
  • Quite noisy when it is running.
  • No continuous supply of water.

2. Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker


The best countertop ice machine is truly not easy to find. However, with the Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker you are not far from the right answer. This Igloo ice generating solution comes in the perfect blend of high-performance rates and portability. The Igloo Countertop ice maker in a contemporary stainless steel finish which makes it the perfect addition to your modern kitchen furnishing. Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker is fully portable because it needs no installation. All you have to do is just plug it into the power source, wait for a few minutes and enjoy a freshly produced ice cubes. The Igloo ICE103 unit comes with an over-sized bucket that holds up to 2.2 lbs of ice at a time. So you don’t have to worry about frequently making sure that the bucket is emptied. This small countertop ice maker is capable of producing three different ice cube sizes – large, medium and small.

The Igloo ice maker device is capable of generating a batch of ice cubes in as little as six minutes which means you can enjoy the ice in considerably short periods of time. The fact that it is capable of generating up to 26 lbs of ice daily which enables you to host a moderate party without having to worry about whether or not the ice is going to be sufficient.

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket, Stainless Steel, Curtis International LTD

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Current Price $144.99 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $220.98 February 9, 2019
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$144.99 July 16, 2019
$178.82 July 16, 2019
Igloo Ice Maker Pros & Cons
  • Portable Stainless Steel Ice Machine.
  • Enjoy a batch of ice cubes in little as 6 minutes.
  • Stylish look with stainless steel exterior, a sleek.
  • Choice of 3 Ice Cube Sizes (large, medium and small).
  • Comes with Over-sized Ice.
  • Capable of produces 26 pounds of ice per day.
  • Ice Bin stores up to 2.2 lbs. of ice at a time.
  • Digital control panel indicates when the bin is full and when water is empty.
  • Compact countertop design for easy portability.
  • Cooled by the compressor for efficiency.
  • No drain required.
  • Too Heavy: This Ice Maker machine is heavy in size due to over-sized Ice Bucket.
  • Hard to clean: When the ice is full then the ice maker goes to sleep.
  • So, you will always keep cleaning your machine which may difficult for you and also the time-consuming process.

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3. Avalon Bay Countertop Ice Maker AB-ICE26S


Being one of the best countertop ice machines, this Avalon Bay Ice Maker inevitably brings a lot of advantages to your countertop. The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S ice maker is fully capable of producing up to about 26 pounds of fresh ice daily. This Small Countertop ice maker can produce ice in about six minutes which is considerably faster than other devices. The Silver color of this AB-ICE26S Avalon Bay ice machine blends well in your modern kitchens and adds elegant look without taking up too much bar space. Avalon Bay countertop ice maker is small and lightweight at only 20 lbs, which can be convenient if you are planning on taking it on trips with you often.

The Avalon Bay ice machine only has the option of producing ice in two sizes, which are small and large, as opposed to the magic chef. This Avalon Bay ICE26S also features an automatic overflow protection which is truly amongst the best features. An indicator light is present to alert you to when the ice tray is full, or it is out of the water. It can produce up to 26 lbs of ice daily which is just slightly less than the Magic Chef ice machines, part of the reason it lost out on the number one spot. The drain at the bottom makes for an easy clean up. Additionally, it comes already equipped with an ice scoop and basket for your scooping convenience. The buttons are easy to use, so there should be no problems with using it once it is plugged into the supply outlet.

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker, Air & Water, Inc

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Current Price $139.00 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $139.01 March 21, 2019
Lowest Price $139.00 March 29, 2019
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$139.00 March 29, 2019
$139.01 March 21, 2019
Avalon Bay Ice Maker Pros & Cons

  • If the ice is not used and is left in the tray, it melts down and is taken back to the water tank to make fresh ice.
  • Produces 26 pounds of ice within 24 hours.
  • Easy-to-use push button controls.
  • Makes fresh ice cubes in as little as 6 minutes.
  • Capable of producing two ice sizes, small and large.
  • Automatic overflow protection when the bin is filled.
  • Produces 9 ice cubes/cycle.
  • Due to its texture of the ice is quite tasty and has a crunchy feel in the mouth.
  • The compact size of the Avalon Bay ice maker it is possible to place it on any countertop, without worrying so much about the space issue.
  • It only weighs about 21.4 lbs, and as such you can easily carry around and use it, as long as there is a power source.
  • Some complaints in regards to the machine breaking down just after a couple of months.
  • Most consumers say that the ice cubes are rather watery and not as cold as they would prefer.
  • Lack of self-cleaning system is a huge limitation for most consumers as they have to keep cleaning the machine manually.

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4. Ivation 48 Pound Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker


The fourth place ice maker is the Ivation counter top ice maker. It is the most expensive in the best counter ice makers list. The Ivation counter top Ice Maker utilizes a modern compressor refrigeration technology which allows it to produce ice cubes in less time efficiently. This Ice maker has a sleek performance which is also complemented by the design of this countertop ice maker. Ivation 48 lbs countertop ice maker would enable you to select from two cube sizes. It also has a removable bin that would ensure that you can easily transfer the ice cubes itself. The Ivation counter top ice maker unit comes in a 9.5 x 12.9 x 14.1 inches size. A Significant weight of this unit about 14.1 lbs it is surely one of the top Counter-Top ice makers out on the market during the current year. At the same time, it features a large see-through window that allows you to monitor the process of ice production and check the levels.

The easy touch buttons have intuitive icons for digital control. This is what makes the Ivation ice maker state of the art with top notch modern features. The Ivation portable ice maker also features some alerts that would allow you to rest assured. For instance, it would alarm you when the water level is low in the reservoir or when the maximum ice capacity is reached. This feature would allow you to act accordingly and prevent potential complications.

Ivation 48-Pound Daily Capacity Counter Top Ice Maker - Stainless Steel - 4.5-Liter Water Reservoir - 3 Cube Sizes - Yield 48 Pounds of Ice Daily, Ivation

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Ivation Ice Maker Pros & Cons
  • Compact, convenient, and incredibly fast, the Ivation countertop ice machine makes ice cubes in less time than it takes you to run to the store.
  • Sleek Performance-Oriented Design, 3 Selectable Cube Sizes, Removable Tray for Easy Ice Transfer
  • Ivation Ice Maker is perfect for dorms, small kitchens, RVs, and anywhere you want to entertain.
  • The transparent See-Through Window on Top allows you to monitor Ice Level Checking.
  • Alerts for Peace of Mind: Indicates when Low Water Level and Maximum Ice Capacity Reached.
  • Easy-Push Touch Buttons and w/Intuitive Icons for Digital Control – Super High capacity produces 48 lbs of fresh ice Daily.
  • 2.6 Pounds of Ice storage capacity.
  • Size: Bigger than the normal Counter Top Ice makers.

5. Avanti WIMD332PC-IS Counter Top Ice Maker


The Avanti counter top Ice machine is one of the top rated portable ice makers in the market, and this is for a variety of different, good reasons. Avanti WIMD332PCIS Portable Counter Top Ice Maker has a Water Dispenser which is a great addition to your modern kitchen or break room. This counter ice maker produces up to 25 pounds of ice cubes every day for a steady supply of ice. It features easy-to-use controls with an LCD screen, so you can easily customize the ice cube size from small to large. This small Ice maker can dispense a cool glass of chilled water whenever you like with just a simple press of a button. It can hold 2 liters of water, so you don’t have to refill the reservoir always.

The built-in LED indicators alert you when you need to fill the water to the reservoir or empty out the ice. A drip tray is available to catches spilled water. The simple design with sleek, platinum finish adds elegance to your countertop. The Avanti Counter Top Ice maker produces 9 pieces of ice in every 8 minutes. As this Ice machine is portable, you can easily carry this to anywhere. The built-in LED indicators indicate that when to add water to the reservoir or empty out the ice.

Avanti WIMD332PC-IS Portabel Counter Top Ice Maker, Platinum, OCI Major Appliance Distribution

Price: $221.80
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Price History


Current Price $221.80 July 21, 2019
Highest Price $236.52 July 17, 2019
Lowest Price $198.24 March 13, 2019
Since January 25, 2019

Last price changes

$221.80 July 19, 2019
$227.50 July 17, 2019
$236.52 July 17, 2019
$229.00 July 14, 2019
$221.88 July 12, 2019
Avanti Ice Maker Pros & Cons

  • Ice and Water Dispensing system.
  • Makes ice very fast, the ice that was not used melts and the water is returned to the reservoir.
  • Selectable Ice Cube size – small or large.
  • Drip tray and fill cup included.
  • Easy to Use and Install.
  • Elegant Design.
  • The Avanti Countertop Icemaker automatically stops when it is full.
  • Restarts automatically after the excess ice is removed for ease of use.
  • Easy-to-use electronic controls are present with an LCD.

  • The first 20-25 ice cubes are thin.
  • No self-cleaning function is available.

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How to Choose the Best Counter Top Ice Maker?

There are a lot of things need to be taken into consideration before purchasing a Countertop ice maker to suit your needs. It might be difficult for you to compare different product descriptions without having a clear idea of what to look out for. So I have compiled a list of the most important features that you should be keeping an eye out for when choosing an ice maker of your choice. Once you have taken into account your plans for its utilization, what style you like best and what size you need, you are well on your way to countertop ice maker heaven. Are you still on the fence about whether or not you need a counter ice maker at all, take a moment to consider all of the features that come with owning one of these ice makers.

Points to consider before purchase

Effortless Portability


The first and most obvious features are its portability. You can easily transport your countertop ice machine to any place is most convenient for you. If you are throwing outdoor parties or enjoy boating your countertop ice maker can go wherever you go.



A small ice maker is best for home and can often produce 20-25 pounds of ice a day and upwards. Probably the most important feature is how much ice it can create and store on a given day. Some can make as much as 50 lbs of ice throughout the day. An under counter ice maker will produce more ice as much as 80 pounds a day so 4 times as much ice can be made daily.

Cycle Time


The cycle time is the amount of time that your countertop ice maker is going to take to generate a batch ice cubes. Based on the ice machine this cycle time differs, it typically varies from five to fifteen minutes to produce a single batch of ice. Nowadays these Ice maker uses advanced technology which is capable of producing a batch of ice in about five minutes. Considering that one batch consists of about nine ice cubes ranging from residential uses to catering company usage.

Types & Size of Ice

Some countertop ice makers can make many sizes of ice cubes. There are several types of ice cubes, and most of the ice makers support the option to produce the ice in those various shapes, the bigger ice cubes will take longer to make. The Most commonly used shape is the cubic one, which allows the ice cubes to melt at a rate which is convenient if it is used to cool off your beverages.


However, the dimension of the ice is also important, especially if you want to appreciate a glass of fine whiskey, for instance. You would know that too much ice is going to ruin the taste of your beverage. So you have to put the right amount of ice in it. Different ice sizes allow more versatility.

Water Capacity


The water capacity is also one of the important features take into consideration while choosing the best countertop ice maker. Water capacity is nothing but the amount of water that reservoir can withstand. The countertop ice maker with high water capacity is recommended for the customers.

Size of the Appliance

Depending on your kitchen size, an ice maker can be a bulky one. If used at parties, ice machines have the ability to be a standing spot while many people come to refill the ice made continually. Many new ice makers weigh very little and take up as little space as possible and can be kept in most areas. The Best Countertop Ice Maker is the Compact ice machine for your kitchen.


In smaller kitchens with less cabinet area, a cheaper ice maker may be recommended as they take up less space. Many of the ice makers that make small amounts of ice can be used continuously. After the ice cubes are made by just removing the ice from the machine and keeping it in a freezer and restarting the process, allowing for a greater amount of ice cubes to come from a smaller ice maker.


best-priceThe price is one of the first things considered when making a purchase. A Best ice maker’s quality will usually reflect the amount of money spent on it.  The products with high cost are usually made from higher quality materials and will tend to have longer warranties in case of hardware malfunctions. Hence, it is not always necessary to buy the most expensive ice machine, as cheaper ice makers may suit the infrequent user.

The technology involved is also one of the factors which will dictate the price of the ice maker. Since an ice maker with buttons, touchscreens and lights that indicate the various functions cost more than its more basic counterpart. The cost of the countertop ice maker will often vary depending on the length of the warranty the product has. The Best Countertop Ice Maker with a longer warranty may often be more expensive since the manufacturing company is willing to repair or replace the item.


The features are the perks that make your countertop ice maker unique from others. For a countertop ice machine, you want to get an easy-push touch panel that would enable you to navigate through the operation settings easily. At the same time, you ought to go for an option that has a large clear see-through glass that would allow you to observe the the production process of the ice generation itself. Another feature that some of the more advanced ice makers offer are the ice shaving feature.

As you can notice, there are a lot of things that you would have to consider before purchasing a best countertop ice maker. I hope this article help you with the opportunity to make the perfect countertop ice machine comparison and select the one that would perfectly suit your specific needs.

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5 Places You’ll Wish You Had a Countertop Ice Maker

There are some obvious places that you expect to have ice. One of them is your kitchen of course. What about other areas where filling a tall cup with a delicious beverage, and adding ice cubes, but unlikely to have ice at the ready? There are many benefits to having a Counter Top ice maker, the most obvious of this is the easy access.

Places where Countertop Ice Machines suits best

Vacation Home


There are some things more enjoyable than a trip or oceanfront vacation home. In many cases, these vacation homes are not well equipped regarding ice, and any remote getaway is far-removed from anywhere ice can be easily bought. You may have also turned the appliances off while you were away from home to save on utility costs, meaning that the freezer may need some time before they can serve their purposes. With a countertop ice maker, ice is always readily available for food storage or any other need within your vacation home.



A Camping is an enjoyable experience that the whole family can enjoy. Filling up your cooler with fresh food and drinks is essential to creating a great experience. A small countertop ice maker is easy to fit comfortably in your tent or car and can give a reliable ice source wherever you decide to pitch your tent.

Break Room


Besides a coffee maker and oven, it is not often that a break room has a wide selection of top-of-the-line appliances. This is because the break room is meant to be used on a very limited basis. Because the machines tend to be useful at best, the refrigerators rarely have automatic ice machines. The purchase of a countertop ice maker for the break room at work is something that every employee will appreciate.

Hotel Rooms


A lot of luxury hotels include ice makers in their rooms. This is because the management recognizes the fact that customers would very much appreciate a glass of refreshing drinks in the evening with just the right amount of ice in it. And not only this but a countertop ice maker would also allow the customer of the hotel that is staying for a longer period to store their food and drinks at a proper temperature throughout their entire stay.



Certain foods must maintain at the optimal temperature to preserve the taste, aroma and to keep the food fresh. Some Researches state that warm foods should be kept between 160 to 165 degrees while cold foods should be kept below 40 degrees. A Bowls of ice are used for those foods which should remain cold. This Small ice maker delivers the which suits your requirement.

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Undercounter vs. Countertop Ice Maker

The Ice makers there are two types – countertop and undercounter ice makers. These are differentiated based two factors, installation, and the usage.

Countertop vs. Undercounter Ice Machine

Countertop Ice Maker

A Countertop Ice Maker are quite the alternative of the undercounter ice maker. The Counter Top Ice Maker is specially designated to be used as an appliance that could be moved from one place to another without any effort. It is mainly due to the small sizing and light weight of the Countertop Ice Maker. At the same time, these Ice makers are equipped with everything needed to provide you with a considerable amount of ice in little time.


Unlike undercounter units, countertop ice makers do not require a permanent water line to work. The Under Counter Ice Makers are designated to be plugged in a single standard electric supply outlet. After this you just fill the reservoir with fresh water, wait for a few minutes and enjoy your new batch of ice. Advantages of

  • The Undercounter top ice makers are very compact and extremely portable which means they could be used in a lot of different areas and occasions.
  • Ice Production Speed: they are capable of producing ice in a matter of minutes.
  • Relatively inexpensive.

Undercounter Ice Maker

The Under Counter Ice Makers are also very commonly referred to as built-in ice makers. They are specially designated to fit under any counters in order to provide a more discrete look. This Undercounter Ice Maker is designed to blend in with the overall appeal of your kitchen interior. The vent is located at the front which gives you the freedom to install it into any cabinet. They are also be used as freestanding if you want them to provide a versatile installation option.


  • Blends easily with existing counters in your modern kitchen.
  • The Undercounter ice machines have a large capacity.
  • They Deliver various ice shapes at the different size.

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Best Countertop Ice Maker Brands

Few brands deserve a worthy while mentioning a Counter Top Ice Maker. Without further a due, here are some of the best Counter Top ice maker brands. Check the list of best Counter Top Ice Maker Brand list.

  • New Air
  • Ivation
  • U-Line
  • Avalon Bay
  • EdgeStar
  • Whynter
  • Emerson
  • Ice-O-Matic
  • Igloo


All in all, the best Counter Top Ice Maker will truly supply you with a lot of advantages. The countertop ice maker does not require any installation you can easily fit it on your valuable countertop space. At the same time, most of the ice makers come with elegant finishes which make them a compliment and great addition to any modern kitchen designs. These Undercounter ice maker reviews have the sole purpose of providing you with a wide choice of considerations to be the best ice maker of countertop 2019. All of the Ice makers excel in something that is hugely beneficial for every household. Hence, I hope this review will help you to select best countertop Ice Maker.

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