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Have you ever own an Ice Maker? Do you know the benefits of having an Ice maker at home? No! Then Check out the complete review of an ice maker before buying it. Ice Maker is a device which makes ice on a large scale. Ice Maker is a stand alone appliance you can use at home, Restaurants, Bars, Hospitals, etc. where large amounts of ice are necessary. You can also use these ice makers when you go on a holiday trip, hosts a party at home, etc. So, to meet your ice requirements daily, you can buy this compact ice maker for yourself. I am writing this Nostalgia Ice Maker Review from my personal experience.

Nostalgia Ice Maker Machine for Sale

 Are you interested in hosting parties regularly at your place? Are you an ice enthusiast? Then this small device perfectly suits for you. Now you might be buying ice from a near store to fulfill your needs. But, By getting this product your home, you will never run out of ice. So, Know the complete details of Ice Maker before you own it. Here, I have rendered my review about the ice makers. So, I hope you will get good knowledge on Ice Makers from this article.

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Maker

Nostalgia Ice Maker ReviewNostalgia Products Group, LLC, using the brand Nostalgia Electrics, has become a well-known product development & marketing company of novelty appliances over many years. Firstly, the company is known for popcorn machines & developing the first home chocolate fondue fountain. But now it has created a niche as the premier brand in the home entertaining and fun family segment of the market. Also, Nostalgia Electrics is the top brand source for its design, theme, style, quality, and price assortment. As of now, the Nostalgia Electrics brand shipped to over 35 countries throughout the world. The products of this Nostalgia Electrics company are popcorn poppers, cotton candy machines, ice cream makers, hot dog makers, snow cone machines, and also 100 other items. Also, check Best Undercounter Ice Maker reviews 2019 here.

Nostalgia Ice Maker Review

We use a large amount of Ice during Summer Seasons, in which our Refrigerators are not enough to produce the sufficient amount of Ice. To overcome this problem Ice Machines are introduced. There are many companies which produce Ice Makers for us. Among them, Nostalgia is one of the Leading Ice Maker brands. My dearest friend suggested me about this Nostalgia Brand which provides the high-quality Ice Makers. I started searching for this Nostalgia Ice Maker Review Online which made a positive impact on the Brand.

Every Ice Machines has Pros and Cons. Compare all the Products and choose the best Ice Maker which suits your requirement. The Nostalgia Portable Ice Maker Review helps you to buy the cheap and best Nostalgia Ice Maker Online. The List of Ice Makers available in Nostalgia Electrics is provided here with complete details. You can check the Features, Specifications of each device from the below article.

  • Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker.
  • Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola 26-Pound Automatic Ice Cube Maker

 Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker Review

You may be looking for the best Ice Maker which provides the sufficient amount of ice for your parties. The best solution for your problem is to buy the Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker. The Product can hold 1 Gallon of Water. The Nostalgia Company inspired by the American Fifties of the classic diners developed this Product. Nostalgia RIC100 50s-Style Automatic Ice Maker is Portable Ice Making Machine with Modern and Stylish design. The Nostalgia RIC100 Portable Ice Maker helps quick ice-making for your home parties, office, and home bars. The Weight of the Product is 32.5 lbs which are durable.

6193dd96-192a-4e44-9ffa-ffa2f9784d27_1000Price: $153.76

The Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series 26 Pound Automatic Ice Maker is available in Red Colour. The Type of Material with which the Product is made is Plastic. This Ice Maker produces 26 pounds of ice daily with Small, Medium, and Large Sizes. The Product generates nine ice cubes for every 7 to 15 Minutes. On Lid, the clear viewing window is available in which you can check the Number of Ice Cubes available. The Lights Indicator for Power indicates when the Ice is full and Water is Empty. Ice Scoop along with the removable ice cube basket is available.

  • High Water Storage Capacity.
  • See Thru Window on Lid.
  • Less Weight i.e. 26.2 Pounds.
  • Portable.
  • Indicator Lights.
  • Ice Scoop.
  • Noise Free.
  • Removable Ice Basket.

  • Low Ice Generation.
  • No Filter Facility.

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Want to beat the heat of summer with chilled drinks, and then check the best ice maker in the current market. I am sure you won’t regret after reading this article.

Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola 26-Pound Automatic Ice Cube Maker Review

The Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola Series Ice Maker is one of the best Ice Cube Maker for your Parties. The Consumers can easily operate the Product as the Indicator Lights displays about the Ice Basket Full and Add Water. The Product produces the Small and Large size of Ice Cubes for the Users. The Nostalgia ICE100COKE Automatic Ice Cube Maker consists of Ice Scoop along with the removable ice cube basket. This Ice Machine produces 26 Pounds of Ice daily with 9 ice cube sizes for every 7 – 15 minutes.


Price: $146.39

The Water Storage Capacity is high for this Device which is 1 Gallon. Clear See Thru Window is available on the Lid with a weight of 19.8 Pounds. The Product is developed with the Steel Type Material with Free Standing Installation. The Product is available in Red Colour with Stand-Alone Factor. The  Nostalgia ICE100COKE Coca-Cola Series Ice Maker has many Pros and Cons which is clearly available below.

  • Stores 5 Pounds of Ice.
  • Removable Ice Bin.
  • Ice Cube Sizes available in Small and Large.
  • Durable.
  • The Control Panel Indicates for Add Water, Ice Full.
  • Less time for a fresh batch of Ice.

  • No Lock Facility.
  • Self Cleaning Function is not available.
  • No Drain System.

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