Ice Maker Machine Installation Guide 2023 | How to Install Ice Maker Machine?

Don’t know How to install ice maker? If yes, then relax now because we are providing step by step procedure to install ice maker in refrigerator. This stepwise Ice Maker Installation Guide will help you to solve all the problems at home. The icemaker kit involves ice maker water supply tube, hardware, water inlet valve, and ice maker modules. Check out complete installation procedure can be helpful for various refrigerators like Whirlpool, Igloo, Emerson, Avalon Bay,  New Air, Electrolux, Magic Chef etc.

How to Install Ice Maker image
How to Install Ice Maker image

Ice Maker Installation Guide

The simple installation procedure of ice maker provides the additional comfort of any kitchen. Get the tools and materials to install ice maker in the refrigerator in the next sections. During the installation process, the individuals must be careful to prevent contact with electric wiring, water damage and also damage to other plumbing materials. There are various safety measures to follow while installing ice maker. Now Let us have a Look at the complete Ice Maker Installation Guide in the following section. 

Safety Measure to follow in Installation of Ice Maker

  • Protect your hands by wearing gloves.
  • Make sure that the water supply connection line is connected to your house water line.
  • Switch off the power while the installation process.
  • Get all the tools and materials ready for installation before starting the process.
  • Make sure that all the connections are given properly and the complete procedure is followed as mentioned.

Tools and Materials Required for Ice Maker Installation

  • Flathead Screw Driver.
  • Drill.
  • Adjustable Wrench.
  • Threaded brass Nipples and Fitting.
  • Isolation Valves.
  • Icemaker Kit.

How to Install Ice Maker? -Complete Installation Guide

Ice Maker Installation image
Ice Maker Installation image
  • Installing a Water Line

In Order to know how to install ice maker water line, first of all, find the cool water line source which may be available in a wall, below the floor, and under a sink. You have to feed the line down by going down into the crawl space and then attach it to the refrigerator.  You can also install the water line for your under counter ice maker or refrigerator ice maker.

  • Draining of Water Line

In the previous step, we have known how to install ice maker line and now get the procedure to drain the water line. As already the water line is connected to the refrigerator, now it is the time where we have to tap-in underneath the sink for the water line. Shut of all the power supply and water supply to tap in the water line. Finally, drain all the lines by opening the faucet.

  • Installation of Valve

Now, you have to install a valve for ice maker water line. The very easy valve to install is a needle valve. The needle valve is hallow which will allow the pipe to pierce and tap in quickly. To install a saddle valve or needle valve, two clamps have to be placed around the copper pipe and also tighten the screws with a screwdriver to hold the valves in its place. Spacing should be maintained equal to prevent leaking of water. Then make sure that you have tightened the “T” handle so that it pierces the copper line.  

  • Mounting the Solenoid Valve

You can find the holes in the cabinet frame of the refrigerator, mount the solenoid valve into it. Mount the solenoid valve using a drill and tow half-inch hex-head machine screws. You can also find taped or tucked 2–pin solenoid connector under the refrigerator. Insert the connector to the valve solenoid terminals.

  • Attaching the Water Supply Line

Now, you have to attach the water supply line with the compression given at the top of the solenoid valve by screwing and tightening in its place with an adjustable wrench. On the bottom of the solenoid valve, using the plastic tubing in the kit, screw the fitting of plastic to the water outlet. Also, use the provided adhesive clips to hold the water in place and also to run water line to the back of the refrigerator. Puncture a hole in paper cover on the back of the unit, once the water line is in its place.

  • Installation of Factory Fill Tube

Now, it’s time to install the factory fill tube. To remove the plugs from holes use a flathead screwdriver or a cutting plier. Now, start pulling mounting hole plugs that are located at one side of the freezer wall and also water inlet plug for few inches and also repeat this process. Also, install the fill tube by placing the metal given at the end of the water supply line. The water supply line has to be slide over the fill tube and also insert the water supply line. Attach a fill tube to the refrigerator by sliding the part of the tube into the hole of the inlet at the back of the freezer.

  • Installation of Ice Maker

This step will clear all your doubts regarding how to install ice maker. As the complete work is done to the back side of the freezer, now it is the perfect time to install ice maker unit. Plug in the harness of wiring on the back of the refrigerator wall to get the power to the ice maker.  On the back of the freezer wall, insert the extension tube into the smaller hole.

  • Mounting the Unit to the Freezer Wall

Hang the icemaker over mounted screws to mount unit to the refrigerator. Make sure that the extension tube is line up into the reservoir. To secure the freezer wall unit, keep the mounting screws tightened and also add the ice bucket to collect the ice pieces of various sizes under the kit. Now, the installation of the icemaker is complete. Finally, turn on the main switch of water and electricity and plug in the refrigerator.

To justify all the problems of installation of ice maker Machine, we have provided ice maker installation guide in this article. The individuals can follow step by step procedure for how to install ice maker for a refrigerator from here. Also, follow all the safety measures to install icemaker without any further problems. For More latest Updates on Ice maker Machine Installation and Ice Maker Cleaning Tips please to follow us on Ice Maker Reviews for sure. 

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