COSTWAY EP22769 Ice Maker Countertop, 26 lbs – Perfect choice for Kitchen, Bar or any Office/Shop!

Smoothies, wines, other drinks wouldn’t be delicious without ice in it. The trouble would be having to fill our ice cube trays in standard refrigerators very often! Supposing you had a gadget that could give you ice cubes within minutes? Yes, you heard it right. The COSTWAY 22769 Ice Maker is our topic of discussion here, which fulfills the need for ice cubes at any place and time. It gives ice cubes of desired shapes within 6 minutes! If this is interesting, wait till you hear the rest of the information in this COSTWAY EP22769BK Ice Maker review about its features, specifications, pros, and cons, which will be very convincing. We have bought this fantastic product for our home to test and know about its quality-performance.

COSTWAY EP22769 Ice Maker Countertop is a small but essential addition to our kitchen tools. We could use it for small family gatherings, barbecues, or even a garden party. Perfect ice cubes for our ever-fresh drinks are on the way. This famous ice maker is very efficient in homes, offices, bars, cafes, etc. A precise control panel for fast operation and a scoop to bring out the ice cubes are some handy features of this portable ice maker.

COSTWAY EP22769BK Ice Maker Review, 2022

1. Ice Producing Performance

Going on camping trips or having a huge party with drinks? No worries about running out of ice anymore. COSTWAY ice machine does a sturdy performance of producing 26-26.5 lbs of ice 24 hours a day. Now you can conduct huge events without anxiety with the help of this ice maker.

We can also use this ice-making machine to make ice according to our needs, decide when to make more or less. Using this COSTWAY ice maker EP 22769, one can save a lot of effort from making their ice manually. Having to empty ice trays, refill, and waiting for hours is out of its transparent window. Plug-in this ice maker, pour the required amount of water, and that’s it! This ice maker whirls around to make ice in just 6 minutes. This is magical as it saves our time and effort. Time especially saved substantially. Take it away on camping trips to have abundant ice for your sunny day!

2. Design and its Usage

COSTWAY 26 lb portable ice maker will be a beautiful fit for our already adorable kitchens or other spaces. Portability is a huge asset of this ice maker, making it easy to move and carry it anywhere within the house or on a road trip or vacation.

This ice maker’s design is so sturdy and eye-catching that we could find a small spot in our car trunk during camping or road trips. Its portability is one of the primary reasons for a wide range of applications. It is recommended for use at home, bars, cafĂ©, stores, camping, road trips, vacations, offices, and the list goes on. Require an ice bag to tend to your wounds? Ice is ready in minutes to mitigate your pain. We could find new ways to use our compact ice maker from COSTWAY. Small enough for kitchen countertops, which equals adding a little jewel to the list of gadgets. The dimensions and weight of COSTWAY countertop ice maker machine 26lbs is so adequate for its capacity.

3. Control Panel and its Functions

An ice maker with a lot of control options will certainly appeal to a lot of users. Here in our case, this COSTWAY ice maker manual EP22769 has a user interface that is one of the most user-friendly types we have seen. Use the select button to choose the desired ice size. Sizes are between S and L, meaning small and large.

If this ice maker lacks water, it gives out an “Add water” indicator. On completion of ice making, the “Ice Full” option will be lit to indicate. These lights give the best information without having to open this ice maker’s lid time and again. On/Off to bring up our ice maker to life and shut it down. On proper options selection, ice is produced automatically. It is spontaneously transferred to the icebox after the completion of the operation. We could scoop from there. Uniform ice is ready to be served to our drinks. Smart functions in this counter top ice maker machine is a boon considering ease of use and efficiency.

4. Ice Shape

Ice crystals formed via COSTWAY 26lbs/24h portable electric countertop ice machine is a lovable bullet-shaped device. The Bullet shape of the ice cubes is designed in such a way that it wouldn’t hurt our mouth. They are smooth at the edges to prevent poking us while sipping. This Costway’s best ice maker forms perfect bullet sized ice crystals with hollow ends.

The hollow end of ice cubes helps them in staying afloat and preserving the taste of your drink. Your drink will also be given a stylish look with these consistent ice crystals floating. The ice cube’s size can also be selected to suit a person’s needs. We were able to produce two sized ice like small and large. Both sizes have the same shape and hollow ends. These ice cubes fall into a removable basket.

5. Ice Maker’s Material and Cleaning

Any consumption related product if made from food-grade material gets a huge thumbs-up. The devices made from these materials are highly eco-friendly and also durable. This COSTWAY black portable compact electric ice maker machine’s interiors are also made of food-grade material to have healthy and safe usage.

Exterior body of this ice maker is made-up of long-lasting ABS material. Since the materials used of high quality, maintenance of our ice maker was not difficult. A small piece of cloth was used to remove any stains or dust from its external surface. This enables a spotless and beautiful product for an extended period. At its bottom, a drain and outlet plug makes sure that excess unused water is relieved from this machine. It promotes keeping the inside of an ice maker also healthy for prolonged use. We could reach all corners to have efficient cleaning. Use of cotton swabs was painless to reach every spot of this ice maker.



  • Brand Name : COSTWAY
  • Model Info : EP22769BK
  • Installation Type : Countertop
  • Color : Black
  • Product Dimensions : 9.5 x 14 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight : 17.5 pounds
  • Ice Production Capacity : 26 lbs
  • Ice Making Time : 9 ice cubes within 6 – 13 minutes
  • Water Tank Capacity : 2.2L/74oz


How to clean a COSTWAY 26lbs ice maker?

A COSTWAY portable ice machine can be cleaned using cloth for its exteriors. Its interior uses cotton swabs to clean every nook and corner for not damaging any of its interior parts.

How do I start my COSTWAY model EP 22769 ice maker?

COSTWAY small ice maker model EP 22769 can be plugged into a power source. Fill up water to the required level, choose the size of ice cubes between small and large. Within minutes ice cubes are ready.

How much ice does COSTWAY EP22769BK Ice Maker make at a time & how long does it take?

COSTWAY EP22769BK compact ice machine makes around 9 ice cubes at a time. It produces the ice cubes mentioned within 6-13 minutes. The size of ice cubes can be selected on a panel.

How many watts is this COSTWAY EP 22769 Compact Ice Maker?

COSTWAY EP 22769 ice maker runs at 175 Watts constant. Manual gives information about the type of extension cord to be used.

Can you connect a water source to COSTWAY EP22769 Portable Electric Ice Maker?

There is no option to connect a water source to this COSTWAY EP22769 ice machine. Water can only be added via the top lid, which has a see-through option to look at our ice formed with a better view.

Final Thoughts

COSTWAY ice machine EP 22769 is an impressive addition considering its wonderful compact and portable feature, a long list of uses emerges. This product is indeed a value for money since we can take it along for our vacations or even a road trip. Options to choose from makes it easier to have custom made ice cubes to our liking. Its shape is captivating, thus making our drinks more eye-catching.

Go for this COSTWAY 26 lbs ice maker without second thoughts since it serves the purpose of getting ice cubes within 6 minutes. We can now eliminate waiting long hours just for a tray of ice. Hope our COSTWAY EP22769BK Ice Maker review has quenched all your questions on this ice maker. Have a happy shopping!

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