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Kealive 28 lbs Portable Ice Maker Review 2020

Technology is changing day by day, and many ice makers brands with advanced features are flooding into the market. The features will be bit confusing but once you get grasp of what you should be on outlook; then it won’t be a big task in finding the best ice maker that meets your needs. A portable ice maker is compact device for making ice. It needs neither water line nor drain line, thus it is ideal to use in small kitchens. Portable ice makers will be the great investment if you love cold drinks and often invite friends to home and throw parties. They are tiny in size and do not occupy much space. 

With the Kealive ice maker yt-e-005a you can surprise your family and friends at your next barbecue or cocktail party. The best ice maker machine is ideal for warm summer day and nights. Kealive portable ice maker production is automatic with simple design and easy to use and control. Kealive countertop ice maker produces the perfect ice cubes and with its design it is outstanding among hundreds of compact ice maker machine. 

Kealive Countertop Ice Maker FEATURES

Just press the power button on then enormously high level of efficiency produces 9 ice cubes in 7-13 minutes of time and 28 lbs of ice in 24 hours. The ice will be fresh with the insulated inside. With high quality LED display and 3 indicator lights for full ice, add water, work you will get know the operating status of the device with 2 years warranty. 

  • Portable ice maker: This is the best Kealive compact ice maker machine which is small in size and can be easily carried to different locations wherever you need ice cubes. As it is portable, you may not use this ice maker for restaurant which needs ice in large quantity. For small bars or restaurants you can use it on the counter top.
  • Simple design ice cube maker: Just fill the water tank and very soon you will have ice cubes. The unit is space saving and easy to transport with classic design.
  • Visible window viewing: kealive mini fridge with the aid of practical viewing window in lid you can always have an overview of ice cube making without frequently opening the lid. 

Kealive home bar ice maker has automatic controls for saving the energy. This best Ice Machine for home will automatically shut off once the program has finished. A buzzer alarm starts making sound when the water is insufficient or freezer compartment is full. In addition to this, Kealive 28lbs portable ice maker has transparent window on top of lid so you can always have track about the status of ice cube making. 

kealive ice maker yt-e-005c SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Product Dimensions
9.5 x 12.6 x 14 inches
Item Weight
22.1 pounds
12 months warranty
warming material
Stainless steel
Net weight
11 kg/ 12 kg
Packing size
39.3* 38.4* 37.0 cm
Brand name
Batteries required
Batteries included

The Kealive portable ice maker can produce about 28lbs of ice in 24 hours. This is over thousands of ice cubes daily. The ice maker has LED screen with icon represent the ice making process evolution or the device needs. In two ways you can add water via your water tap or simply add water to its water reservoir. Easy to use, just push a button located on front panel to get the ice or water button to get the cold water. I am sure kealive ice maker manual will help you with best tips for using and maintaince. 

Another feature of Kealive 28lbs countertop ice maker is that you will get plug and play functionality, so you simply need to plug in and go. Countertop ice maker weighs around 20 pounds that is lightweight and can be easily moved around. 

Tips to clean Kealive Home Bar Ice Maker

Cleaning an ice maker kealive is one of the important and maintenance practices which required to be done regularly. Some ice makers have self-cleaning feature while others come with cleaning manual. Following are the steps to clean an ice maker machine.

  • Unplug the unit from power source
  • Remove all the ice if present inside the machine
  • Incase if ice is melted, open the drain to drain out the water
  • Remove the interior removable parts such as storage bin, scoop.
  • Pour warm water inside the machine
  • Clean the interior side with soft cloth and little detergent thoroughly.
  • Continue cleaning until every corner of the machine is cleaned. After completion of cleaning, rinse it with water to remove any leftover detergent.
  • Using tap water may leave stubborn lines or stains which cannot be removed with simple detergent. To get rid of this, prepare a solution of vinegar and again clean the ice maker.
  • Clean the interior parts and leave them till they are completely dry.
  • Once the parts have dried, put it back to its original place. Also ensure that interior is also dry, use soft dry cloth to wipe off the wet. 

Importance of cleaning Kealive Restaurant Ice Machine

Cleaning not only helps to remove dirt from ice maker but also have many other benefits.

  • Improves taste: long run use of tap water leaves the mineral deposits and other impurities which get absorbed by ice maker. Mildew may build up which makes ice to taste moldy. Regular cleaning helps to keep the ice maker clean and also improves the taste of ice cubes.
  • Quality ice: debris get accumulates over the time, and if the device is not cleaned it will make cloudy ice. Maintaining high level of cleanliness helps to improve the efficiency of ice maker and quality of ice.
  • Promotes good health: if you do not maintain the ice maker properly, mold may start to grow. This can cause many health problems and complications particularly to the people who are allergenic to mold. A well maintained ice maker will ensure to get the fresh ice all the time and prevents mold. 





What is the way to disable the alarm when the water is empty, or the ice is full?

To disable the alarm of Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker you have to unscrew the circuit board at back of the ice maker and disconnect the speakers manually.

What is the return and product warranty on this Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker?

 Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker has a 30-day return policy and 2 year product warranty.

How many sizes of cubes does Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker make?

Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker can make ice cubes in two sizes. The Ice maker produces 9 ice cubes within 7-13 minutes.

Can I power off the ice machine when I don’t want it to produce any more ice?

 Yes, you can power off the Kealive 28lbs Portable Ice Maker when you are not using it.


This kealive portable ice maker for bar or home is compact, handy and easy to maintain. As this ice maker does not require any installation. Operating this ice maker is very easy, just need to adjust the size and fill the water. Once the machine completes making of ice then it automatically shut off so it saves energy. The process of making ice is very quiet and fast and it is the best ice machine for restaurant.  The stainless looks sleek and blends in with all the appliances at home with its stylish design. Overall Kealive 28 lbs portable ice maker is very efficient, compact, countertop, portable can easily be moved around, simple to use and it is highly recommended for home, bar, restaurant etc. 

All-together, Kealive Ice Maker is a fast and efficient ice machine which has large ice-making capacity compared to other portable machines. It ensures to keep your ice fresh for long time. Its automatic controls helps to save energy by switching off the program automatically. Check out the price and get this best ice maker online.

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