hOmeLabs Freestanding Ice Maker Machine 99 lbs – Best choice for commercial use

It may be big trouble storing a considerable amount of ice during house parties or for your customers. But, breathe a sigh of relief as the hOmeLabs has a perfect appliance to provide you with an ice maker. The hOmeLabs freestanding commercial ice maker machine is considered one of the world’s best ice makers. This built in ice maker for home works excellent and effectively produces a considerable amount of ice whenever required. Below you can find the complete hOmeLabs HME030276N Ice Maker review which we have presented after analyzing it for more than a week.

Home labs ice maker is a freestanding type of installation, thus providing you with an advantage of an easy and quick setup. This appliance stores about 29 pounds of ice at a time. In just 10 to 15 minutes, it produces almost 45 ice cubes and 99 lbs. of ice in the entire day. This machine can perfectly fit in restaurants, bars, hotels, or big homes where the requirement of ice is enormous and continuous.

HomeLabs commercial grade ice maker has a 1.2 L water tank, which directly has a connection to the water supply, so you need not worry about filling up its water tank frequently. This commercial-grade ice maker has a user-friendly control panel that has an LCD indicator specifically for water and ice functions. Wouldn’t it be great if this appliance cleans up by itself?! Yes, this ice maker does come with a self-cleaning mechanism. Sounds amazing, right? There are many more outstanding features of this ice maker, which we have observed while testing it.

hOmeLabs HME030276N Ice Maker Review 2023

1. Design

This hOmeLabs ice maker is just a massive rectangular box for ice production. This commercial ice maker for sale has dimensions of 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches (L x W x H) and weighs about 62.4 pounds. Hence, one can install this ice producer in any spot without worrying that it would occupy much space. Also, its lightweight nature makes it easy for anyone to carry it easily, especially for vacations or campings.

This ice maker model has a fully stainless steel interior and exterior, which is anti-rust and gives a durable service. In our opinion, this appliance is not only designed to provide an elegant look but also rather radiates a robust and heavy-duty look. This devices’ front surface is vented, so you can very well install it into your cabinets. They specially structured this commercial ice maker for business areas or hotels where a huge quantity of ice is used daily. Its water tank is installed with a capacity of 1.2 liters to generate 99lbs of ice in 24 hours.

2. Installation and Accessories

This is the best commercial ice maker in the market since it is easy to use and provides a large volume of ice quickly and efficiently. This is a freestanding appliance, which can be kept inside a cabinet or at the corner of any room. It provided all the equipment and components required for its installation purpose with this ice maker. So there are parts along with the main unit such as a water supply hose (9 inches), water supply connector, drain hose (6.5 feet), and an ice scoop. In short, you simply have to connect the water supply, attach the drain hose, and immediately turn on this ice maker appliance.

A pump does not support the drain hose which is provided with this machine, so it relies on gravity to get water for its unit. Before operating this device, make sure to keep it upright for nearly 24 hours so that it can give you an appreciable service. After 24 hours of installation, you can quickly start updating this device and start it according to the given instructions.

3. Ice Storage Capacity

hOmeLabs 99 lb commercial ice maker has newly invented technology installed in this device. Effectively working in producing a tremendous amount of ice, this ice maker produces 45 square ice cubes within its first 11 to 20 minutes of the cycle. This freestanding ice maker for home has a huge capacity of making 99lbs of ice in a single day.

There’s a large storage cabinet installed in this device, which stores up to 29 pounds of ice at a time. You could even get individual size cubes that come out as one sheet of cubes, but no worries, they can break apart easily. Having a freezer that provides small quantities of ice wouldn’t work when you have house parties or need them for restaurants. Freezers can take up hours to make water into ice, but this ice maker will churn out several ice cubes in just minutes.

4. Smart Control Panel

Many standard ice makers come with complicated controlling settings, which make it very difficult for us to operate with them. But, this ice maker is completely a step ahead to ease us in operating it. This hOmeLabs commercial ice maker has a quick function control panel right over its unit’s front surface. The display function of its control panel has an LCD indicator for easy and convenient one press operations.

Once you plug in this unit, the on/off button on its control panel starts blinking. You have to hold and press this button to power on the machine. After this, this machine will start to cycle water into it. Once the water is full, the on/off button will stop its blinking, and you then get the ice cube size button indications. You can simply adjust the size of ice cubes by quickly pressing (+) or (-); you can get thicker ice cubes by adding in more time to the ice cycle of this machine.

5. Warranty

The hOmeLabs offers a 2-year limited warranty period for this ice maker appliance. The purchaser must disclose its original purchase receipt as proof to receive the warranty service. hOmeLabs will replace or repair the unit’s parts if found any faults/damage within the two years from the date of purchase. The purchaser will not avail of any warranty service if there is damage due to misuse, abuse, normal wear or tear, mishandling, accident, and failure to install as per the given instructions.

If to this unit by unauthorized agents did the servicing or any repairs to this unit, then the warranty service will be void. If this hOmeLabs ice maker 99 lbs gets damaged but was used for commercial purposes, then this warranty will not apply to it. All applications and features of this warranty service could vary from state to state.


Specifications of hOmeLabs Commercial Ice Maker

  • Brand name : hOmeLabs
  • Model Number : HME030276N
  • Installation Type : Freestanding , Countertop
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Ice Making Capacity : 99 pounds per day
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 9 Pounds
  • Item Weight : 62.4 pounds
  • Dimensions : 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4
  • Ice Production Time : 45 pieces within 11-20 mins
  • Display Type : LCD


Can this hOmeLabs HME030276N commercial ice maker be kept on a covered porch?

Yes, you can keep this hOmeLabs HME030276N commercial ice making machine on a covered porch.

Does the drain pump the water out, or is this hOmeLabs ice maker HME030276N a gravity drain?

No, the drain of this hOmeLabs HME030276N freestanding ice maker doesn’t pump water out but uses gravity to drain out water.

Can hOmeLabs 99 lbs commercial ice maker be installed with cabinets on either side and against a wall with a countertop over it in a built-in style?

Yes, this hOmeLabs 99 lbs ice maker can be installed with cabinets on either side and against a wall with a countertop over it in a built-in style. Just make sure that there is a proper drainage supply for the unit.

Is there an under-counter version of hOmeLabs freestanding ice maker HME030276N?

Not sure if there is an under-counter version of this hOmeLabs ice maker HME030276N. You can check the company’s website for more information.

Final Thoughts

Let’s now wrap up our hOmeLabs freestanding commercial ice maker machine review with a few words. This ice machine has a huge storage of 99lbs, which is extensively perfect for restaurants, hotels, bars, and house parties. It quickly churns 45 square-shaped ice cubes in just 15 minutes.

HomeLabs freestanding ice maker machine 99 lbs has an automatic shut off mode installed in this device, wherein you do not need to keep switching on/off this unit constantly. The cleaning process is also extremely convenient with just a single press of the auto-clean mode. This ice maker appliance will automatically clean up its unit, making it newly fresh to use. This ice maker for commercial use provides a handy set of accessories such as an ice scoop, water supply hose, water supply connector, and a water draining hose that would benefit while using this ice maker. Hope this hOmeLabs HME030276N Ice Maker review helped you to know the true nature of it.

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