Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable 26 lb Ice Maker – Have a new batch of ice in less than 6 min

Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable Ice Maker Review 2023

Are you looking for simple and quick way to make ice cubes? Then you must prefer this Frigidaire EFIC108 Compact ice maker for sure. This Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable ice machine has beautiful high quality stainless steel finish and make this a perfect magnificence accessory to any bar, kitchen etc. when you hear the name Brand, very soon you think of quality built and affordable kitchen products. Frigidaire countertop ice maker EFIC108 is convenient and compact design which is ideal to use in small kitchens and other small spaces like boats, dorm rooms, RV’s and many more.

Frigidaire EFIC108 countertop ice maker will works better in your hands to produce ice of 26 lbs in a day and batch of ice cubes in less than 6 minutes. This Best Portable countertop ice maker comes with LED design that allows you to pick the size of ice cubes and check the ice level. Yes, Frigidaire Compact Ice maker comes with large see through window from which you can able to view the shovel and ice basket. This Frigidaire ice maker EFIC108 does not require any installation, just need to plug in and add water; you can enjoy fresh ice cubes in less than 6 minutes and even you can choose 2 sizes of ice.


  • Design
  • Ice production and storage capacity
  • Portable and compact
  • Special Features

1. Design

Full stainless steel: New Frigidaire ice maker is getting the full stainless treatment, where even the lid of unit is made with fully stainless steel. This is bespoke feature that adds finest look and feel and very impressive to all the users.

Frigidaire EFIC108 compact ice maker has a Large window with transparent view can help you to see the interior of ice maker without opening the lid. This appliance has convenient drain plug helps you to drain out the water and clean the ice maker machine easily and quickly.

2. Ice production and storage capacity

Frigidaire compact ice maker produces 26lbs of ice in 24 hours ensures that ice is available all the time and stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice in interior basket. You can enjoy the fresh batch of ice in less than 6 minutes. This production and storage capacity won’t let you run out to the nearest gas stations or stores for ice. Even if you want ice for later use, it can store upto 1.5 pounds of ice cubes.

3. Portable and compact

Extremely quiet with compact and portable design that runs less than 38 decibels. Frigidaire 26 lb countertop ice maker has compact and contemporary design which makes it easy to handle, transport and stylish to display. Ideal for little kitchens and other compact spaces like boats, RV’s, dorm rooms and more.

4. Special Features

Non-polluting, no harsh Freon or chemicals and efficient on power: Frigidaire ice machine 26lbs has compressor cooling system, no chemical refrigerants and saves space in freezer for other food. Frigidaire refrigerator ice maker does not require any installation, just need to plug in and add water within 7 minutes you can enjoy the fresh water.

Parts included: An ice shovel that is used to remove ice into clean and sanitary manner. This Frigidaire 26 lb. portable countertop icemaker also has 2.3 quart water reservoir with LED electronic controls.



  • Manufacturer : Curtis
  • Model : EFIC108-BLUE
  • Package dimensions : 15 x 14.8 x 11 inches
  • Item weight : 19.27 pounds
  • Ice cube sizes : Small and large sizes available
  • Material type : Stainless steel

Important safeguards to follow while using new Frigidaire Ice Maker

Below are some safety precautions to be followed to use any electrical appliance.

  • Read the manual instructions
  • Without the help of knobs or handles, never touch the hot surfaces
  • To avoid the electrical hazards, do not ever immerse plugs, cords or unit in water or any other liquid.
  • This unit is not intended for any disabled persons without supervision or instructions.
  • Unplug the appliance when not in use and before servicing or cleaning.
  • Do no ever operate the appliance with damaged plug or cord or after the unit is damaged in any manner.
  • Do not place the unit near hot electrical burner or oven.
  • Do no leave the unit unattended while it is the process of making ice
  • Plug the ice maker machine into grounded 3 prong outlet.
  • If the ice maker in winter season is brought from outside, then do not use it for few hours, allowing the appliance to warm up to room temperature, before using it.
  • Do not clean the machine with flammable fluids. The fumes may lead to explosion or fire hazard.

Frigidaire EFIC108 Manual & Safety instructions

This Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable Ice Machine should be plugged to at least 15 AMP, 110-115 volt, 60 Hz grounded outlet. It is equipped with 3-wire cord grounding plug. The plug should be plugged into outlet that is correctly installed or grounded.

Avoid the use of extension cord because it may cause the risk of fire or overheat. However if it is essential to use extension cord:

  1. Use only 3 wire extension cord
  2. The marked rating of extension cord should be equal to or greater than rating of this unit.
  3. It should be placed in such a way that children should not drape the unit over tabletop or countertop.

Parts of Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker EFIC108

  • Cover
  • Control panel has:
  • Add water indicator light
  • Ice full indicator light
  • Power indicator light
  • ON/OFF button
  • “s” small ice size indicator
  • “L” large size indicator
  • Selection button to choose size of ice’
  • Ice basket
  • Water reservoir
  • Drain plug
  • Air outlet
  • Ice scoop
  • Ice shovel and evaporator fingers

How to use Frigidaire ice maker EFIC108?

  1. Ensure the drain plug located at the bottom of unit is closed and water tube screen is in correct place
  2. Plug the ice maker machine into power outlet and green light will blink
  3. Open the cover of ice maker and remove the Ice basket
  4. Fill the water reservoir to the maximum water level do not over fill
  5. Put back the ice basket and close the cover
  6. Press the power button ON, then green light will on. To change the size of ice press the SELECT button until the light will lit up on desired size
  7. The first ice making takes approximately 8-13 minutes based on size of ice selected. The process starts when the water is being pumped into water tray located below the evaporator fingers. For next 8-13 minutes ice forms on evaporator fingers. Once this process has completed, the ice tray will bend backward and remaining water in ice tray is drained into water reservoir. The ice cubes then dropped from evaporator fingers and pushed forward into ice basket by ice shovel. The ice tray will move back into its position automatically under the evaporator cycle and next cycle begins.
  8. The ‘ice full’ indicator will light up when ice basket is full and the ice making process will stop automatically. With the help of ice scoop gently remove ice from ice basket. Once the basket is emptied and covered, the ice maker will start the ice making process automatically.
  9. The ‘add water’ indicator light up when there is no water in water reservoir and cycle will stop automatically. Press the power button off and remove ice basket and add water to reservoir.
  10. When the process of making ice is completed, transfer the ice cubes into freezer. The ice will last in ice maker for 18 hours, based on ambient temperature.

How to Clean Frigidaire Countertop Ice Maker EFIC108?

Cleaning Frigidaire Ice Maker is simple, and easy, All you have to do is just follow these Instructions. Here are the simple steps for Frigidaire countertop ice maker cleaning, make sure to refer them.

  1. Open the drain plug present at bottom of unit to drain out excess water
  2. Remove ice basket
  3. Remove water tube screen and rinse in running water
  4. Clean the interior with soft cloth dipped in warm water and vinegar. Rinse with clean and dry cloth
  5. Replace the drain plug and water tube screen. Wash the ice scoop and ice basket in warm soap water. Rinse and dry.
  6. Clean the exterior with soft damp cloth. If necessary, clean with mild dish washing soap



Hold On/off button for a while until the indicator is red. Wait for a few minutes and repeat until the LED glows in green color. Frigidaire EFIC108 portable ice maker reset is done.


To repair the frigidaire EFIC108 ice maker checks the power source, cords, water inlets and outlets, water filter, and storage bin. Check if there are any leaks.If everything is ok then do reset. Even though the Machine is not working seek some professional help


Frigidaire EFIC108 Portable 26 lb Ice Maker does not require any complicated installation process. Just plug in to the power source and add water to enjoy the instant fresh ice cubes.


We should power off the Frigidaire ice maker to defrost it. Also, you have a defrost option which you can choose.


Frigidaire ice maker will make Ice cubes in less than 6 minutes.


Frigidaire EFIC108 portable ice maker is wonder ice maker machine that produces 9 ice cubes in less than 7 minutes. It is so portable that you can use it at home and take it with you wherever you travel. It makes interestingly thimble shaped ice cubes that will melt fairly and quickly which makes it suitable and perfect for straight bourbon and to stuff drinks, otherwise you need to add water. Overall it is handy, portable, compact, efficient and perfect gadget for the people who need ice all the time and is recommended.

Frigidaire Portable Compact Maker Counter Top EFIC108-BLUE Ice Making Machine image

Al-inclusive Frigidaire EFIC108 portable ice maker is the perfect ice machine that lets your ice stay cool for a longer time. After testing several portable models, this ice maker was found a bit quicker. If you are looking for an ice maker that takes less counter space in your home, then this will be the best choice that comes at an affordable price.


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