Euhomy Commercial 100 lb. Ice Maker with Quick & Large Ice Making Capacity

Euhomy Commercial Stainless Steel Ice Maker is a fantastic solution to all your worries about not being able to make enough ice. This ice machine has a freestanding design. It is most certainly a great solution to your problem of not making enough ice. It can quickly produce 100 lbs of ice per day. Also, it houses an ice storage container that can accumulate 33 lbs of ice. We have recently bought this ice maker our home and have tested it. The results were entirely satisfactory and you can find our experience in the below in-depth Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker review.

Since it is a small commercial ice maker, it is entirely compatible storage-wise. Ice cubes overflow is usually a common concern among users, but that is well taken care of by Euhomy Ice Maker Machine’s automatic overflow prevention feature. This commercial nugget ice maker is equipped with a multi-function control panel, a smart LCD panel. They did the operation of the machine through this panel. It is quiet while functioning; does not cause any disturbance in the area where it is situated. It may appear to you as small, but we can assure you that this alone can satisfy the ice requirements of your entire family.

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Review 2023

1. Ice Production and Storage Capacity

Euhomy Stainless Steel Ice Maker produces 100 lbs of ice per day. Despite being a commercial ice making machine, it can easily make enough ice that will suffice your family’s daily needs. It comes with a gravity drainage system for the purpose of draining its water.

The design of this commercial ice maker is compact, but that does not affect its efficiency in any way. Additionally, it houses an ice storage container, which can accumulate around 33 lbs of ice at one time. It may cross your mind how a 33 lbs storage container machine produces 100 lbs of ice. It can undoubtedly contain only 33 lbs of ice at one go, but it smoothly manages to make 100 lbs of ice in 24 hours.

2. Design

The design of any electronic product grabs the attention of us. As E Euhomy 100 lb ice machine is designed very efficiently, taking into consideration all the aspects of consumer convenience, it is surely an attractive piece. However, it does not occupy a lot of space because of its compact design.

This ice producer’s dimensions are- 17.3 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches, and the weight is 67.2 pounds. In addition to being compact, it is skillfully designed in a way that makes getting ice from its unit much more convenient. Euhomy free standing ice maker has a beveled opening design. Because of this design, you do not have to bend over to get ice from it; instead, you can stand straight and still reach to get the ice.

3. Multi-Functional Control Panel

Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker Machine houses a multi-function control panel, which is a smart LCD panel. Through this panel, you can command any operation or function of this ice maker machine. This panel displays the surrounding environment’s temperature as a reminder for you to check the temperature to ensure its ice-making efficiency.

The ice cubes’ size can be altered and adjusted by making adjustments in the ice making time. In this industrial ice-making machine, its panel also comes with a clean button, which enables automatic cleaning. Also, there is a ‘timer’ button on the panel that initiates the automatic cleaning mode if pressed for 5 seconds. This feature ensures the hygiene and cleanliness of ice cubes and keeps them free of any odor.

4. Quiet and Energy Efficient

Euhomy Freestanding Commercial Ice Maker will leave you amazed at its functioning capabilities. It has a powerful compressor that enables this undercounter ice maker to efficiently carry out its ice-making procedure without making any noise.

There will be a comfortable and pleasant environment around this machine while the ice-making process is going on. Euhomy 100 lbs ice maker’s advantageous aspect is that it provides high efficiency and low noise. This ice making machine produces high-quality ice, thereby setting higher standards for other such appliances.

5. ETL Certified

Euhomy Commercial 100 lb. Ice Maker is proudly ETL certified, and it has been approved to be commercially utilized. This makes it suitable for home as well as for industrial purposes. With its appreciable amount of ice production, it can be said as the best commercial ice maker.

This device can be used absolutely anywhere, be it your home or for commercial purposes. For instance, Euhomy ice making machine can be used at homes, indoors as well as outdoor kitchens, grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, bars, etc. ETL certification proves that it is ultra-safe to use for any place.


Technical Specifications

  • Brand Name : EUHOMY
  • Installation Type : Built-In , Freestanding , Undercounter
  • Color : Sliver
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Ice Making Capacity : 100 lbs/24H
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 33 lbs
  • Operating cycle : 11 – 20 min
  • Ice making capacity per cycle : 45 pcs
  • Ice shape : Diamond


Does the ice stay frozen in the e Euhomy 100 lb ice maker bin for an extended period of time?

Yes, the ice stays frozen in the e Euhomy 100 lb ice maker bin for a little while. However, since the storage bin is just an insulated ice chest, the extended period will not be very long. Factors like warmer room temperature or direct sunlight on the unit will reduce this extended period.

Does Euhomy ice maker commercial 100 lbs hold a hundred pounds of ice?

No, the Euhomy Commercial 100 lbs Ice Maker has a 33lbs storage capacity. Therefore, it stores around 33 lbs of ice at a time.

What type of ice does Euhomy 100 lb ice maker machine produce, crush or nugget?

Euhomy 100 lb ice maker machine produces nugget shaped ice cubes. However, once the blocks of ice are dropped into the holding bend, they break up into little squares.

Final Thoughts

Euhomy Freestanding Ice Maker is a beautiful product overall. Its features and performance impressed us. The high efficiency and low noise production were some of its best features. If you are looking for an ice-making machine for your house or commercial purposes, we will highly recommend this Euhomy Commercial 100 lb Ice Maker. It looks compact, but it is currently the best commercial ice maker for sale in the market. Although it is a little pricey, which might increase the customer’s contemplation on whether to go for it or not, it is worth it.

To conclude, if you think you are not able to make enough ice in a day, this built in ice maker for home is definitely your best bet. Be sure to stand it upright for at least 24 hours before starting to operate with it. We have given an overview of the product in this Euhomy Commercial Ice Maker review. Hope you find it helpful to clarify all your hesitations on this unit. Have a happy shopping!

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