Homelabs Portable 26 lbs Countertop Ice Maker – Take it Anywhere & Use it Anytime!

Homelabs Portable Ice Maker Reviews 2023

Purchasing the Homelabs commercial ice maker must be in one of the priority list of ice producing aficionado. Homelabs portable ice maker is the best featured ice maker found in the market. The Homelabs ice maker is efficient, sleek, high performing, top quality light weight and weighs about 19.4 pounds and has proportions of 12.9* 9.5* 14 inches. The volume of this Homelabs countertop ice maker is incredibly compact that allows you to place it in spaces and empty corners in the kitchen.

Homelabs portable ice maker machine has water reservoir capacity of 2.2 liters and can able to make 26 lbs of ice in a day. The machine takes approximately 6-8 minutes to produce the smooth, beautiful, bullet shape ice cube that means you don’t need to wait for much time to get the fresh ice cubes. Homelabs ice maker produces ice cubes that are little enough to fit in openings of water bottles and are perfect for all types of drinks. The top cover has transparent view from which you can able to observe the ice making process and the dropping of ice into the basket so that you are having good idea what is going on inside the machine. Considering buying this 26 lbs unit only after reading our Homelabs Ice Maker Reviews from below sections.


  • Portable ice maker
  • Quiet, easy, energy efficient and compact
  • Smart design
  • Unique

1. Portable ice maker

This Homelabs portable ice maker machine for counter top produces 26 lbs of chewable, delicious and bullet shaped cubes in a day and stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice at a time. It has water reservoir of 2.2 liters and device measurements are 9.5* 12.9* 14 inches and it is the ideal choice take along with you wherever you travel. You can even place it on RV or boats or any counter spaces in your home/kitchen.

2. Quiet, easy, energy efficient and compact

Homelabs ice maker is designed with efficiency and speed; it makes cylindrical cubes for quicker formation so that you have ice ready immediately whenever you need. With energy efficient ice maker you can get quiet and elegant solution to all the drinks you want, that don’t even disrupt all your other activities. Homelabs ice maker 26 lbs is quick, quiet and above all it is easy to use. This device is streamlined in order to avoid the over freezing and build-ups that may be the reason for many problems for the unit.

3. Smart design

There is water reservoir under the ice basket which reuses the melted ice water to give more ice cubes. Homelabs 26lb Commercial ice maker has automatic shutoff feature and warning lights to show that ice bin is full and when the reservoir needs water to be refilled. This unit is ETL certified and you can easily operate control panel, which includes detachable ice bin and plastic scoop.

4. Unique

This ice maker machine produces unique cylindrical shape ice cube that are faster and quieter that other ice machines available in the market. By making the smoother and circular shape it is the one kind of ice that is perfect for any kind of drink. It does not require any installation; just need to fill the reservoir, plug in the device and after few minutes you will get fresh ice cubes.



  • Manufacturer : Homelabs
  • Model : HME010019N
  • Product dimensions : 12.9 x 9.5 x 14 inches
  • Item weight : 19.3 pounds
  • Capacity : 1 galloon
  • Voltage : 115 volts
  • Wattage : 120 watts
  • Certification : Water sense

Homelabs Ice Maker Manual

This ice maker includes:

  1. Ice scoop
  2. Full sensor
  3. Top lid with transparent view
  4. Ice basket
  5. Air outlet
  6. Water drain cap to remove the left over water
  7. Maximum water level mark

Homelabs ice maker instructions:

  • Control panel and its functions:
  1. “select size” button to choose the required size of ice
  2. Selected size of ice indicator: s for small and L for large
  3. Power indicator
  4. ON/OFF button for the unit to start and end the process
  5. Ice full indicator
  6. Shortage of water indicator
  • Unpacking the appliance:
  1. Remove carefully the interior and exterior packaging. Check for scoop and ice basket inside the package. If any parts are missing then contact the customer care
  2. Remove all the tapes holding the ice basket, ice scoop and ice shovel to the unit. With the help of soapy water clean the ice basket and tank and let it dry completely.
  3. Put the unit on flat, sturdy leveled surface without directly exposing to sunlight or any other hear sources. Make sure that unit has at least 4 inches gap on all the sides for proper ventilation.
  4. Leave the device for 1 hour for refrigerant fluid to settle down before start using the unit
  5. The unit should be placed in such a way that plug is easily accessible
  6. Before start using it keep the device in upright position for 24 hours.
  • Connecting the machine:
  1. For safe sided this unit should correctly grounded. The power cord of the device is outfitted with three prong plug which connects with standard 3 prong outlets to reduce the occurrence of electric shock.
  2. Plug in the machine to secured, well installed and grounded wall vent. Under any situation do not cut the ground prong from power cord.
  3. This unit needs 110-120 volt power supply, and 60Hz electrical outlet.
  • Usage of Homelabs ice maker
  1. Open the lid and take out the ice basket and pour the water into water reservoir. Water level should be below the marked maximum level.
  2. To start the process press the power button on control panel
  3. Choose the size of ice cube by clicking “select size” button. It is recommended to choose small size if room temperature is below 60 degree Fahrenheit in order to avoid the sticking of ice together.
  4. The time for one cycle may be around 6 to 13 minutes based on the size of ice you choose.
  5. If the water pump is not able to inject the water, then the process will stop automatically and the water shortage indicator will light up. By pressing power button off the device, fill the reservoir with water up to the marked level and then again start the process by pressing the power button on. Before starting it again, give at least 3 minutes of time for refrigerant liquid in the compressor to settle down.
  6. The unit stops when the ice bin is full showing the “ice full” indicator on.
  7. For every 24 hours change the water in reservoir to ensure the good hygiene levels. If you are not using the ice maker machine, drain out the complete water and dry the tank in order to avoid any damage to the unit.



You can use any washing solution supported by the ice maker to clean hOme labs Portable 26 lbs Countertop Ice Maker before applying for the first time.


Cleaning the hOmelabs ice maker is very important and can be done with the help of a cleaning solution. You will be provided with the package. It is always suggested to use the same solution for long-lasting effects.


A hOmelabs 26lbs portable ice maker would use around 350-kilowatt hours in a month. The rate would be typical $0.06 per kWh.


It is advisable to use distilled or soft water to increase the life of the hOmelabs ice maker and get good ice out of it.


You can buy an ice basket from the nearest stores or you can book it at Amazon.


The company claims that the Hopper can hold ice for days. It can keep ice for more than 72 hours in hot weather.


The Homelabs ice maker 26 lbs. capacity is the ideal countertop machines so many people prefer this unit for RV, boat, camping and kitchen. It has simplistic control panel with which it is cinch to operate the machine. In terms of storage capacity, it can able to hold up to 1.5 pounds of ice at each time. You don’t need to wait for much time because this ice maker takes 6 to 8 minutes approximately to produce the cylindrical, chewable, smooth ice cubes and this ice cubes can be used in any drinks and can easily fit in bottle openings. Overall this ice maker is highly recommended and is the best Homelabs ice maker with its high performance, sleek design is plus point and worth investing money on this ice maker. Homelabs Tabletop ice maker for sale is in the top list appliance in the Amazon.

hOmeLabs Portable HME010019N Ice Maker Machine for Countertop image

Overall, hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker is a powerful machine that produces chewable and delicious ice within a few minutes. Now you can save power with this energy-efficient ice maker. Moreover, its smart design makes it very easy to use. So, check the price and get this portable ice maker online at the best price.


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