Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Clear Ice Maker | Get restaurant-quality Ice of upto 45 lb per day

Koldfront KIM450BL Review 2023

If you have the habit of throwing parties, then having an ice maker is beneficial. Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker is one of the best & low-cost ice makers used indoors or outdoors. Since it has portable nature and capability of producing a large quantity of ice, it suits in any place. As one of the users of this ice maker, I am giving the review, which includes product performance, best features, special offers for the Koldfront Icemaker.

Koldfront KIM450BL Ice Maker

The Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker produces a large amount of ice upto 45lbs per day. It is equipped with the reversible door and has a height of 32.5”. Koldfront has the front venting system. Koldfront KIM450BL is built as an under-counter type and has finished sides if you wish it to stand on its own. This Undercounter Ice Maker also has a storage option to store the ice for your need. It has a storage capacity of 25lbs. I observed that the Koldfront Ice Maker produces clear and restaurant-quality ice. Hence this ice maker can use for your family, large party groups, or friends. The adjustable leveling legs for this icemaker will fit perfectly in any room.

Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker Overview

The Koldfront can also have the facility of removing the bin if you don’t need it. Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker also includes the ice scoop. Hence this unit would make a great addition to your kitchen appliances. The cost of this product is also very less. So, anyone can buy this product. For any well-designed kitchen or home bar, this Koldfront Undercounter Ice Maker is a good choice. Let us have a look at the Ice Maker reviews for Koldfront KIM450BL

I used the AquaPure In-Line Icemaker Ice and Water Filter (AP717) to increase the ice maker’s life and performance. The filter increases the efficiency of the water pump and protects the ice maker from limescale, which affects the quality. The filter By using the filter, the particles like chlorine, rust, dust, etc. are removed, which keeps you safe and healthy. Hence I suggest you to use the filter in the Icemaker. Koldfront Ice Maker has a drain facility. It has the stylish color of black, which attracts everyone and has a nice look in any contemporary kitchen.

Brand Description of Koldfront Ice Maker

The EdgeStar and KoldFront are the top-performing brands under the Living Direct company umbrella. The main purpose of the Edge Star and Koldfront companies are to provide the products for the fast lifecycle of today’s customers. The products of these two companies provide not only at low cost but also the quality products. With its counterpart Koldfront brand, the EdgeStar ice maker has built itself up as leaders in the portable ice maker machine market. But as you can see, they also have some quality smaller business and household models.

Koldfront company provides the best offers. Hence you can buy this best ice maker by referring to the Popular Ice Maker brands. For the lowest price in online also. This company also provides the coupon codes to reduce the price. Sometimes it also provides the buy 1 get one offer. Since this product is economical, everyone can get this product for the low price and various benefits.

Koldfront Portable Reversible Door Ice Maker Review

I bought this product after going through so many Ice Maker reviews. I have been using the Koldfront KIM480BL Ice Maker for three years. It works efficiently. Hence as a user, I am giving the brief description of the features & Specifications of the Koldfront Reversible Door Ice Maker.


  • Built-In or freestanding capability & Temperature
  • Sleek Exterior & Large Ice Capacity
  • Ice Quality & Time to produce the ice
  • Easy to Use and Control
  • Special Features
  • Koldfront Built-In Accessories

1. Built-In or freestanding capability & Temperature

This product has a height of 32.5” and is equipped with the front venting system. It has the finished four sides, so I used to move this product to my home according to my need. The temperature required for the Koldfront Reversible door ice maker to produce the ice is between 45F degrees to 110F.

2. Sleek Exterior & Large Ice Capacity

The Koldfront Built-In Ice Maker has a stylish black finish and long-lasting capability. Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker produces 45lbs of ice per day. It has a great storage capacity of about 25lbs in the bin. You can remove this storage bin if you don’t want it. Due to the large production of ice, Koldfront Reversible door Ice Maker can use for large parties and make frozen beverages.

3. Ice Quality & Time to produce the ice

Koldfront Undercounter Ice Maker produces clear ice-free from the impurities like chlorine, rust, dust, etc. The produced ice is also free from the bad odor. This Koldfront Undercounter Ice Maker takes a minimum of 6 minutes to produce the fresh batch of ice.

4. Easy to Use and Control

Due to computerized controls, it is easy to use and control. Ice maker will produce the ice as per your inputs. You can give the inputs by just selecting the options on the machine. It takes only a few minutes to produce the ice.

Reversible Door: Since the stainless steel door is reversible, you can choose the swing action either left or right.

Mode Button: When this button is pressed, the unit will appear in the ice making mode from the ice harvest mode or vice-versa. It can be judge by seeing the yellow and green lights.

5. LED Indicators

Red LED Indicator:

This indicator is used to indicate the bin is full. It will stop working once the storage bin is full. The LED will flash for 3 minutes after you remove the ice from the bin.

Green LED Indicator:

This indicator is used to indicate the ice-making stage. This LED will glow if the product enters into the ice-making stage controlled by the temperature probe on the evaporator.

Yellow LED Indicator:

It is the Ice Harvest Indicator. This light will glow when the ice maker enters the ice harvest mode controlled by the full ice probe. When the green and yellow lights are lit, the unit will work in the cold preservation stage.

6. Koldfront Built-In Accessories

The accessories which include in the Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Ice Maker are as follows.

  • Ice scoops.
  • Storage Bin.
  • Gravity drain line.
  • LED Indicators



  • Manufacturer : Koldfront
  • Item model number : KIM450BL
  • Installation Type : Freestanding, Built-In
  • Color : Black
  • Ice Producing Capacity : 26.5 lbs
  • Ice Production Cycle Time : 6 Minutes
  • Ice Storage : 2.2 lbs
  • Ice Type : Bullet-shaped
  • Water reservoir capacity : 2.8 Liters
  • Product Dimensions : 23.4 x 14.6 x 32.6 inches
  • Item Weight : 76.7 pounds



Steps to use a Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Clear ice maker
1. Connect the ice maker to a pipe line
2. Turn on the tap and the let the water into the icemaker
3. Wait for few minutes until the water is turns into ice
4. Ice will fall into the basket and be ready to use.


This is not a freezer in Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Clear ice maker. So, ice cannot be stored here. If you want to save it, you need to shift to a refrigerator or freezer after it is formed.


Yes, Koldfront KIM450BL Built-In Clear ice maker comes with a built-in drain pump.


Well, Koldfront KIM450BL Built-in Ice Maker is the best ice machine that has large ice production capacity with insulated ice storage of upto 25 pounds. But I can’t say this will be the right choice for every user. For the one who needs a portable ice machine, this Koldfront KIM450BL may not be a satisfying unit. But if you want a built-in ice maker that is budget-friendly, then I recommend you to buy this Koldfront ice maker. However, you can use this for both built-in or freestanding applications.

Koldfront KIM450BL Built-in 15-Inch Wide Clear Ice Maker Black image

Overall, this Koldfront KIM450BL Built-in ice maker is a cost-effective unit and satisfies many of the customer’s needs. It is ideal for home or bar as it can produce clear and restaurant-quality ice. If you want to use ice maker either for built-in or freestanding, check the price and buy this Koldfront KIM450BL Ice machine online.


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