Newair AI-215SS, AI-215R Portable Ice Maker – Perfect option for Parties & Events

Newair AI 215 Portable Ice Maker Review 2023

Are you getting a shortage of ice cubes for your parties? An Ice Maker is the best solution for your problem. The best Ice Maker machine produces the sufficient amount of Nugget Ice for all your guests during the home parties. You may now look for the best Ice Maker with all the features and specifications according to your requirement.

Here I provide the Best Countertop Ice Maker Review about the Newair AI-215SS & AI-215R Portable Ice Maker. The Customers best review the Ice Makers, and you can damn sure buy this Newair Portable 50 lbs daily capacity Ice Machine without a second thought. The Nugget Ice is available in three different sizes for Newair AI 215 Series Portable Ice Maker, which can be used for blending margaritas, mixed drinks, or cooling a hot cup of soup.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb

The Newair Ice Maker makes bullet-shaped ice with a daily capacity of 50 lbs, which keeps your guests well supplied. The Production time for nugget ice is little, less than 7 minutes with an additional feature of LCD Display. I suggest this product as it is portable with a convenient freestanding design with minimum maintenance. The Newair AI 215SS Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker is an environment-friendly product that dont create any damage the ozone layer.

The Newair AI 215 Series Portable Ice Maker is a Countertop Stainless Steel Machine with a production capacity of 12 pieces of ice per cycle, which is available in black & red color. For easy ice distribution, a removable ice bin is provided with a self-cleaning function.

NewAir AI 215 Series Countertop Ice Maker for Sale

You may worry about how to use the Newair Ice Maker Machine? Don’t bother about the usage, by using the Soft Touch Buttons provided in Newair portable Ice Maker Machine you can directly operate the device. The LCD is available for this Newair Ice Maker, which shows an indication about the addition of water, a full ice bucket indicator. The timer option is available for this Newair AI 215 Series Portable Ice Maker. For easy cleanup, the side-mounted drain is provided with a water capacity of 192 ounces.

The ice scoop is provided along with the product, which is an additional benefit for the customer. The added benefit in the NewAir AI 215 Series Ice Maker is the auto shut off option, which is available for safety purposes. Nugget Ice is available in the bullet shape. I am using this product for the last year with no complaints till now. Check out Newair Portable Ice Maker for sale on Amazon.

Newair is one of the leading providers of home appliances, which are stylish and eco-friendly for the user. The team Newair Ice Maker products are made with the latest technology, advanced design, and high performance. The company’s wide range includes wine coolers, water dispensers, ice makers, cigar coolers, and much more. The appliances provided by Newair meets the everyday needs of one Customer and for the luxury purpose for another.

Products from this company are efficient and stylish. The various models of Ice Makers provided by the Newair Company are Newair AI – 100BK, 100CB, 100R, 100SS, 215SS, 215R. Based on your requirement, the Customer can choose any of the Ice Maker.

NewAir AI 215 Series Portable Ice Maker Review

I Review this product as the Best Ice Maker after using it for one year. The Newair AI 215SS (Stainless Steel), Newair Portable Ice Maker AI 215R (Red), provides enough ice for your home parties. Before buying this ice machine, I am worried about the ice for the parties I arrange at home. But after purchasing this best & cheap Newair AI 215 Series ice maker referred by my friend, I don’t bother about the ice for the functions. I promise that after trying this Newair AI 215 Series Ice Maker, you will review this product as the best one.


  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Ice Cube Size & Drain Facility
  • Special Features

1. Capacity

NewAir AI 215 Series Portable Ice Maker produces 50 lbs of ice daily, which is sufficient for your parties. Though it is the compact device you can get the large amount of ice every day at a frequency of 60 Hz. Also, you can enjoy the fresh batch of bullet-shaped ice for every 7 minutes. I think this time is less than the time you spent visiting nearby stores for ice.

2. Design

The Newair Ice Maker is a portable one with the freestanding design. Newair Countertop Ice Maker with Timer Facility for on-time ice production. The Product is Portable and can be placed anywhere at home, available in Black & Red Design.

Indicators: LCD is helpful to the Customers in providing information regarding the Water is Empty, and when the Basket is full.

3. Ice Cube Size & Drain Facility

Newair Portable Ice Maker offers three different ice sizes for the customers i.e., small, medium, and large ice cubes. Depends on the requirement, you can select the required size just by touching the button available on the machine.

A side-mounted drain is available for the Newair AI 215SS Stainless Steel, Newair AI 215R Red Portable Ice Maker, which is easy for cleaning purposes.

4. Special Features

  • Removable Ice Bin: Newair Portable Ice Maker is provided with a removable ice bin and a scoop.
  • Self Cleaning Function: Newair Countertop Ice Maker with timer facility for on-time ice production. The product is portable and can be placed anywhere at home, available in black & red design.
  • See-Thru Window: You can check the amount of ice available through a see-thru window in the AI 215 Series Newair Portable Ice Maker.



  • Manufacturer : Newair
  • Item model number : AI-215SS
  • Installation Type : Counter top
  • Color : Blk/Silver
  • Ice Producing Capacity : 50 lbs
  • Ice Production Time : 15 Mins
  • Ice storage : 50 Pounds
  • Wattage : 170 watts
  • Voltage : 120
  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 16.9 x 16.8 inches
  • Item Weight : 37.6 pounds
  • Warranty : 1 year warranty



The ice prepared by this Newair AI-215SS, AI-215R Portable Ice Maker of ice maker is chewable like the Nugget ice.


Newair AI-215SS, AI-215R Portable Ice Maker is not a freezer. So, ice cannot be stored here. If you want to save it, you need to shift to a refrigerator or freezer after it is formed.


If you want to get the tested and verified portable ice maker, consider this Newair AI-215SS Ice Maker. You will find the excellent results from the starting day itself. It can produce an ample amount of ice with 3 different ice sizes for any occasion or party. Its self-cleaning function is an added advantage of this ice maker. If these are what you want in an ice maker, then Newair AI-215SS Ice Maker is what you are looking for. See our complete review to know in-depth about its features, design, functionality, and some customer reviews as well. To know the best ice makers on the market from time to time, stay in touch with our portal.

NewAir Portable Ice Maker 50 lb Daily Countertop Design AI-215SS image

All-together, Newair AI-215SS is the best ice maker on the market with many stunning features. If you want consistent ice at a rapid pace, this ice maker will be a perfect solution. So, check out the price and buy this Newair Ice Maker online and make your parties or occasions more enjoyable.


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