Ice O Matic GEMU090 Pearl Ice Machine – Ideal for Offices, Cafes and Other Small Spaces!

To enjoy a continuous flow of ice for your parties, a perfect high-quality ice making machine is a must to have. The Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 is an efficient under-counter self-containing ice machine that will not let you compromise with the amount and quality of ice produced. It provides you with non-stop ice production along with satisfactory results. It will help you attain desired results by making a large quantity of ice with its high capacity. We have bought this ice maker in our home to test all of its efficiency and, at the same time, its performance level. Upon analyzing, here in this Ice O Matic GEMU090 Ice Maker review, we presented our views covering both positive and negative sides of this unit.

The IceOMatic GEMU090 is one of the topmost ice-making machines with a built-in ice storing capacity that can produce up to 85lbs of ice in 24hrs. This ice producer gives ice cubes that are clear and attractive as they come in pearl and nugget shapes. This machine’s build-up is sturdy and robust to sustain any handling. It can be easily and quickly placed under any counter at party suites, offices, cafes, restaurants, or any such places. With its whisper-quiet operation, this ice maker helps to maintain the decorum of a place where it is kept. Its large self-containing bin stores up to 22lbs of ice at once. With a 115V plug-in, it does not call for many complexities to install or to operate.

Ice O Matic GEMU090 Ice Maker Review 2022

1. Ice Production Capability

We know that every customer usually wants their ice maker to produce ice cubes to serve for any purpose effectively. But, most regular ice makers fail to satisfy their customers’ needs as they produce insufficient ice cubes. If we talk about this Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 ice maker’s ice production capacity, it is relatively more than what other large machines might offer. Producing 85lbs of ice in 24hrs, this smart IceOMatic ice machine GEMU090 gives you sufficient ice to stock up for your parties, bars, or breakout places.

Soft nugget ice cubes that are produced are chewable and do not hurt your mouth. With its large storing capacity, this GEMU090-pearl self-contained ice machine can hold about 22lbs of ice very comfortably. This reduces the stress of keeping the bulk ice in our refrigerator every time. Thus, this enormous production as well as storing capacity lets you enjoy your party with an uninterrupted flow of ice.

2. Installation Type

This GEMU090-pearl self-contained ice machine is compatible with being able to be placed under counters anywhere as per one’s convenience. Since it comes with front ventilation, it lets you keep it anywhere, like under your standard counters.

This ice maker has not only this fantastic facility but also its unit with the perfect finish is complete in itself and provides freestanding installation as well. Thus, you need not face any trouble setting up this device as it provides you the flexibility of multiple installing provisions.

3. Smart Air Condensing Technology

When buying any product, primarily an electronic device, it is very important to know its cooling capability if it heats up. It might be a potential threat if the machine couldn’t cool itself, which is commonly seen in many ice makers. But thanks to this ice maker, one can breathe in a sigh of relief as it comes with a smart air condensing technology.

This Ice O Matic GEMU090 pearl ice machine is equipped with an air cooled condensing unit and R-134a refrigerant that prevents itself from heating when used continuously, giving you efficient results. The self-contained condenser makes it an ideal fit for both residential and commercial purposes without any complaints. It is due to this smart air condensing technology that this ice-making machine does not require any breaks to cool down as compared to other ice-making devices that are needed to be given regular intervals.

4. Ice Cube Type

This ice producer can offer ice cubes that could be chewed as well without hurting one’s mouth. It lets you enjoy your drinks along with the soft chewable ice. The pure ice technology ensures that the ice produced is pure and soft without causing any health issues.

So, you can easily chew its ice cubes with your teeth without getting hurt, as generally happens with most of the square-shaped ice cubes that are produced by most other standard ice makers. The soft nuggets or pearl ice produced is free from any odor or bacteria and makes it free from any stale smell. Thus, for better and satisfactory results to get perfect ice cubes with pure ice technology, it is recommended to use filtered water.

5. Included Ice Scoop

To make things easier and quicker for its customers, this Ice O Matic ice maker does not let you get stuck up while retrieving the ice from this ice machine. At times when hosting a party, an ice scoop is a must-included accessory. Generally, when one purchases their ice machine, they have to buy their ice scoop separately. But this ice machine is one step ahead to provide more utility for its customers.

It comes with an included ice scoop that makes it simpler to take the ice cubes out from this machine, thereby speeding up your work and providing you with all the comfort. Simply put the ice scoop inside its storing bin, and you are there with the ice cubes ready to put directly in the glasses or the container as you may wish.

6. Product Warranty

The performance efficiency and the manufacturer’s confidence in the product solely lie in the warranty they provide. To provide you with ease and build-up your trust, this Ice O Matic ice machine GEMU090 comes with 2-year commercial parts and labor warranty plus a 1-year residential parts and labor warranty.

Equipped with this warranty, this ice producer becomes more trustworthy by providing an appropriate service that every customer would love to have. Thus, we were satisfied with the IceOMatic ice maker, as it comes with a warranty as expected.



  • Brand Name : Ice-O-Matic
  • Model Number : GEMU090
  • Product Dimensions : 22.62 x 14.87 x 33.37 inches
  • Installation Type : Undercounter
  • Capacity : 22 Pounds
  • Color : Silver
  • Material : Stainless Steel
  • Voltage : 115v
  • Item Weight : 133.0 pounds
  • Warranty Description : 1 year warranty


How to clean IceOMatic GEMU090 ice machine?

The cleaning process for this IceOMatic ice making machine GEMU090 is quite simple as it does not involve any special efforts to be made. For specific instructions to clean, you can refer to the user manual once.

Is this Ice O Matic GEMU090 ice-making machine actually 18″ in width?

Unfortunately, not exactly. This Ice O Matic GEMU090 ice making machine is actually 15″ in width.

How tall is this Ice-O-Matic 22 pounds ice maker?

This Ice-O-Matic 22 pounds ice maker is approximately 33-34″ tall.

Can you mount a cabinet door on this Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 22 lbs ice maker unit?

This Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 22lbs ice maker is not a perfect fit for mounting a cabinet door on this. It only comes with a stainless steel door.


Finally, with its advanced working technology, this Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 pearl ice machine is the best under counter product available in the market. Its compact built allows you to comfortably set up beneath the counters. It even works well when kept in open spaces as it is outdoor compatible. Owing to its large production capacity, this machine will not let you compromise with the chilling and refreshing drinks that are the critical ingredient for any party. It will give you the desired and competent results when using for household or commercial purposes. It works well for party venues or large cafes by letting you store ice in bulk.

Ice-O-Matic GEMU090 air condensing unit pearl self-contained ice machine does all of its operations in absolute tranquility. So, this noiseless, efficient ice producing machine could be an ideal choice for you if you face common ice issues for organizing parties or for your interests. If asked for our opinion, we highly suggest you this ice maker. It satisfies you with its high performance and reliability. We are glad that you gave a try for our review. Because we have taken great care in fabricating it with our own experience, which is true to its best. Hope you find this Ice O Matic GEMU090 Ice Maker review helpful to quest your questions. Happy shopping!

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