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Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series Portable Ice Maker, 26 Pounds – Get Ice Cubes in Multiple Sizes!



Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series Review 2020

A huge amount of ice is required in parties. So everyone wants to add some more ice in beverages in the party time for refreshing. A regular freezer can’t afford for a large amount of ice. So, the Nostalgia Ice maker is the best solution to fulfil the ice requirement. My house is the regular party venue for the get to gathers.  So I searched for best Ice makers and finally choose Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker. Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Ice Maker RIC100 is suitable for Home, Office, and Small restaurants.

This Nostalgia ice maker quick ice production leads my parties as memorable moments. If you are looking for buying a New Ice Maker Machine, then I suggest that the Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice maker as the best Portable ice maker. The Nostalgia Ice maker produces 26lbs ice per day. This Nostalgia Ice maker machine is Automatic Portable ice maker. Therefore you can take this compact Nostalgia retro ice maker machine anywhere. This nostalgia ice machine looks like a home decorator because of its Restro Series design. 

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Maker RIC100 Overview

This is good news for us that the Nostalgia had launched New ICE Maker Machine to fulfil Ice requirements. Nostalgia 50’s Style RIC100 Ice Maker produces 26 lbs Ice per day within 15 minutes which is useful to chill your beverages. This Restro Series Nostalgia ice maker is a Portable. The Nostalgia Electrics RIC100 26-lb Ice Machine has automatic water Inlet feature and On/Off facility. Hence this Nostalgia portable Ice maker is also called as Automatic Ice Maker.

This Countertop Nostalgia Automatic Ice Machine looks like a home decor due to its charming design. So this Automatic RIC 100 restro 26 lb Ice Refrigerator especially designed for Household use but you can also use it at outdoors like Club House, Office, Kitchen & Patio or Deck. The Nostalgia RIC100 Ice Maker machine has a facility of storing the 5 lbs Ice in inside and produces the 9 Ice Cubes for every 7 to 15 minutes with one gallon of water. This Nostalgia Ice Maker delivers three sizes of ice cubes as small, Medium & Large sizes. Here you can also check the Best Undercounter Ice Maker Reviews so you can choose the Ice size depending on requirement. 

Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker Reviews

The Nostalgia Ice Maker is the Best Ice maker which i am using from a long time. It is a fantastic product that delivers the ice quickly. Hence i organized the many parties well. My Personalized Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker Review is presented here. I consider the specifications, Features, Procs, cones, installations & all other required details while presenting my full-fledged review of Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker. The 50’s style restro series Ice maker gives 26 pounds ice per day which is large and having an amazing design. The Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Makerhas a transparent window which is an attractive or unique feature. This window is helpful to see the magic of Ice Production inside. The Cleaning of Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker is also easy. The drain out fixed at out site So you just remove it for removing the excess water after preparing the Ice. Hence the Nostalgia RIC100 Restro series is one of the best portable ice makers to enjoy the party host. The Price of Nostalgia ice maker is $ 161.99 and is available in Amazon.


  • Ice Production Capacity
  • Noise Free & User-friendly
  • Portability
  • Operating Temperature Range
  • Ice cube sizes, Type & Shape of ice
  • Alerts & Light Indicators
  • Built In Accessories
  • Special Features
  • Drain System & Cooling System

The Nostalgia RIC100 50’s Portable Ice Maker delivers an ice capacity of 26 lbs. It means this ice machine produces the 26 pounds ice in a specified size. This significant amount of ice is ensuring your party joyful because of serving the frosty beverages.

Time taken to Produce Ice: This Automatic and Compact Nostalgia ice Maker machine produce the ice within few minutes. It takes a time of 7 to 15 minutes per batch. You can get required ice quickly by using this 26lb Nostalgia countertop ice maker since it takes less time to produce ice with regular power supply (120V, 60 Hz).

The Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker operates with noise free environment. Noise arising means that the Ice machine is not working properly. So we have to alert. This Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker is a user-friendly device. It means the operation & installation is understandable to everyone.

The portability is one of the special features. The weight of the Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker is 28 lbs which are less. I celebrate the parties indoor or outdoor. So, I want to move it depending on my requirement. As it is portable, i can easily lift & place it anywhere. This Nostalgia RIC100 Retro Series 26-Pound Automatic Ice Maker is having dimensions of L: 21″ x W: 19″ x H: 23″ which is flexible.

The operating temperature of Nostalgia Electrics 50’s Automatic Ice Maker, is 45 F – 90 F. You have to prefer small or medium size ice cubes if the Room temperature is below the 90 F for product safety. The Ice Making cycle will be depending on ambient temperature. Nostalgia Retro Series Ice Maker takes 6 to 15 minutes for a batch of ice according to the selection of Ice cube size.

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Ice Maker produces the 3 sizes of ice cubes. Those are small, medium & large. This best ice machine is having an option on its control panel for selecting the size of ice. The special feature of this cheap & best Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker is the production of cube shape ice. I prefer the ice cube for my beverages. It is the best countertop ice maker to the people who like Ice cubes.

Ice is available in different shapes. This Nostalgia RIC100 Ice maker produces the Bullet shape ice cubes. This shape is convenient to serve which is easily afforded on small things also.

The Alerts are useful to protect the Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker from overload. The Nostalgia Electrics RIC100 Ice maker has the the Indicators to give alerts to you. There are three indicators in this Nostalgia portable ice maker. Those are Add Water Indicator,  Ice indicator, power Indicator.

 (i) Water Indicator:

Nostalgia Electrics Ice Maker gives the alert in the form of lights up when the water level is insufficient. So we have to add water to the reservoir when the water indicator is showing alerts.

(ii) Ice Indicator:

The Ice Indicator alert in the Nostalgia Ice Maker the user when the Ice basket is full. So we have to remove the Ice at that time. The Ice indicator signal is in the form of Lights up.

(iii) Power Indicator:

The Power indicator is useful to know whether the nostalgia ice maker machine is in On or Off state. The Nostalgia Electrics 50’s counter type Ice Maker has the ON/OFF button. This button shows a light when the power flows in the Machine.

Every Ice Maker is having the some Built In Accessories. This Nostalgia Electrics Ice Maker offers the ice scoop, ice shovel & ice bin as built-in accessories for RIC100 50’s Restro Series design.

Ice Scoop: It is used to pick the ice cubes & move to required liquids or solids like Cool drinks. You can Pick one or 2 cubes using this tool.

Ice Shovel: To pick some amount of ice, the ice shovel is the best thing. It is used to collect the produced ice in the ice maker.

Ice bucket: The ice bin is removable. So the cleaning is simple.

The nostalgia retro series ice maker has some unique features. Those are the Transparent window, Compact, Portable, and  Countertop. The classic transparent window gives a stylish look to your kitchen.

Removable Ice Bin: The RIC100 50’s style Restro Series Portable and compact ice maker having an excellent facility of removing of Ice basket. You can easily clean this ice machine due to the removable ice bin.

The Drain system helps to drain out the excess water. The Nostalgia Electrics Ice Maker will get damage if you store the water above 24 hours. So you need to remove the water after using the Ice maker machine. The Nostalgia Electrics RIC100 Restro Series uses the Gravity technique to remove the water.

Cooling System: This Nostalgia ice maker uses the R134a Registration model for the cooling system.

nostalgia countertop ice maker SPECIFICATIONS

Specification Name Value
EMG East, Inc.
Item model number
Product Dimensions
11.5 x 11.8 x 14.2 inches
Item Weight
32.5 pounds
Portable/ Countertop
Ice Production Cycle
9-ice cubes for every 7-15 minutes
Ice Type
Type of Ice
Large and Medium
Reservoir Capacity
Holds 1-gallon of water
Ice Producing Capacity
26 lbs
Ice Storage
2.8 lbs

50’s Style counter top Automatic Ice Maker details

Built-in Accessories

  • Removable Ice Bin (Basket).
  • Compressor cooling fan.
  • Ice Scoop
  • Ice Shovel (Scoop).

Working Temperature

The best Ice maker can deliver the Ice within few minutes. My Nostalgia RIC100 restro series ice maker takes 6 to 15 minutes to produce the ice under normal temperature. To get ice within a specified time, the working temperature of this Nostalgia portable ice maker should be 45 F – 90 F. The If the working temperature is below the 90 F then it is better to choose the ice cube size either small or medium.

Where can I Place this Nostalgia Electrics Counter Top Automatic Ice Maker?

The Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb ice maker is the compact ice maker. As it is portable, you can place it anywhere. Should avoid the direct sunlight and other sources which produce the heat like stove, furnace, radiator near the Ice maker. You should place it on a flat or level surface. You should leave at least 4 inches of space all sides around the Ice maker. I followed the all instructions as per user guide or manual for the smooth running of my ice maker. After placing it, you should allow one hour for the refrigerant fluid to settle before the plugging the cord into an outlet for the first time. Chosen location to place this Nostalgia countertop ice maker should be near the electric plug/power plug.

How to Install Nostalgia Electrics Retro Series Ice maker?

Are you searching for Nostalgia Portable Ice Machine Installation Guide? Here i gave complete guidelines to fix the ice maker. First of all Open the cover, remove the Ice Basket and pour water into the Water

  • First of All, you have to open the cover.
  • Now remove the Ice Basket & pour the water into the Water Reservoir.
  • You can find a water level mark. So the water level should not exceed the that mark.
  • After that, Press the ON/OFF Power Button which is on the Control Panel.
  • Now the ice making cycle starts.
  • Choose the Required ice cubes size with the help of the Ice Size Button.
  • Small and Medium size ice cubes recommended, If the room temperature is below the 60°F, i.e., 16°C to avoid the ice sticking together.
  • It takes the 6 to 15 minutes to make ice according to ice size & ambient temperature.
  • The Ice making time may vary at the extremely hot temperature.
  • You should observe the water level periodically.
  • If you did not add water according to water level indicator, then it stops automatically.
  • Press on ON/OFF Button to turn off the ice maker to fill water according to the level mark.
  • After adding the water again, you should press the ON/OFF Power Button to start ice making cycle.
  • When the Ice Basket is full, then Ice Indicator light comes on.
  • Full of Ice Basket means ice cycle may complete.
  • The Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Ice Maker stops automatically after completion of ice making cycle.
  • You should Change the water in the Reservoir for every 24 hours to increase the lifetime of the Ice maker.
  • Remove the all water in the tank before turn off the your ice maker.


I saw this ice maker in my friend home. I feel its amazing due to its quick ice production. In party times i suffered due to the lack of ice with my regular refrigerator. The  Ice Maker is the best solution to my problem. So I take a suggestion from my friend to buy a best and cheap ice maker. The He suggested the Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker for me. So, I buyed this Ice machine and enjoying my parties. So I am glad to say my personal review about the Nostalgia Electrics Ice machine. Here i also gave Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker Review of the Amazon customers. There is a total of 48 reviews provided for Nostalgia Portable Ice Maker. The following are the some of those Nostalgia RIC100 26-lb Portable Ice Maker Reviews.

Customer Review 1

I purchased the Nostalgia Electrics ice maker to avoid multiple ice trays until my ice maker is connected. It takes approx 3 3/4 quarts of water and makes as much ice in each batch as 4-6 ice trays in only a little over two hours. Easy to empty and fill, the only drawback is the ice is still “wet” and needs to be freed up shortly after freezing to remain loose. An excellent purchase.

Customer Review 2

The Marvelous solution for a free-standing ice machine! This unit is quiet and produces much good ice in a hurry.

Customer Review 3

We have had this for over a year and loved it. It has been on from the time we got it, and we have had no problems with it, in fact, I have had family members ask where I have got it so they could get one for themselves.


  • Clear viewing window in lid
  • Includes Ice Scoop
  • Removable Ice Cube Basket
  • Indicator Lights for Power


  • No need to buy the Scoops & Shovel to serve and remove the ice.
  • Quick production of ice under the room temperature
  • Removing of water if simple because you just open the drain out
  • Control panel consists alert & indication system for smoothing running
  • You can choose the 3 different size of ice cubes as per your requirement
  • Less Noise while operating


  • Ice Making time increase when the temperature is high
  • It is unable to make a large size ice cubes

Bottom Line

Though there is no self-cleaning option, Nostalgia RIC100 Portable Ice Maker is very easy to clean with its removable bin and drain out features. If you are looking for a stylish and portable ice maker with scoop and basket as in-built accessories, then this Nostalgia RIC100 Ice Machine is the one for you. After testing and analyzing we have provided this in-depth review. So, have a quick glance at all the information and buy this best ice maker online before it goes out of stock. To know the best ice makers on the market from time to time, bookmark our portal. Thank you!

All in one, Nostalgia RIC100 is 100% portable ice machine that is light-weight and can be moved to any place easily. As this product is from the Nostalgia Retro Series, no doubt it will be stylish and brings a classic look to your modern home. Check out the price and grab this best ice machine online @ Amazon.

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