Igloo ICEB33BK Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker – Ensures plenty of ice-making capacity!

Igloo ICEB33BK Ice Maker Review: A great summer has never been spent without a good ice maker in the kitchen. Without an ice maker, all those drinks you will enjoy in the sun will not be the same. Hence, something like the Igloo 33 pounds ice maker we have tested here will come in handy when we get back to the next summer. It turned out to be convenient as well very compact, which made the process of prepping ice for drinks or any other purpose very easy. An appliance like this comes in handy when a party at home or only family is around. The capacity it carries is enough for a crowd.

For anyone who might be worried about making ice a complicated process, the control panel of this Igloo best portable ice maker is highly user friendly. Within no time, we were able to familiarize ourselves with the process of getting the perfect ice cubes. Every time additional water was required, this appliance informed us about it beforehand, and after that, there wasn’t much we could ask for.

Igloo ICEB33BK Ice Maker Review for 2023 (Key Features)

1. Ice Production Capacity

Igloo countertop ice maker was quick in production of ice as we saw. The water tank it comes with has a capacity of 2.5 quarts, and as long as this tank was filled, the appliance kept producing ice throughout the day. If we were to calculate the ice, it could deliver within 24 hours of the day; the amount would come up to be 33 pounds.

An all-day supply of ice is a feature that convinced us very much about the merits of this product. The quick-freezing technology that has been inducted into the design worked out very well in terms of the production capacity during our examination of this product.

2. Ice Storage Capacity

It was clear through the production process and with an additional quick-freezing feature that Igloo compact ice maker could prepare ice in no time. What really surprised us was its 2-pound storage tank, which added convenience in its manner.

We could see that it was well equipped to store the right amount of ice while this appliance kept producing more. In addition to this, it proved to be useful for storing food at a low temperature. This gave us the simple ice maker an add-on use, which, coupled with its portability, could come in handy when frozen food is needed on the go.

3. Design

We could see that this Igloo counter top ice maker had been designed to enhance convenience to the maximum. The clean product design made this ice maker sit well on any kitchen countertop too, which is a general concern when buying appliances.

Its transparent top lid was the most useful aspect of its design as we could keep a check on the capacity at varying intervals during our observation. The Control panel was also easy to use because of its simple and user-friendly design. All controls could be easily browsed through because of its illuminated digital panel.

4. Counter-Top Installation

We placed Igloo tabletop ice maker on the kitchen countertop to start up its function. As soon as it plugged into the socket and water inside filled, its ice-making process began smoothly. There wasn’t much we had to do to put it in place in the kitchen, except taking it out of the box it came in.

All the parts were previously in place, excluding the removable ones like its scoop. It is suggested to clean up the insides before beginning using this ice maker; otherwise, there won’t be much you would have to do if you plan to install this Igloo ice maker on your own. We also tried placing the ice maker anywhere else except the kitchen, which worked well too.

5. Removable Accessories

While most parts in this Igloo ICEB33BK Portable Electric Countertop Ice Maker were pre-installed into its entire system, only the ice basket and the scoop it came with were the removable accessories it had.

It was good to have these two as removable parts because the cleaning bit was convenient to do. These two were also the most used parts of this entire ice maker. Scoop came in handy for taking out the generated ice and ice as the whole basket coming out was useful when batch as a whole was required. Even when this ice basket had to be cleaned, it was possible without much hassle.



  • Manufacturer : Igloo
  • Item model number : ICEB33BK
  • Product Dimensions : 14.09 x 9.65 x 11.54 inches
  • Item Weight : 23.1 pounds
  • Ice production capacity : 33 Pounds in 24 Hours
  • Water tank capacity : 2.5-quart
  • Ice basket capacity : 2 pounds
  • Ice making time : 9 ice cubes within 7 minutes


How to clean Igloo ice maker ICEB33BK?

Cleaning of this Igloo ice making machine can be done once the power is off, the ice basket is taken out, and the remaining water has been drained. A mild detergent will do the trick along with water for you.

Is there a drain hose on this Igloo ICEB33BK 33 lbs ice maker?

There is a drain plug present at the bottom of this Igloo ice machine, which was very convenient during the cleaning process.

Does Igloo 33 pounds ice maker ICEB33BK turn back on as the ice melts?

The ice-making process will go on until water storage is empty; hence, this Igloo portable ice making machine will make ice even when it’s melting.

Does this Igloo electric ice maker machine 33 lbs unit have a self-cleaning cycle?

There isn’t a self-cleaning cycle as one of the features of this Igloo 33 lb countertop ice maker, so you would have to clean it manually.

What is the voltage of the Igloo ICEB33BK portable electric ice maker?

Igloo small ice maker machine will run well on 120 volts of power.

Final Thoughts

This Igloo ICEB33BK 33 Pound Automatic Ice Maker came out to be on the positive side for most of its features. We would very well recommend it for any home that has a constant requirement of ice, something that their refrigerator can’t fulfill. Each of the features that we examined, beginning from its compact and portable design to its easy-to-use control panel, the case for it only became more compelling.

As we went further into knowing this Igloo 33 lbs Ice Maker, it only produced ice quicker and more efficiently. Specifically, this is one appliance we would suggest you have in your kitchen for getting together in summer. Every cycle of ice production, we had the perfect cylindrical ice cubes. We would surely recommend this unit for any upcoming house party you might have, making sure there is no ice shortage. Hope you find this Igloo ICEB33BK Ice Maker review helpful. Have a happy shopping!

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