Costway 88 LBS Commercial Ice Maker – Perfect for Restaurants, Supermarkets and Bars!

Generally, people don’t wish to wait for the water in their ice tray to freeze in the refrigerator and then to consume it. Having an at-home ice maker that serves you with instant ice cubes will make it easier to acquire the required ice cubes at any time. For meeting the said need, it has inaugurated an extremely convenient brand new ice maker into the market named the “Costway 88 lbs Commercial Ice Maker”.

This highly efficient and user-friendly appliance produces good quality ice at a really quick output. Its compact design and lightweight feature make it intensely portable. This allows its easy deployment in several places like bakeries, cafes, homes, restaurants, etc. Its sufficiently large ice storage capacity easily fulfills the ice requirements in a short time.

The best thing about this Costway ice machine is that it features an automatic cleaning function that prevents bacteria or mold growth when this appliance is not in Use. The water indicators give various safety alerts to operate this device. It is constructed with Heavy-duty metal that comes with the UL certification. The freestanding design makes it stable at its place, assuring safe positioning. When we bought this ice maker to test its efficiency and performance delivery, we were beyond satisfied. We have put all our experiences in this Costway Commercial Ice Maker review, so check out before making a decision.

88 LB Costway Commercial Ice Maker Review for 2023

1. Design

The Costway 88LBS/24H ice maker has been carved to fit ideally at any place. Wherever there is access to a water supply and a drain, its freestanding compact design allows users to keep it manually at any location with null complications. Dimensionally it measures 13.5 * 13 * 23.5 inches and weighs only 40 pounds. These specifications make it extremely portable and ensure that it can be deployed quickly at homes, shops, offices, etc.

There is also a viewing window provided for the convenience of accessing its produced ice cubes. Available in black color, this wonderfully finished ice maker gives an impressive outlook too. Painted steel construction allows easy external cleaning of this unit. This portable ice cube maker’s hardware is made up of a heavy-duty metal body with UL certification. By this, the appliance is suitable to be used in the long run with better durability.

2. Ice Production & Storage Capacity

With a high-power compressor, an R600a refrigerant, and an 8.8 lbs sufficient ice storage capacity makes this the best commercial ice maker. This large capacity of storing ice offers a good amount of ice and keeps the remaining ice to be cool, fresh, and intact so that it can be used later.

It is very comfortable to work with this machine. Simply, the user has to input the ample water. At party times or any other occasion, one can enjoy this product’s most brilliant feature, which is its 88 lbs ice production per day. Besides, this Costway Commercial Ice Machine can alone produce fresh and appetizing 32 ice cubes in just 12-18 minutes. So, the turnaround time for more ice to create is swift.

3. Bright LED Lighting

This smart product has an excellent feature of interior blue colored and bright LED light. There is an in-built interior LED Lighting that makes it crystal clear to observe the process of making ice vividly.

Moreover, this LED lighting also provides an impressive outlook and perfectly matches the black color of this Costway ice maker 23703-CYPE body. Luminosity of this durable and reliable LED light is unaltered even by power cuts. And it is obvious that, because of this in-box lighting, users will be able to access its processed ice smoothly.

4. Ice Cube Types

The Costway 88 lb ice maker manufactures fresh crystal clear cube-shaped ice cubes that can be brought for instant Use at various places like hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. The interesting thing to observe is that this product offers users to adjust the ice-making time and thickness of their ice cubes as well, according to their desire.

This machine produces nice and pure ice that is chewy and meant to be munched on. So, these variable-shaped with different thickness ice cubes are then ready to be served with different kinds of foodstuff. One can present smaller pieces of ice cubes with various seafood types, moderate and larger ones with smoothies and drinks, respectively.

5. Auto-Cleaning

Any container storing unused water for a longer period will indeed become room for bacteria, fungus, or molds, which can be a potential threat to our health. But, our Costway 23703-CYPE ice making machine features an astonishing pre-programmed cleaning function that effectively and efficiently truncates bacterial growth, thus promoting a healthier environment.

Thus, this prevention of bacteria generation also ensured by this ice-making device’s interior bright LED Lighting. This function makes cleaning up of it effortless and hence allows for hygienic ice every time. So, there is no way you will be bothered about cleaning this device internally or externally.

6. Smart and Secure

Costway ice maker model 23703-CYPE furnished with a pellucid LCD operation control panel. This enables changing the time depending on the thickness of cubes as users desire. Ice-full indicator, along with an add-water indicator, provided for surplus safety and reliability. The ice-full indicator reminds the user to take out ice cubes when the storage basket is full. In case of lacking water, the add-water indicator informs users to augment the required water.

Because of these excellent and smart indicating features, it can be considered as a highly secured appliance. So, no place for hesitations and risks when using this Costway portable automatic ice maker.

7. Accessories

The package of Costway 23703-CYPE ice maker includes all the necessary pieces of equipment that make it an impressive & reliable appliance. For quickly producing the required ice cubes, these included accessories come in great help.

It has a rigid ice scoop that provides convenience during the serving of ice. Along with this, its package also comprises one water draining hose and one water supply hose. These parts also provide great assistance during the freestanding installation process of this ice maker at places that offer a water supply and a drain.


Specifications of Costway Ice Maker Model 23703-CYPE

  • Manufacturer : COSTWAY
  • Item model number : 23703-CYPE
  • Product Dimensions : 13.5 x 13 x 23.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 40 Pounds
  • Size : 88 LBS / 24H
  • Storage Bin : 8.8 LB
  • Average Ice Production : 32 Ice Cubes
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Time : 12-18 min


Is Costway 88 lb 23703-CYPE ice maker air cooled or water-cooled?

Costway 88 lb 23703-CYPE ice maker is Air-cooled.

What is the voltage of this Costway Commercial Ice Maker Machine?

The voltage of this Costway Commercial Ice maker machine is 110 Volts.

Is this Costway 88 lbs commercial ice machine loud?

No, this Costway 88 lbs commercial ice machine is not loud. It works ultra-quietly, i.e., below 43 dbs of sound level.

Is Costway 88 pounds freestanding ice maker NSF certified?

Yes, this Costway 88 pounds ice maker machine is NSF certified.

Does Costway Commercial Ice Maker 88 pound produce enough ice for a small bar/tavern?

Yes, this Costway Commercial Ice Maker 88 pound produces enough ice for a small bar/tavern.


So, we have come to the end of our article on the Costway 88lbs commercial ice maker. We find this product very convenient and efficient after our observation. Being made of robust hardware, it has a superior portable design and lightweight that allows its deployment at any place. It produces enough ice quickly and has an auto-cleaning feature that ensures the prevention of bacteria or mold formation. To offer high safety and convenience, it works very quietly. It automatically indicates to the user when is water to be added, and the storage tank needs to be emptied if the water is full.

This ice maker package also delivers an ice scoop, a water line hose, and a water draining hose for complete installation at any place provided with a water supply and drain. Moreover, it has an appealing outlook and bright LED lighting on its window for a crystal clear view. Although it requires strictly disciplined care and maintenance, it proves to be worth the cost after its purchase. Customers will never have to worry about the sudden requirement of ice after having this freestanding ice maker. However, we hope that we have delivered the best through this Costway Commercial Ice Maker review which might have solved all your doubts. Happy shopping!

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