Factors to consider while buying Ice Maker | Ice Maker Buying Guide 2023

Ice Maker Buying GuideNowadays in modern cities and kitchens, ice cubes are usually dispensed from refrigerators. These days’ people prefer iced drinks which are better than chilled drinks. All such drinks require ice in one or the other forms such as iced teas, iced coffee, smoothies etc. So for making all these convenient ice makers are used.

Things to Consider While Buying Ice Maker image
Things to Consider While Buying Ice Maker image

Ice Maker Buying Guide

Ice makers are great because they make ice without putting much effort that is just by flipping the switch. There are some basic old model refrigerators where we need to fill the ice tray with water, place it into the freezer then wait for an hour for the water to get frozen solid and then remove the made ice cubes from tray and have to repeat the process whenever ice cubes are required. So Ice maker is specifically necessary and gives luxury for those who are looking for any such appliance and very particular about ice cubes. This Ice Maker Buying Guide gives a complete idea about what are the things to be considered while buying an ice maker, which ice maker suits best for an individual according to their requirement.

Things to Consider While Buying an Ice Maker

There are many things to consider while buying an ice maker. Don’t just blindly think and get the ice maker. It is important to refer the Ice Maker Buying Guide purchase the best valued one and should make sure that everything is perfect as per your requirement. These are some factors to be considered before purchasing an Ice maker.


Price image

This is likely to be considered as the first factor as it is an important one to all the people. Generally, the basic model of portable ice maker may be ranged around $100. The very efficient and high capacity ice maker may be priced more than $300. To make some special type of ice such as gourmet ice or nuggets then you need to buy some specialized ice makers like built-in or under counter ice maker. These may vary from a few hundred dollars to many $1000. Be very sure and check prices around all the stores because it may vary from one store to another store.



Size image

The very next factor to consider is the size of the ice maker. To make ice maker as a part of your bar or kitchen first decide the place where you want to fix before you purchase. Take accurate measurements and then figure out the maximum size of ice maker you can afford.  The big problem is that people find out the large ice maker than the required size for the desired space. One also need to check that ice maker should have enough space for breathing that is, it should have minimum one-inch space on all sides for Counter Ice Maker for proper oxygen circulation.

For Built-in and Under-Counter Ice Makers, the clearance should be a bit more than an inch and some type of ice makers with large units require specific ventilation ducts. So before buying the ice maker check the model’s installation guide. If there is not enough space for ice maker then it will likely to get overheat and will get stuck with wet soft ice which is not very useful.



Style image

Another thing to consider in this Ice Maker Buying Guide is Style. Most of the ice makers designed with stainless steel which suits almost all the kitchens. They are generally available in white, black and silver apart from these standard colors they are also available in red color and its individual decision to take which color ice maker they want. They generally come in two basic styles that are either boxy or smooth. The box ones used to be placed under cabinet whereas more fluid ones are generally meant for the countertop ice maker.


Simplicity image

One should not have confusion in using ice maker. For this, ice maker should include simple options like turning it on, selection of ice size and a timer to set. You should find easy to clean an ice maker instead of facing the difficulties in cleaning heating elements, cooling trays and water filters when they stuck with dirty ice.



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Good ice maker durability should be long even without heavy maintenance. If you are using it regularly then it should not break down or rattle even after a few months. If your product is breaking down very fast then it is considered as a cheap product so it is better to go through all the online reviews and Ice Maker Buying Guide very carefully regarding the best ice maker and opt for the more durability ice maker. It is better to take the product with an extended warranty.


Water Recycling

Water Recycling image

Among the Things to consider while Buying Ice Maker, Water Recycling is the one. Ice maker doesn’t store the ice at freezing temperature, so untouched ice gets melted. In older ice maker models this melted ice used to settle down in the main compartment which eventually leads to the damage of the device. In a modern ice maker, there is a feature called water recycling which takes the melted water and sends back to the system. That means you don’t need to drain the water and fill the machine again and again with water. It will again start the process of the cycle from the beginning where it saves time, water and reduces the hassle. So check for this feature definitely.


Ice size and type

Ice size and type image

The size, type and density of ice is also important to see in this Ice Maker Buying Guide. Make sure that your ice maker creates ice of your desired type and size.  If your ice maker makes ice that is too soft then it will make to set ice so fast and also will melt faster. Ice Maker that makes ice with thicker and denser better suits for hot summer days.


Portable Ice Maker buying guide

Portable Ice Maker is small in size so occupies less space and easy to store when not in use. They don’t require any water hookup so you can carry easily wherever you go. Whenever you find some standard outlet with clean water just pour that water into the Portable Icemaker and you will get ice within a few minutes. Portable ice makers used in camping, tailgating, boating and useful in a number of other places where people want more ice than freezer Ice Maker produces.

Portable Ice Maker buying guide 2019 image
Portable Ice Maker buying guide image

This Portable Ice Maker Buying Guide gives a detailed description and guidelines and factors that you should consider to buy an ice maker. Portable Icemakers are available in different sizes and with different capacity. The manufacturer will provide all the detailed dimensions and capacity rate in their product description. So that it will be easy for you to confirm the size and capacity according to your requirement.

If you want a portable ice maker well spent to be in your kitchen then you should check the size twice according to the space available. Else if you want the ice maker only for taking to some other places then it is better to check with the weight of device and purchase which is comfortable for carrying. If size, weight is not particular concerns, then think about capacity. Purchase a machine that holds a lot of ice as you need. In addition to the amount of ice your Ice Maker produce and hold, you also make sure that machine produces ice quickly for you. Most manufacturers’ make it very clear in product specs that how much time you have to wait until it starts to get ice. This may vary from model to model.

Portable ice makers have relatively affordable prices. They typically start from $100 then may vary in cost till $250 for high capacity models. Durability is one of the factors to consider. If you are planning to use the ice maker frequently or plugged in all the times then you need to consider an ice maker that designed to long last. Some portable ice makers have very ease of use with some special features. So try to prefer using the ice makers with special features. Some of the ice makers come with a warranty and some easily broke out. So depending on online reviews and Ice Maker Buying guide, buy a better ice maker with high durability

Ice-Maker Troubleshooting guide

This chart will help to diagnose the problems with an ice maker.

Ice maker will not shut down


Or makes too much of ice

  • Test the shutoff switch
  • Check with shutoff arm
Makes no ice
  • Check with shutoff arm
  • Check with freezer temperature
  • Inspect water supply line
  • Test water inlet valve
  • Test with holding switch
  • Check with a water inlet pipe and switch
Ice cubes are too small or big or not producing enough ice
  • Test water inlet switch
  • Check the water supply line
  • Adjust the cube size control
  • Test water inlet valve
Ice is tasting bad
  • Remove old food if any
  • Clean the ice bin
  • Test the water inlet pipe
  • Wash the interior parts of freezer and refrigerator
  • Replace the water filter
  • Install a new supply line filter if refrigerator doesn’t have
Water leaks out from the unit
  • Check the refrigerator level
  • Test water inlet switch
  • Test water inlet valve
  • Check the ice maker level

Why should I choose Ice Maker?

Ice makers are a convenient option for eliminating the need of buying bagged ice. Wherever you are that is either in the party, boating on the lake, planning for some social event, planning for some roadside trip in all the cases preparing beverages is very easy with ice makers. They provide enough ice cubes according to your needs within minutes. Ice makers are available in different sizes. According to the size of the ice maker, the number of ice cubes produced will depend. On an average, the ice maker machine can produce minimum 26-44lbs of ice per day depending on the model you prefer. As it is easy to make ice, easy to carry, less time consuming, user-friendly, produces more ice with different shapes and capacity, choosing an ice maker for daily life is the best option.

Which ice maker is the best for home?

Therefore, with the above-provided factors such as quality of ice, price, and size of ice, ease of making ice, the quantity of ice the machine makes according to your need, the durability of the machine, choose which ice maker is best for your home by comparing with other ice maker machines. To know about the latest products, visit this Ice Maker Reviews portal frequently. 

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