Costway 23840 Ice Maker 26 lbs – Perfect addition on your Countertop!

Going on a sunny day to the beach, chilling among your favorite people with drinks, or preserving perishable food items indeed needs ice cubes. This brings in the need for an ice maker to provide you abundant ice cubes to meet all your daily needs. This brings us to the question of which company and appliance can make quick ice and is portable? We are here with the answer. Introducing the Costway 23840-BKPE ice maker, which makes 9 chewable cubes of ice within 7-8 minutes, is considered to be one of the best ice makers. It is quite handy too. Know more about it from the below detailed Costway Countertop Ice Maker 26 lbs review.

Costway 23840 ice maker is sure to top its class due to its superior build material and efficient ice-making process. Since it is portable, one can carry it anywhere as they wish to have cool sips of decadent drinks. User-friendly specs and functions certainly made it easier for users to operate and achieve the best results. This ice maker machine even facilitates self-cleaning to reduce our maintenance worries. With a huge recommendation, we have brought this ice maker for testing and knowing all of its operational features.

Costway Countertop Ice Maker 26 lbs Review of 2023

1. Methodical Ice-Making

Costway ice machine helps in making fast ice cubes since it incorporates a highly efficient compressor and R134a refrigerant. This helps in the rapid cooling of water to make ice cubes in just 7 minutes. If the quantity is considered for a day, it is capable of producing 26 lbs of ice every 24 hours. Such a capacity was desirable for our extensive usage. We were also happy with the 7-minute process since it made 9 cubes at a time.

One cycle was enough to fill in our glasses to have a delicious sip. Since this ice maker has a wonderful process, its range of uses is also plenty. It is suitable for homes, offices, bars, small restaurants, vacations, road trips, etc., due to its portable and compact nature. We used its ice cubes for even medical purposes. Some bruises might require ice medication to ease the pain. In such scenarios, Costway portable ice maker helped in creating ice within minutes. It was an ideal choice for partying and barbeques as well.

2. Control Panel and Display

Many regular ice makers are very complex to use as their control functions are not so useful to understand. But, this Costway 26 lbs ice maker machine has a user-friendly control panel to register our desired choices. Its interface has options to choose between selecting a size for ice cubes to an option for self-cleaning. The sizes of ice cubes were between small and large. This ice maker’s display is a top-notch addition since it was with clear symbols to understand our choice.

There are also various indicators to warn us in case of ice full and water storage. An indicator lights up once its inlet water tank is empty. A symbol for ice-making status and a digital timer to mention the time left to create ice is also available. There was a setting to auto-clean our ice maker. Once selected, the auto-clean symbol will be highlighted on display. This ice maker’s control panel as a whole was understandable without having to look at its manual. This was a boon since many gadgets required hours of manual scouring to understand a single option.

3. Compact and Portable

Costway 23840 black compact ice maker machine had exemplary features due to its compact design and portability. This tool will not take up much space on your countertop. Due to its stylish looks, it is an attractive add-on to our home and any place we take it.

The dimensions and weight of this ice maker are the main bonus points of this ice maker. Its weight complements its usage since it can be used anywhere and takes up a small area in our car trunk when travelling. Since its compact, we were able to store it in our kitchen cabinets after its usage. Elderly family members and kids were able to use this ice maker with ease due to its portability and snug design.

4. Ice basket, Ice shape, and Method of operation

Best ice maker for home, the Costway makes bullet-shaped ice cubes during its fast operation. Bullet-shaped ice cubes ensure that they stay afloat on our drinks. The shape of cubes plays a crucial role in not hurting our teeth or tongues while sipping. We were also delighted to have bullet-shaped cubes that complement the look of our drinks.

Costway ice making machine has a basket for ice collection on formation. This basket has a capacity of 1.35 lbs to take in ice cubes. We can scoop it out with an ice scooper given to have no-spill removal from the basket. A 2.1L reservoir tank sits below this ice basket. It collects excess water and unused ice water that melts. This water can thus be recycled to make fresh ice. We were happy that surplus water did not seep out or be wasted. Method of operation was simple, just pour water into this machine. Choose the size of ice cubes you want and switch it on. Ice cubes can be scooped out within minutes.

5. Superior Material and Cleaning

When buying any electrical appliance, many customers consider that device’s durability. Costway mini ice maker made from superior material like ABS plastic and PP takes care of your health. This material that is used ensures our kitchen tool is corrosion-resistant with frequent use of water. Its ETL certified proves it all.

Materials used guaranteed that the ice cubes formed did not have any flavor or odor. This is ensured for the ice cubes to be safe for eating, even for kids. An option to self-clean this machine was available on the user interface. This helped in maintenance as well. A removable ice basket helped in further cleaning manually. Just a small piece of cloth does the trick. Cotton swabs could be used in addition to clear out corners. External walls of this ice machine did not heat up during operation, thus making it safe to handle.


Specifications of Costway 26 lbs Ice Maker

  • Brand Name : COSTWAY
  • Installation Type : Countertop
  • Color : Black
  • Material Type : ABS
  • Product Dimensions : 14.5 x 10 x 12 inches
  • Item Weight : 21 pounds
  • Ice Production Capacity : 26LBS/24H
  • Operating cycle : 9 Bullet Ice / 7 Mins


How to use Costway ice maker 23840-BKPE 26 lbs?

Costway ice making machine 23840-BKPE can be plugged in, and water can be poured through its top lid. Once we select the ice cube size, we can switch it on by the panel controls. We get 9 ice cubes within 7 minute in a single operation.

Is there any warranty on this Costway 26 lb ice maker?

No, there is no warranty mentioned by its manufacturer during the purchase of this Costway 26lb ice maker. There might be a warranty on shipping by its retailer-Amazon.

Does Costway 26LBS/24H countertop ice maker make soft small ice cubes?

Costway counter top ice maker makes small or large ice cubes. It, however, is not that soft as one would expect. It is not harsh either due to its bullet shape.

Does the ice stay frozen if you leave it in the bucket of Costway 23840 portable ice maker?

No, ice does not stay frozen if we leave it in the bucket of this Costway 23840 small ice maker. It is only recommended for immediate use. For other purposes, it can be stored.

Final Thoughts

Costway Countertop ice maker is an essential tool for families who would require ice cubes on regular occasions. It can be useful during parties, holidays, road trips, bars, homes, offices, and small restaurants. This Costway ice maker manual is very user-friendly to operate this ice maker efficiently. The ice maker will serve for emergency medical purposes with its varied ice cube shapes. With a see-through glass to monitor ice-making, we can be sure this ice is collected in its basket. In 7 minutes, the machines make 9 bullet-shaped ice cubes. A 24-hour function can create ice cubes up-to 26lbs.

Considering all features explained, we can be sure this ice maker will certainly not disappoint you people. After going through various Costway ice maker reviews, we are sure this article gives you more detailed information on this product. It is, however, recommended for immediate use and not for ice storage. The Control panel has adequate options to make our selection between the size of ice cubes. Auto-clean function excited us since it was distinctive. This feature mitigated maintenance. After reading this Costway Countertop Ice Maker 26 lbs review, surely you might go for this ice maker to cool your drinks swiftly!

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