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Firstbuild Opal Nugget Ice Maker Review 2020

If you are one such huge admirer of nugget ice maker machines then the market is distended with wide varieties of interesting models. One such type is firstbuild opal ice maker that has capability to churn out pounds of nugget ice which is crunchable, chewable and flavor saving. Firstbuild nugget ice maker makes about 24 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours ad has capacity to store 3 lbs of ice cubes at a time. It has portable designs which permit you to enjoy the nugget ice at home, road trip, and wherever you require ice cubes.

Firstbuild Opal nugget ice maker looks more like robotic assistant than general ice maker. Opal nugget ice machine has cabinet made of stainless steel and plastic bin which is clear with interior of glossy black trim. Unlike usual ice makers which generally produces molded shaped ice cubes, this nugget countertop ice maker squash them into small size ice nuggets which are simple to chew up. Opal Opal01 nugget ice maker measure 17.2*10.5*15.5 inches height, width, depth and weighs about 44 pounds.

Firstbuild Nugget Ice Maker FEATURES

This Opal Ice Maker can produce up to 24 lbs of Ice cubes every day. Also, within 20 minutes you can enjoy the fresh batch of crunchy and soft ice that replicates the taste of your favorite restaurant ice. Coming to storage, it can store up to 3 lbs of ice at a time.

Opal nugget ice maker comes with quality and elegance at much affordable price, and operates at temperature of 55 degrees to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Compact and countertop design that plugs into every electrical outlet at your home and you can take it with you for camping, tours, outdoor parties or tailgating extravaganza. It takes less than 20 minutes of time for first nugget, in an hour produces 1 lb of ice and storage bi has capacity to hold 3lbs of ice cubes.

Bluetooth: With the help of Firstbuild app you can easily schedule the ice making machine according to your convenience.

Water quality: Use only potable water, lesser amount of mineral hardness or 12gpg (250 ppm). The definite quantity of ice formed will differ depending on environmental conditions.

Opal Opal01 Nugget Ice Maker SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Model info
Product Dimensions
15.5 x 10.5 x 17.2 inches
Item weight
44 pounds
Stainless Steel Wrap with Black Accents
Installation type
1-year parts and labor warranty
120 volts
Connector type
Self contained and portable
Available components
Ice scoop, ice bin, drip tray and Opal ice maker.
Stainless steel and black accents
Door style
Pull out
Control type
Feature of ice maker
Clean cycle
Production of ice in a day
24 lbs
Installation type
Only freestanding
Frequency/ current
60 Hz/2.5 A
Installation clearance
Sides and back with 3 inches space
Operating temperature
55 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degree Fahrenheit
Reservoir capacity
2.5 quarts
Batteries included
Required batteries

Design of FirstBuild Opal Ice Maker

With wide variety of features, it is not hard to operate Firstbuild nugget ice maker which is easy and convenient to use. Opal opal01 nugget ice maker – black is elegant enough to take decision when to begin and end the process of ice making. It is outfitted with sensors that will recognize the fill level of bucket to operate the ice maker on and off. 

The opal nugget ice machine is proficient in making one pound of ice cubes in an hour. It is therefore much efficient and faster than refrigerator because standard ice maker produces 3 to 4 pounds of ice cubes in a day. At the frontage of ice machine, there is removable plastic storage bin which holds 3 pounds of ice. Beneath this bin, there is water reservoir which can store up to 6 to 7 cups of fresh and clean water. 

In addition to this, the plastic storage bin adds great advantage to opal nugget Countertop ice maker as it includes drainage holes which will let the melted ice go back to reservoir such that water can be reused.

Key features of Opal Nugget Ice Machine

Ambient temperature- the quantity of ice cubes produced will differ based on environmental conditions. Manufacturer stated that this ice maker works best at ambient temperature. 

Volts- electrical outlet with 120 volts, use polarized 2 point outlet with 3 point grounding plug. 

How Opal nugget ice machines produce nugget ice?

By grating the ice flakes inside the stainless steel cylinder, the ice nuggets are produced. The flakes are next forced to go into round hole, makes them small and chewable just like snowball. 

Initially ice comes out to be hard and white, but later on the ice becomes translucent and softer which makes convenient and easy to chew the ice. 

Do the Firstbuild opal nugget ice maker keeps the ice frozen? 

No, it does not keep the ice frozen. There present an air insulated basket in this machine just acts like cooler and catches the ice. Over the period of time the ice then melts and the unit recycles this ice melted water into new ice cubes. 

The ice maker will automatically shut off if the ice bin is occupied completely and restarts by itself when the ice is removed or melts down. 

Features on Opal01 ice maker

Oval light indicator

You can easily view with oval light which is located at the front of unit and with quick look you can able to know the condition of ice maker machine. 

Idle- solid white light

Energetically making ice – falling white light

When machine needs extra water- blue light swishing

When you tap on yellow light the opal unit will switch to clean mode and when the process of cleaning begins the yellow light start to rotate, letting you know that process of cleaning is started. 

FirstBuild opal nugget ice maker mobile app

You can pair your mobile device or phone to Firstbuild nugget ice make. This app helps you in scheduling when to start the ice making process. 

Cleaning mode

There is a sliding switch for clean present on the back of the device located at the top. When you wish to clean the unit, simply switch the setting to clean mode and follow few instructions. Ice bin light

The bucket with ice cube nuggets has light and it is pretty cool. 

What makes opal portable nugget ice maker differ from other ice makers

Generally in countertop nugget ice maker, you can find two rubber drain tubes with 14 inches each to drain out the excess water. In fact this water is sapped after completion of cleaning cycle. The one end part of each tube is linked internally and the other end is linked externally to the plug. Such that both the tubes form water circulation system with congested loop.

Another feature of this ice maker is that it come with little black plastic scoop. It has furthermore feature that is black drip tray. Most significantly, it comes with startup guide and manual to easily use the device carefully. The main reason for manual and startup guide is to make sure that you can easily understand how to use the unit as well as how you carefully and safely handle the countertop ice machine.

You can readily access this appliance with the help of mobile app by all the iOS and Android users. With the help of this application, you can be capable of scheduling the process of ice making and dimming the LED lights. Also it will let you know the present status of ice making machine and just with push of a button, the process of ice making will be stopped.

But you have to be within the range of Bluetooth else it won’t be able to offer you the push notifications or even unable to give you the alerts when the ice is made.





What water to use with Firstbuild Opal Nugget ice maker?

Distilled water usage is recommended for Firstbuild opal nugget ice maker to improve its performance. You can also use a mixture of distilled water and tap water.

How does the Opal Ice Maker work?

You need to supply water to the machine, and Opal ice maker converts it to ice. You should never give warm or hot water as it can damage the unit.

How can you clean an Opal ice maker?

An Opal ice maker can be cleaned with the help of specialized cleaning liquid you get with the box. It is suggested not to use other solutions as they can damage the instrument.

How can you fill an Opal ice maker?

 To fill an Opal ice maker

  1. Press the power button
  2. Remove ice bin
  3. Fill water up to a mark.
  4. Press the power button again to turn on the unit again. 
How do a Firstbuild Opal Countertop 24 lbs nugget ice maker work?

 Firstbuild Opal Countertop 24 lbs nugget ice maker works when compressor and fan help to freeze the interior walls to protrude ice and then the ice is scraped into flakes and then formed as ice cubes.

Does the Opal Ice Maker come with a filter and everything you need to get off on the right foot

Yes, Opal Ice Maker comes with the filter. The life of the filter mainly depends on the water used. You need to replace filters often to get the optimal performance of the instrument.

How long is the power cord of Opal Ice Maker?

 The power cord of Opal Ice Maker is approximately 12 feet.

Bottom Line

Hope the information provided in our Opal Ice Maker Reviews is useful for you in the journey of buying the best unit. The firstbuild opal ice maker is very convenient, which has easily removable large ice container. This ice maker is unique device with loads of potential and also awesome for relaxation session with favorite people, favorite beverages and chewable tasty ice cubes. With Bluetooth compatibility, you can able operate the device according to your own preferences and requirements. Along with this, it has built-in smart sensors so it is not necessary to pact with cleaning spills. Therefore, without any doubt, it will be the helping hand in throwing any gatherings and parties. Overall, Firstbuild opal nugget ice maker is easy, spacious, sleek, fast, convenient that produces nugget, chewy, sonic ice cubes and is the best nugget ice maker for home.

All in one, Opal Nugget Ice Maker is the perfect portable machine for your countertop which doesn’t require any dedicated water line. It gives you delicious and chewable ice in no time. Though it is noisy, it works smartly, quickly and makes ice perfectly.

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