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Frigidaire EFIC117 Countertop Ice Maker Review 2020

Frigidaire EFIC117 portable ice maker is the true beautiful stainless steel and great countertop ice maker that produces 26 lbs of ice in a day. With the high production of Frigidaire 26 lb ice maker, you need not have to worry about camping trip, parties and many other events because it offers sufficient ice cubes for the visitors to enjoy the chilled beverages.  This high efficient Frigidaire 26 lb countertop ice maker will always make sure that ice is in your hand to use according to your requirement. 

Frigidaire 26lb countertop ice maker EFIC117-ss, stainless steel which ensures durability and it is very easy to use; just plug the machine into power source, add water to reservoir and wait for 6 minutes, then you will get basket full of ice cubes. Frigidaire EFIC117 countertop ice machine has lid with transparent window view from which you can able to observe inside of ice machine without opening the top cover. Don’t make the decision of buying this unit till you complete reading our Frigidaire EFIC117 Ice Maker Review below.

frigidaire countertop ice maker efic117 FEATURES

  • Design
  • Fast, efficient, and Storage capacity
  • Includes storage bin and ice shovel
  • Portable and compact

Stainless steel construction: Frigidaire stainless steel ice machine has full level stainless treatment that is even the lid comes with stainless steel. This is modified feature that put on the finest look and feel. Very impressive feature.

Smart design: Frigidaire countertop ice maker EFIC117 has LED control panels and large transparent window view on the lid of ice maker from which you can able to see whole process of ice making without frequently opening the lid every time. 

Frigidaire black stainless ice maker produces 26 lbs of ice in a day and for 9 ice cubes it takes around 7-15 minutes so you always have ready to drink chilled beverages. It has 2.3 quart capacity of water reservoir which can hold maximum amount of ice cubes. 

No harsh chemicals, non-polluting and energy efficient: It has compressor cooling system without any chemical refrigerants.  Frigidaire 26lb ice maker do not require any installation. 

Frigidaire EFIC117 countertop ice maker package includes ice shovel to remove the ice cubes from bin easily in hygiene and goods manner. There is drain plug located at the bottom in front of device to remove complete water from the unit so that you can easily, quickly, safely clean the Frigidaire 26 lb. countertop ice maker EFIC117-SS, stainless steel. 

In few minutes, it can able to give you enough ice cubes for any parties or in hot summer days. With its contemporary design and compact in size it can be easy to transfer and stylish in design and display. Perfect for compact spaces like bots, RVs, dorm rooms and small kitchens. 

Frigidaire EFIC117 Portable Ice Maker SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product dimensions
15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
Item weight
19.51 pounds
Black stainless steel
Material type
Control type
Special features
Part number
Production of ice per day
26 lbs
Capacity of water reservoir
2.3 quarts
Included parts
Scoop, storage bin
Available sizes
2 small and large
Batteries required

Important safety instructions:

  • Read all the instructions given in manual carefully
  • Never touch the hot surfaces, use some knobs or handles.
  • Do not dip the cords, plugs or appliance in water or any other liquid in order to protect from electrical hazards.
  • When cleaning, servicing or not in use always unplug the unit. 
  • Do not use the unit with damaged plug or cord. 
  • Never place the unit near to hot surfaces or hot gas or heated oven or any electric burner. 
  • While the device is in process of ice making don’t leave it unattended.
  • Do not sanitize the machine with any inflammable fluids. The fumes may cause explosion or fire hazard. 

Description of parts 

  • Cover lid
  • Control panel which includes
  1. On/off button
  2. Add water indicator
  3. Ice full indicator
  4. S for small size indicator
  5. L for large size indicator
  6. Selection button- to select the size of ice cubes
  7. Power indicator light
  • Drain plug
  • Ice scoop
  • Water reservoir
  • Air outlet
  • Ice basket

Guide to follow before using the Frigidaire 26lb Countertop Ice Maker

This Frigidaire 26lb. portable countertop icemaker has fully automated control system, which is convenient and easy to use. Preparing the ice is fast and simple. Just you need to add water, plug in the machine to power outlet, and then press on button. You can choose any size of ice cubes based on your need with simple touch of button on control panel. When the device is used for the first time, the compressor will be idle state for 3 minutes. 

This unit also has warning lights that alerts you when the ice basket Is full or when the water reservoir is empty.

Carefully read the below instructions of Frigidaire 26lb Ice Maker

  1. During the transportation or using do not incline the device more than 45 degrees. Never turn the device upside down. 

If the unit is done in such a way then the refrigerating system or compressor will work incorrectly. When the machine is transported or moved, please give enough time for the fluids in compressor to settle down. 

2. Ensure that the ice maker is placed on platform or stable table to evade the malfunction. 

3. The device must be positioned in level surface and dry place with adequate ventilation, and away from heat sources. Leave 8 inches of space on all the sides of unit for appropriate ventilation. 

4. Filling the reservoir with hot water may damage the ice maker. It is suggested to fill the reservoir with cool water or room temperature water. 

Using the ice maker

  1. Make sure that drain plug is closed properly and water tube screen is its position.
  2. When you plug the unit into wall outlet then power light will blink in green color. 
  3. Open the lid and take out the ice bin.
  4. Fill the water reservoir with water up to the marked level. 
  5. Put back the ice bin and close the lid
  6. Press the on button and the green light indicator will on. Choose the size of ice cube by clicking the selection button until the desired light will light up. 
  7. It takes 8-13 minutes of time for the initial cycle of ice making based on the size of ice cube you choose. The process of ice making starts when the water is being pumped into the tray located under the evaporator fingers. For the next 8-13 minutes ice forms on evaporator fingers. Once it completes the cycle, the ice plate will slant backward and the leftover water in ice plate will flow back to reservoir. The ice cubes will then be dropped from evaporator fingers and pushed into ice bin with the help of ice shovel. Automatically the ice tray will move back to its position and then next cycle of ice making process will start. 
  8. The ice full indicator will light up when the ice basket is filled with ice cubes then the machine stops automatically. Using the ice scoop gently take out the ice cubes from basket. Once you empty the basket and close the lid, the process of ice making will restart automatically. 
  9. The add water indicator will light up when the reservoir becomes empty and the unit will stop automatically. Push the power button once; remove the ice bin and then fill the reservoir with water then the process will restart automatically. 
  10. When the process of making ice is finished, move the ice cubes to freezer.


  • Stainless Steel Ice Maker
  • Easily Portable
  • Digital LED Control Panel
  • Includes Ice Shovel
  • High-Efficient


  • Option for selecting 2 sizes of ice cubes
  • Stainless steel
  • Extremely quiet
  • Compressor cooling
  • 2.3 quart water reservoir
  • 2.5 lb ice bin capacity
  • Portable and compact
  • Quick and easy


  • Sometimes shows wrong alerts
  • Falling of ice into basket sometimes makes loud clunking sound


Frigidaire EFIC177 countertop ice maker is the best potable ice maker that produces tons of ice cubes and can be ideal choice for parties and gatherings and it can fit easily in small kitchens, counter spaces like dorm stores, bars and many more. In a day it can produce 26 lbs of ice where you can have plenty of enough ice in hand. It does not make much louder noise and can give you quickly good amount of ice cubes.  You can choose the size of ice based on your need. With its great automatic shutoff feature it can avoid overflow and power and energy efficient. Overall it the best choice for people who need efficient, portable, compact, powerful ice maker machine. 

Frigidaire EFIC117 portable ice maker is very easy to use and there will always be ice on hand to use. It is powerful, compact, stylish, and efficient. Overall, it is the best ice machine which you can gift or use it yourself for having refreshing drinks anytime. Furthermore, you can install it, use it and clean it without any difficulties.

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