Igloo ICEB26BK 26 lbs Ice Maker – Classy to look and Convenient to use!

An ice maker at your home can justify the pleasure of tasting the ice-chilled drinks at any hour. Through this, you would be free from using any traditional way of freezing water into ice, which usually takes plenty of time. To make you available with plenty of ice in a short time, the Igloo ICEB26BK portable 26-pound automatic Ice Maker is the perfect choice for home bars, dormitories, offices, pool parties, or for many other occasions. We have purchased this fantastic ice maker for testing and knowing all of its features. Before choosing it, check out the complete Igloo ICEB26BK Ice Maker review below.

You don’t have to buy ice since you can always make a large quantity of ice every time. Having dimensions of 9.61 inches in length, 14.69 inches in width, and 12.4 inches in height, it weighs around 20.5 pounds for you to carry around easily. Igloo 26 pound portable ice maker ICEB26 is quite convenient for regular use and is made up of plastic material. It occupies a small place at your countertop and gives the area an utterly modern look. Its control desk contains the choice for choosing the size of our prepared ice cubes in minutes. We can assure you that this ice maker will not leave you disappointed in any instance.

Igloo ICEB26BK Ice Maker Review for 2023

1. Design

First and foremost feature of this Igloo ice maker ICEB26 black is obviously the appealing design it has. Being portable, it is very trouble-free to carry and move to any other place. It possesses a compact and convenient structure for us to install it anywhere as we please. This ice maker will surely give a beautiful and well-furnished look to your kitchen countertop. It can easily be accessed anytime and anywhere.

Giving a more contemporary look to this ice maker, its upper lid is made transparent to have a clear vision of the ice cubes inside. This transparent lid will eliminate the need to constantly open this ice maker to check its status. Besides having a sleek design, there is also a drain plug at the end of this ice maker, used to drain water when it is not in the working process. This function allows easy cleaning of this ice producer. Regular cleaning through the process of draining inhibits the growth of mold.

2. Control Panel

Another essential feature owned by the Igloo countertop ice maker is it’s understandable and easily accessible control panel. It uses an LED display with indicator lights. The lights turn on to keep you updated on time when its water needs to be added and to make you aware when the basket with ice gets full.

It also consists of the option to select the size of ice cubes you want. This compact ice maker operates by plugging a power source. You can also make use of a mobile power source, power bank to operate it when you’re somewhere outside. We observed this ice maker be very user-friendly.

3. Ice Production Capacity

This Igloo ICEB26 is its large amount of ice producing capacity. It can generate up to 26 pounds in a day. After plugging it in the power source, remove basket and pour water into the water tank having a capacity of 3 quarts. Place the ice basket back and select its power button. As it turns on, you need to choose the size of ice cubes you prefer.

This ice-making machine takes very less time as that of only 7 minutes to produce ice cubes, small or large, based on your selection. Ice baskets can store up to 2 pounds of small or large shaped ice cubes at a single time. You get a nice ice scoop along with this package to take out the ice from its basket. Having an excellent capacity for storing the ice is the best feature this ice maker can have.

4. Installation and Ice Cube Size

When we talk about the installation type, this Igloo ICEB26BK Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker consists of a standalone structure and a countertop installation. You can keep this on your kitchen top table and use it often to get the best ice pieces within minutes for your various daily purposes.

As mentioned earlier, this tabletop ice maker has two options to choose from ice cubes’ sizes. On the control panel, there is an alternative for selecting the size for cubes. Select S option for small or L option for large cylindrical shaped ice cubes. Giving you shiny white ice cubes of high quality in its ice tray is its primary objective. Thus, it satisfies to offer you an overwhelming pleasure of enjoying ice-cold beverages anytime. Overall, we can say that with the best installation type, it serves us with the best ices too.

5. Quiet Operation and Warranty

Proving more favorable to its customers, this ice maker works quietly. This ice producer does not create a loud noise and operates without interfering with our environment’s peace. There are other regular ice makers which usually generate a lot of sounds, making it awkward for us to carry out a conversation. But this portable ice maker beats them by giving a quiet performance. Only a low noise of its compressor fan can be heard, which is totally normal.

Also, the ice basket having a capacity of 2 pounds can be removed after making the ice for easy transferring of ice cubes to your favorite drinks. Coming to the warranty assurance part, the manufacturer of Igloo provides a warranty to its customers for a period of one year.


Technical Specifications of Igloo ICEB26 BK Ice Machine

  • Brand Name : Igloo
  • Model Number : ICEB26BK
  • Installation Type : Counter Top
  • Color : Black
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 9.61 x 14.69 x 12.4 inches
  • Ice basket capacity : 2 pounds of ice
  • Ice making time : 9 ice cubes in 7 minutes
  • Water tank capacity : 3 quarts
  • Item Weight : 20.5 pounds
  • Material Type : Plastic


Does this Igloo ICEB26BK portable ice maker have to be hooked up to water line?

No, Igloo 26 lb. portable ice maker ICEB26 does not have to be hooked up to the waterline. You need to pour the water into the water tank directly.

How many watts does Igloo 26 lbs ice maker consume while running?

Igloo ICEB26BK ice making machine works efficiently by plugging into a regular American household electrical outlet. Generally, an ice maker uses about 350 kilowatt-hours in a month.

What is the warranty on this Igloo 26 lbs ICEB26BK ice maker?

The warranty given on this Igloo ICEB26BK Ice Maker is about a period of 1-year.

Will this Igloo counter top ice maker ICEB26BK require use of a power transformer if used with a 220 V system?

It made igloo ICEB26BK 26 pound Ice Maker to plug into a 110 Volt-only. For 220 V, you can use a transformer to reduce the power to 120 V.


So these are all the vital information we noted while using this Igloo 26-pound portable ice maker ICEB26. It enhances the value of your kitchen by acquiring a place at the countertop with its stunning design. While this is a portable product, it can be carried at your convenient location anytime. Also, many useful features and quick results make this ice maker very interesting and need the customers.

It is effortless to access this Igloo 26 lb. countertop ice maker ICEB26. By pressing its power button and selecting the size of ice cubes, its operation finally starts, and ice cubes are made within a few minutes. You can easily remove its ice basket to serve ice to your favorite beverages. Hope our Igloo ICEB26BK Ice Maker review helps you. Have a happy shopping!

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