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Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker Review​ 2020

Have you ever thought of owning an ice maker for you? Why should you buy ice every time from the nearest store when you can purchase the best Ice Maker at an affordable price? So, Check the latest Ice maker which is portable, economical and highly productive. Today I am presenting Best Ice maker review of Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker.


One day one of my friends asked why are you spending lots of money for buying ice when you can own an ice maker at relatively low price. So, then she suggested me the Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker. The First thing a buyer notices in any product is its features. No Person can buy a Product just by its looks. Only the features and its performance can impress anyone. So, here i have provided the complete features, specifications, Pros, and Cons of this Product. Therefore, have a glance at them to get a better idea of the product.

Ivation Portable Ice Maker Overview

Now comes the Manufacturer of this Product. It produces the Best Ice Maker Machine with good design and Quality. It has a total of 389 artifacts in its Production list of various Categories. Ivation is mostly known for its Gadgets. The Gadgets includes Electronics & Computers, Clothing, Shoes, Home, Jewellery, Garden & Tools, Sports, and Outdoors also. Among these many types, the Ivation Ice Makers fall into Electronics Category. With its Quality and Goodwill, it got an average quality score of 7.9 out of 10 a bulk of Customers. The main aim of this Company is to manufacture the Product that suits our Present Living Standards without a fail in the quality. Therefore, the Ivation stood as one of the Best companies with Customer’s Goodwill.


  • Portability, Eco-Friendly and Makes Ice Faster
  • Safety Measures
  • Recycling System & Selectable Ice Size
  • Highly Productive & Suits your Modern Living
  • See-through Window
  • Built-in accessories

The Ivation Ice Maker is truly a portable one. You can use it anywhere, as it occupies very less Space. You can also Place it on your Counter-top in your Bar. The Ivation Icemakers uses R134a type of refrigerant. So, it doesn’t cause any harm to the Environment. With this model, you can make ice very faster compared to other Ice Makers. Ivation Portable Ice Maker can produce a decent amount of Ice for every 6-10 Minutes. On the whole, it can produce 26.5 lbs of Ice a day.

The Ivation 26.5 lbs Icemaker comprises of Light-up Alerts when the water level reaches the Standard level. A red Indicator alerts you when the water is below the Normal. It also indicates you when the Ice Bucket is Full. So, you can remove the ice from the bucket and can start Production again. The units shut down automatically when the ice bucket is full.

The Presence of Recycling system is Superior of all the features that are present in this Icemaker. In this Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker, the unused ice melts to water which can be used later at the Ice Production. Sometimes you wish to have larger ice cubes and sometimes smaller. So, to fulfill your cravings, this icemaker allows you to select in between Two ice cube sizes.

It Produces high-quality Ice in a small time. Along with this, in a Single 24 Hour Cycle, you can get 26.5 pounds of clear ice in two different sizes according to your need. Additionally, it reuses the melted water and makes fresh ice. So, you can also host a party with this surplus amount of ice.

The Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker looks very compact and luxurious. It can easily match with your home decor and brings an elegant look with Silver Finish.

It is a unique feature present in this Ivation 26.5 lbs Ice maker. In this Ice Maker, you will find a Glass window through which you can watch the process and check the status.

So, these are the brilliant features of the Ivation Portable Ice Maker. Hope, all these features will meet your requirements. I am sure that after buying this product, you will never run out of Ice.

Every Company Offers some built-in accessories for each Product. In the same way, here for Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker also have following Built-in add-ons.

  • Scoop.
  • Removable Bin.
  • Removable Water Tank.


Specification Name Value
C&A Marketing
Item model number
Product Dimensions
14.1 x 12.9 x 9.5 inches
Item Weight
21.2 pounds
Portable /Countertop
Ice Type
Gourmet Ice
Type of Ice
Large and Medium
Ice Producing Capacity
28 pounds
Ice Storage
2.5 lbs
Ice Production Cycle Time
6-10 Minutes

Temperature range for Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker

The Name itself indicates it is a Portable Ice Maker. So, you can Place this anywhere that you feel comfortable. It is not just an Indoor Ice Maker; you can also enjoy the ice when you are camping, holiday trip. At the time of Parties, you can also place it in your backyard.


The Ivation 26.5 lbs Ice Maker work at a Temperature Range of 45-11o° F. The Exact temperature may vary for all the Ice Makers, but an Ice Maker works efficiently at this temperature.

Installation for Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker

It is a Portable Ice maker which doesn’t require hectic Installation Process. But, at the time of Installation, you should follow certain rules. So, here i have provided the installation guidelines for this icemaker.

  • Clearly, remove the external Packing as per the instructions on the Carton. Check whether all the Built-in Accessories are present inside the Packing. If any of the Accessories are missed, then intimate to the Customer immediately.
  • Select the best location for placing your ice maker. Allow three side ventilation to ensure its safety.
  • Clean the Internal Surface of the Ice Maker Once before using it. Therefore, for cleaning process use Lukewarm water.
  • Take out the Ice Basket, dab a Soft cloth in water and wipe it. In the same way, clean the external Surface of the Ice Maker using a mild detergent.
  • Be sure that the Ice maker is kept aside for an hour or more so that the fluids in the refrigerant settle downs in the Compressor. After that plug in the device.
  • So, Check the product manual for further details about cleaning and maintenance.

Customer Service

If you need any help regarding the installation, Service, and Replacement, Contact the Customer Care. There is an availability of info on the Packing of the Product. There is also a Provision of mail on the Packing, use it.  Along with the details of the Problem you are facing, you can intimate them and get their Assistance.


Most of Ice Maker manufacturing Companies will provide one year Warranty for their Products. In the same Way, this Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker has a Warranty period of 12 Months i.e., One Year. In this Warranty period, the Service Agents will assist you free of cost, if there is any damage or repair to the Product. Also, there will be some Term and Conditions to serve us in such Situations. So, study them carefully, while asking for the Assistance.

Safety Measures for Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker

As all other Ice Makers, the Ivation Ice Makers are also be handled carefully. Be cautious while handling it. Do not open the door, while you are making the Ice in it. For that Purpose, we have the See-through Window.


I bought this machine a year ago. It made the ice like a champ, ever six minutes, spitting out a perfect sized cube, in my choice of sizes. Today I noticed it had stopped working. The water level was fine, motor runs, just won’t fill and won’t freeze. The biggest problem seems to be that there is a significant amount of calcium build up. I have a lot of minerals in my water, so this isn’t unusual. Even though I always use filtered water, it’s hard to remove it all, and after 14 1/2 months, it’s done.  It is a great machine. Check out Ice Maker Machine Reviews before purchasing the Ivation Portable Ice Maker.

I think it might have lasted me longer had I turned it off now and then and maybe checked it more often for the mineral buildup. But it’s a great machine, and I cannot complain about how well it has worked. I wish it had lasted longer, but I take at least a good part of the blame.

Because there is no way to find out how to do maintenance on this machine and there is no manufacturer website that offers even a manual, I have dropped my rating to 3 stars. The was a good machine while it lasted but there is no way to clean the filter that I can see, there are no manuals available online that I can find. Therefore, this made me fell uncomfortable. 


  • Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology
  • Easy-Push Touch Buttons
  • Light-Up Alerts


  • Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker have a sleek, elegant design which can fit on your counter-tops
  • This ice maker uses Modern Refrigerator Compression Technology. So, You can not observe noise at the time of usage
  • It has a large see through the window. Therefore, you can monitor the ice production without opening your ice machine
  • It produces clear ice efficiently
  • This Ivation Ice Maker can produce a large quantity of Ice in short Time
  • Also, it provides two different sizes of Ice, i.e., big and small
  • This Compact, portable Ivation Ice Maker can make 26.5 lbs of Ice per day
  • The Ivation portable Ice maker can make ice in a very short time. So, you can enjoy Ice continuously for every 6-10 minutes
  • It has Digital Display. So, you can easily see the temperatures that we set for the Ice makers
  • Removable Ice basket and Scoop are available. Therefore, you can easily carry the Basket to the serving Table and can also avoid contamination with Scoop
  • It produces 8-9 cubes of ice per Cycle
  • It has a compact design which is ideal for using at the time of Vacation or even in recreational vehicles
  • It also has the Alerts option. When the Water level comes down the Normal, a red light blinks. In the same way, when the ice bin is full, the ice Production automatically shuts off
  • As it is a Portable Model, there is no need of Installation. You can just plug it and use


  • There is no Energy Star Compliance for this product
  • Also, there is no Automating Door Closing System. We should manually close it
  • There is no Lock facility for this model
  • Because of the absence of Drain System, we have to defrost manually
  • We cannot Store ice in the Ice maker even though there is a Provision of a bin
  • Unlike all other ice makers, this doesn’t have a Reversible Door System
  • Along with that, we have to manually pour the Water into the Device whenever we need Ice


How do you use Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker?

To use Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker

  1. Open the lid
  2. Take out the ice basket
  3. Pour water
  4. Place back the bin
  5. Close the lid
  6. Program the device(click the buttons)
  7. Wait for a while
  8. Collect the ice cubes and enjoy the party
How do I clean my Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL Ice Maker?

The bin of the Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL ice maker should be cleaned thoroughly. We can use a cleaning solution. But use in diluted forms.

Does Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL work with 220v?

Yes, Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL works with 220V.

Does it beep when it needs water?

Yes, Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL gives a beep when water reduces from the minimum level.

How much ice will Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL make before you have to refill it?

Ivation IVA-ICEM15SIL prepares 26.8 pounds of ice before it needs a refill.

Bottom Line

To get the best Countertop ice maker at a low price, Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker is the right choice. It has all the features that are required in a compact ice maker. As every machine has pros and cons, this Ivation ice maker also had some disadvantages but doesn’t matter when compared to its advantages. As said in the above review, it does its ice-making job efficiently with its Modern Compressor Refrigeration Technology. I found it very useful as it is well-suited for my small kitchen and it is producing 2 different ice cubes based on our selection. For more information on this Ivation Ice Maker please do comment.

Within 6 minutes, you can make ice using Ivation IVAICEM15SIL Portable Ice Maker. This compact ice maker will be more comfortable to use in your home and there will be no need of running to the nearest ice stores. You can get 2 Selectable Cube Sizes and it even has the removable tray and See-Through Window. Overall, this is the best portable ice maker which gives ice in one or two clicks of a button.

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