Nurxiovo 110 Lbs Commercial Ice Maker – Profitable & Productive for Businesses!

Nurxiovo 110 lbs Ice Maker Review: When you require large quantities of ice for your commercial business or large gatherings, the Nurxiovo 110 lbs Commercial Ice Maker is your fortune. Nurxiovo 110 lbs Ice Maker allows you to enjoy pure and tasty ice cubes at any place without sacrificing much of your room space. Coffee shop owners, wineries, or large-scale commercial businesses can make the most of Nurxiovo Commercial Ice Maker, to be highly benefited with its constant supply of large quantities of clean, fresh ice cubes at lightning speed.

We bought Nurxiovo 110 lbs Ice Maker in order to test its efficiency and the high-quality performance it delivers. It completely satisfied our every expectation over its features that it offered. Its design ensures to fit efficiently in your space and provides ice cubes at different sizes for increased comfort to the customers. We got to experience fresh and same-sized ice cubes from the best Nurxiovo 110 lb clear cube ice maker that features easy to operate control buttons and a 360-degree cleaning facility. We discovered that its simple yet highly productive ice-making process is achieved through efficient water filters and brand compressor systems. Adding to its ultra-quiet smart working, this Nurxiovo freestanding ice maker helps us being energy-saving, and ultimately, it becomes an economical kitchen appliance.

Nurxiovo 110 Lbs Ice Maker Review, 2023

1. Design

Nurxiovo Free standing ice maker machine has a dimension of 24.3-25.3″ x 16.9″ x 14.0″ inches. This standard portable ice maker has a sufficient capacity of holding 25lbs of ice storage and a maximum of 110 lbs/24H. It is made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel material. Hence, it is highly known for its durability. The front and rear double-sided heat dissipation window allows you to place it anywhere to disperse heat efficiently and assures being a high-speed cooling device.

There are built-in brand compressors that make the ice-making process not more than 10-30mins. This Nurxiovo Ice Maker features exclusive noise reduction technology and a 360-degree one-button cleaning option. This ice maker consists of an ice scoop, water filter, and drain pipe. Ice scoops can make out different sizes of ice cubes that meet our required needs. This ice producer makes the ice-making process real quick and convenient with its smart LED liquid crystal display placed in its front area. It is made user-friendly with its automatic indicating systems and continuous performance.

2. Ice Production Capacity

Many typical ice makers are very disappointing as they couldn’t produce sufficient ice cubes for satisfying all the needs of their customers. Unlike these ice makers, our Nurixovo free-standing ice maker is worth purchasing for large-scale commercial business owners to get satisfied with its large ice producing capacity.

This ice maker is efficient enough to produce and store 25lbs of ice in one usage. It is super-quick in producing an adequate amount of ice within 10-30 minutes that satisfies the average time of ice-making by any portable ice maker. This Ice Maker Machine can produce 110lbs of fresh ice cubes within 24 hours. It got its massive ice producing capacity to satisfy large-scale businesses like bars and coffee shops that demand regular and uninterrupted consumption of more ice cubes. The high efficient 300W brand compressor and heat dissipation window shows its excellence in producing adequate ice and maintaining cooling. It is successful in producing different sizes of ice.

3. Installation Type

This ice maker built in machine assures user-friendly and convenient usage by its customers. It got its vent on the back and sides, affirming the built-in and freestanding design. One can be free from all the hassle they take in installing any ice maker, as this ice maker can be easily placed anywhere. This flexibility allows placing Nurxiovo Commercial Ice Machine Maker insufficient places to confirm that heat release doesn’t affect your space.

As it is designed as a built in ice maker, you don’t need to bother about its assembling. It allows you to make it fit your kitchen. The manufacturer recommends keeping this Commercial Ice Machine Maker upright for at least 24 hours before using it. It can be connected to a water faucet to use pure water for the ice making process and its accompanying connection hose to intake and outlet the water itself.

4. Display Control Options

This Nurxiovo stainless steel ice maker machine facilitates you with intelligent LED liquid crystal display options. It shows the ON/OFF button and conveys to you what temperature the ice maker is working, and allows you to raise or lower that particular temperature as you prefer. The water button in its control panel signals you with a bright indicator light to let you know when water is full and empty. You can fix the timing to start/delay with the use of its exclusive timer settings.

Nurxiovo freestanding ice machine is smart enough to indicate to you when ice is full. Its unique feature is its 360-degree one-button cleaning operation. With its clear display control options, this Ice Maker informs you of the current status of its ice making process when the machine is running. Thus its comfortable, convenient, and quick control panel will enable you to use this ice machine pretty comfortably.

5. Additional Accessories

This commercial ice maker for sale is much more favored for its additional accessories that come along with its package. Nurxiovo Commercial Ice Making Machine gets in your hand with a package of 1x ice maker, ice scoop, filter, and drain pipe and instruction to guide you through its ice-making process.

Its built-in compressor can make this ice maker machine withstand the heat produced while making ice cubes. The provided water filter is highly efficient to convert tap water into drinkable pure water. So, fresh and healthy ice cubes guaranteed. Its attached corded power cable can be connected to an electric socket. The drain hose can be easily connected by removing the blue ring and a white plug. After connecting this pipe, the blue ring can be buckled with it. The strong pipe promises no leakages of water while working with it.



  • Manufacturer : Nurxiovo
  • Ice making capacity : 110LBS/24H
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 25LBS
  • Cycle time : 10-35 min
  • Rated Volt/Frequency : 110~120V/60Hz
  • Net Weight : 20.8 KG
  • Size : 16 x 14.9 x 24.3-25.3 inch (LWH)


Do I connect this Nurxiovo 110 lb free standing ice maker to a water supply, or does it need to be filled manually?

No, this Nurxiovo 110 lb Ice Maker can be connected to a faucet that will automatically convert tap water into pure drinking water with its powerful water filtration system. It doesn’t require any manual help to fill water.

Does this Nurxiovo 110 lb commercial ice maker make clear Ice?

Of course, Yes. Nurxiovo 110 lb ice maker commercial certainly makes clear and fresh ice cubes with pure water.


We all know that ice cubes satisfy their presence in diverse ways to add coolness to beverages and get refreshed with iced tea. To meet all your ice usage requirements effectively, you can rely on the expert, our Nurxiovo 110lbs Commercial Ice Maker. Its commercial made compressors satisfied us with fast and energy-efficient performance. As it works at 300W, one can be assured by its higher delivery of functioning and at the same time its reticent working.

Its stainless steel mirror material is more advanced and makes it easy to clean. Its operation made innovative by designing the vent efficiently, releasing the heated air, and maintaining cool for a longer time. Nurxiovo is a branded manufacturer that serves you well-organized ice maker machines that freeze water and effectively give fresh ice. This ice maker machine offers friendly customer service at any time. We suggest you keep this device upright for 24 hours before operating with it. From Nurxiovo 110 lbs Ice Maker review, you would have realized our complete satisfaction from experiencing it. Hope this review found helpful to you. Have a happy shopping!

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