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Northair HZB-12/SA Portable Ice Maker Review 2020

People choose to buy the portable ice makers to add-on ice that they can obtain from built-in ice makers when they are not able to get enough ice from freezers ice maker itself. Portability wise, Northair compact ice maker is safe to say and one of the best pick as it weigh only 17.2 pounds so you don’t require much effort to carry it when you have events or any other situations where you need to carry it around. 

Northair portable ice maker for camping takes only 6 to 13 minutes to make ice cubes which are perfect for gatherings and parties as you don’t need to waste much time in preparing ice. Per cycle, As this Northair home ice maker model hzb-12/a prepares 9 cubes that weigh either 0.25 ounce or 0.32 ounce depending on size you require and choose. Northair ice machine has water tank of capacity 2.2 liters, so manual replenishing is not required all often. When the Northair ice cube maker tank empties and ice basket is full, then the LEB indicator light will let you know to take some guess work out of equation.

Northair 26lbs Compact Ice Maker FEATURES

The size of Northair Hzb-12/Sa countertop ice machine is 9.5”* 14.1”* 12.9”, easy to move, perfect for gatherings, parties, RVs, camping vacations and boat trips. Make up to 26.5 lbs of bullet shaped small or large ice cubes per day and effectively makes 9 ice cubes in 6 minutes.

If you are searching for a compact Ice Machine? This northair stainless steel portable countertop ice maker with 26 lb. daily capacity is a perfect choice for you. Any unused ice cubes will liquefy back into the reservoir and can be recycled as fresh water as waste free. Northair portable 26 lbs ice maker has R600a Refrigerant with non-destructive and non-toxic to ozone layer in turn protects environment and gives healthy, safety ice cubes.

LED indicator warning light of Northair Countertop Ice Maker will let you know when the ice bin is full and when you require adding some more water. Large window can provide a clear picture of ice making method and amount of ice making. Northair ice maker countertop is wrapped in commercial grade stainless steel which is available in 4 colorful colors and durable. Warranty: Northair ice machine has 2 year warranty and 30 days return policy. For more information refer the northair ice maker manual. 

Northair Countertop Ice Maker SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
9.5 x 14 x 12.9 inches
Item Weight
20.2 pounds
Ice sizes
Small, large
Installation Type
Counter top
2-year warranty
Time taken to make ice cubes
6-13 minutes
Count of ice cubes per cycle
Ice shape
Bullet ice cube
Cleaning method
Water supply
Device construction
Stainless steel
Package includes
1 ice maker, 1 ice scoop, 1 user manual
Part number
Special features
Clear ice
38 db
Batteries included
Batteries required

Important safety tips and instructions for using Northair Portable Ice Maker

The safety of yours and safety of others are very important. Below are some important safety messages and instructions. You could be seriously getting injured if you do not follow the safety instructions to follow while using Northair 26lbs Compact Ice Maker. All the safety messages will let you know about the potential hazard, how to lessen the chance of injury. 

  • Do not operate this or any other electrical appliance with damaged cord. If the supply cord is damaged it should be replaced with new one by manufacturer or any of its service agent in order to avoid hazard. 

The northair 2 in 1 ice maker must be positioned correctly so that plug is accessible. Connect to correctly polarized outlets only. Be sure that plug is completely inserted into receptacle. 

  • Unplug the ice maker while cleaning or making any services or repairs. 
  • Place the ice maker unit away from direct sunlight and be sure that there is at least 5 inches of space from back of unit to wall. Keep minimum distance of 5 inches on each side of unit. 
  • Never use other liquids to make the ice-cubes except water. 
  • Do not clean the machine with inflammable liquid. 
  • Do not tip over
  • If the unit is brought from outside in the winter, give it some time to warm up to room temperature before plugging in. 
  • This unit must be grounded. 

Connecting the Northair 26 lbs compact ice maker

  • Place the unit on level or flat counter top without keeping directly to sunlight and near to other heat sources. 
  • This appliance should be properly grounded for safety. The power cord of this device is equipped with grounding plug which meets standard grounding wall outlets to decrease the chance of electrical shock. 
  • Plug the unit into exclusive, properly installed and grounding wall outlet. Under any circumstances do not remove or damage the grounding prong of plug. This appliance needs a standard 115-120 V, 60 Hz electrical outlet with 3 prong ground. 

Cleaning and maintaining the Northair Hzb-12/Sa counter top ice maker

Before using the ice machine, it is mandatory to clean it thoroughly. 

  • Remove the ice basket
  • Clean inside of ice machine with diluted detergent, warm and soft cloth. 
  • Use the clean water to rinse inside parts under top cover, and then drain out water by unplugging the drain cap located on front bottom. 
  • The exterior of ice maker need to be cleaned regularly with warm water and mild detergent solution. 
  • When the device is not used for long period, drain out the water completely. 

Using the Northair Portable 26lbs Ice Maker

  • Open the cover, remove ice basket and pour water into tank. The water level should be below the water level mark. 
  • Plug in ice maker.  Press “ON” button on control panel to start the ice making cycle.
  • Select your required size of ice by pressing “SELECT” button. If the temperature of room is below 60 degree Fahrenheit, then it is suggested to select small size cube to avoid ice sticking together. 
  • The ice making cycle will last for 5 to 13 minutes, depending on the size of ice cube and room temperature. The recommended temperature is 50 to 100 degree Fahrenheit. 
  • When the ice maker is in process, check the water level periodically. If the water pump cannot inject water, then the ice maker will stop automatically, and “add water” indicator will light up. Press “ON/OFF” button to fill the water to max level water level and press “ON” button to again start the unit. Allow the refrigerant liquid to settle in compressor at least for 3 minutes before restarting the unit. 
  • The device stops when the ice basket is full and “ICE FULL” indicator will light up. Change the water in water reservoir for every 24 hours to keep the reasonable hygiene level. If the unit is not used, drain out complete water and dry the tank.





Does Northair Hzb-12/SA Ice maker automatically shut off when it’s ready?

Yes, Northair Hzb-12/SA Ice maker automatically shuts off when the bin is full of ice.

How much ice is made per 1 fill of water with Northair Hzb-12/Sa?

Approximately 28 pounds of ice can be made with one fill of water with Northair Hzb-12/Sa.

Does Northair Hzb-12/SA 26 lbs Ice Maker make ice as small as sonic ice?

Yes, Northair Hzb-12/SA 26 lbs Ice Maker can prepare small ice cubes.

Can I use bottled water in the Nortair Hzb 12/sa?

Yes, you can use bottled water in the Nortair Hzb 12/sa.

How many kWh do Northair Hzb-12/SA 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker use every day?

 Northair Hzb-12/SA 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker needs 135kWh to prepare 26 lbs of ice every day.


Northair Hzb-12/Sa portable ice maker machine has stainless steel exterior which adds durability and ensures that it won’t stain easily and available in for different colors like red, black, stainless steel and copper. The modern design and soft touch controls endorse ease of use and unused ice that melts will go back to reservoir and is recycled as waste free water. Northair ice maker produces 26.5 pounds of ice which makes it perfect for home, boat trips, parties and camping vacations. Overall it is the amazing best portable crushed ice maker for camping & rv, makes plenty of ice quickly, can be moved easily, efficient and highly recommended.

Overall, Northair Portable Ice Maker is highly compact and it makes all your trips perfect. It comes with many features like Smart Indicator, See-through window, etc. So, if you frequently go for trips or campings or vacations, buy this Northair 26 lbs Ice Maker and carry it with you on RV or Boat easily.

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