Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker, 44 Pound | Works well for both home & commercial use

Orien FS-55IM 44 Review 2023

If you are more fascinated about chilled drinks, then you must use an Ice Maker. Though Summer is approaching, ice will be in great demand as the temperature increases. In some cases, we need more ice than our normal freezer can produce. I faced this problem earlier, so I bought this Orien FS 55IM Undercounter Ice Machine to overcome it. I had a great experience with this Orien FS 55IM Under Counter Ice Machine as it produces a large quantity of ice within a less period.

The Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker is the best ice making machine for the high ice demand house & small commercial use. This product is a built-in under-counter ice machine which can be used for both Home & commercial Purpose. Do you want the best Ice Maker with the cheap cost? Then I suggest you buy this product with no hesitation.

Introduction of Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker

The Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker has a dimension of L: 23.00″ x W: 14.60″ x H: 33.50″. This ice making machine makes 44 lbs of Clear Ice for one cycle. This product can store 25 pounds of ice in its removable bin. The design of Orien FS 55IM Undercounter Icemaker is adaptable to any kitchens. This icemaker is manufactured with stainless steel. It carries air-cooled condenser and automatic overflow protection. It produces 44-pounds of ice cubes per day. This ice machine has a removable bin that can be used to store Ice. Once the bin is full, the unit will shut off. In case the ice melts in the bin, then the ice machine automatically turns on.

The ORIEN FS-55IM Ice Maker can use for home purposes and also for commercial use. It produces hard, gourmet cube ice, crystal-clear, and also it offers convenience for the homeowners and hotel guests. This product has a built-in insulated ice storage bin. Also, you have the option of using an internal or external drainage system. Customers who want to buy this ice maker machine get complete information about the Orien Commercial Ice Maker. Also, check out the best Countertop Ice Maker reviews here.

About Orien

The Orien brand started in the year 2011. It is a USA company. Since 2011, Orien USA stands on its mission in creating new products, function, and design. The headquarters of Orien is in Virginia, USA. There they will serve the perfect ice Machines and based on the needs and budget of the Clients. Mainly the Orien provides Stainless steel products that are more durable than the other ice machines. The Orien products are more sustainable than other beverage centers on the market because most of the Orien products are made with 304 stainless steel, which will not rust.

Orien FS-55IM 44 Pounds Built-In Undercounter Icemaker Review

Orien Commercial/ Home Purpose Icemaker machines are a great choice for the Ice Lovers who want to make ice at home. The Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker has capable of producing 44-Pounds of ice per day. It is an under-counter ice machine used in home & small commercial areas. I am using this ice maker for a long time, helping me with more parties at home. As I am fond of chilled drinks, I love to use this product because it produces a large quantity of ice within less time. So, I am suggesting you buy this best ice maker for instant ice-making.

The Orien USA FS 55IM Indoor Icemaker is having a feature of front-breathing cooling System which allowed to use built-in and freestanding. The Orien FS-55IM 44-pounds Built-in Undercounter Icemaker is simple and easy to use. This ice maker machine is suitable & perfect for the families who use a large quantity of ice throughout a day. I like the quality of Orien indoor built-in icemaker, which can be mounted under the counter & hooked up to a drain. The Orien FS 55IM Ice machine price is $ 1,184.00.


  • Capacity
  • Ice Cubes Size, Type & Shape of Ice
  • Operating Temperature Range & Cooling System
  • Light Indicators
  • Auto Overflow Protection, Energy Star and Noise Free
  • Special Features

1. Capacity

  • Ice Production Capacity: The Orien FS 55IM Built-In Encounter Ice Maker is designed to produce 44 pounds or LBS of ice per day. And it can store 25lbs of ice in the removable bin.
  • Time Taken to Produce Ice: This product will take 20 minutes for a cycle to produce ice cubes.
  • Ice Storage Capacity: This ice machine has an ice storage. 25 lbs of ice can be stored in the bin.

2. Ice Cubes Size, Type & Shape of Ice

  • Ice Cubes Size: The Orien FS-55IM home & commercial ice maker will produce small ice cubes. In this product, there is no option to select the ice cube size.
  • Type of Ice: The Orien FS 55Im 44-Pounds built-in under counter ice machine produce cube ice, used in the beverages.
  • The shape of Ice: The Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker will produce ice in a cube shape.

3. Operating Temperature Range & Cooling System

To produce ice, it will operate in 50 – 100 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range. It also takes 120 volts, 15 amperes, and 60 Hz frequency for one complete cycle.

Cooling System: The Orien FS-55IM Indoor under counter ice maker features the front-breathing cooling system, which allows it to be used built-in or freestanding. And also, it has an air condenser, which is an inbuilt cooling system.

4. Light Indicators

This Product has Light indicators. The LED Lights indicate the following Issues.

  • Bin Full (Red) LED: If the Bin full of Ice, then it indicates Red LED Light.
  • Ice Making(Green) LED: If the Ice Making Machine is in Working Mode, it indicates Green LED Light.
  • Ice Harvest (Yellow) LED: When the Orien Ice Machine works in the ice harvest mode, it indicates Yellow LED Light.

If the ice storage bin is full of ice, then the ice machine shows with a Red Light.

5. Auto Overflow Protection, Energy Star and Noise Free

The Orien FS-551M Ice Maker features automatic overflow protection when the bin is full of ice so that it will stop operating. It will prevent damage to your ice machine and mess of the kitchen.

Energy Star Complaints: The Orien company has provided an energy star certificate for the Fs-55IM 44lbs Under Counter Ice Maker.

Noise Free: When the Orien FS 55Im Ice Machine is in use, it will not produce any sound. It is a noise-free product.

6. Special Features

  • Drain System: This product is having Drain System with inlets and outlets.
  • The Orien Indoor Under Counter Ice Maker, which produces clear Ice
  • Auto shut-off when ice bin is full, i.e., automatic overflow protection
  • High-efficient CFC-free compressor.
  • Reversible Door: This Product has features of stainless steel reversible door, stainless steel full-length handle, and a fully finished black cabinet.
  • Removable Ice Bin: The Orien FS-551M ice maker can store up to 25 pounds or lbs of ice in its removable bin.



  • Manufacturer : Orien
  • Item model number : FS-55IM
  • Installation Type : Built-In
  • Color : Stainless Steel
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Material Type : Stainless Steel
  • Product Dimensions : 23 x 14.6 x 33.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 113 pounds

Built-in Accessories

  • Removable Ice Basket (Bin)
  • High-efficient CFC-Free Compressor.

Working Temperature:

Choose a well-ventilated area for ice maker with temperatures above 50°F (10°C) and below 100°F (38°C) and the temperature of the feeding water into the ice maker should be between 41°F (5°C) and 90°F (32°C) for proper operation.


  • Customers have to place the order FS 55IM Commercial Ice Maker horizontally on a properly leveled surface.
  • Place the ice machine away from the direct sunlight and heat sources (stove, radiator, heater, etc.). Because the direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating heat, and heat sources may increase electricity consumption.
  • Keep the ice machine to ensure proper ventilation and 6 inches of space at the back and on each side.

How to Install Orien FS- 55IM Home & Commercial Ice Machine?

Follow the given steps to install Orien Indoor Ice Making Machine:

  • Clean the Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker before Use.
  • Place your ice maker machine in a proper ventilation.
  • While installing the home ice maker, follow the following spacing dimensions.
  • 4 inches (102 mm) clearance at the rear
  • 1 inch(25 mm)at top and sides for proper air circulation
  • Choose a ventilated area for the home & commercial ice maker.
  • The ice machines should not place next to ovens, grills, or other high heat sources.
  • It requires a cold water supply inlet of ¼-in. (6.35mm) soft copper tubing with a shut-off valve.
  • The Orien FS 55IM ice maker requires a continuous water supply with a minimum water pressure of 15 psig.
  • It is recommended to use Filters.
  • The commercial ice maker must install with all electrical and Water Connection.
  • This product should locate on a firm and level surface.
  • It must require proper grounding by the national electrical code, local codes, and ordinances

Orien Warranty and Customer Service

This Orien Under Counter Ice Maker Provides One-year limited warranty for the machine and five-year warranty on the compressor with Parts Only. This warranty covers the ice machines only in the continental United States and does not cover the following given below.

  • Damage from improper voltage or installation
  • Damage in shipping
  • Defects other than manufacturing defects
  • Any installation expenses that may be incurred
  • Labor or repairs after the initial 12-month period
  • Damage from abuse, misuse, accident, alteration or lack of proper care or maintenance
  • Damage resulting from poor or inadequate water filtration
  • Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs
  • Use of parts not recommended by the Orien USA, L.L.C.
  • Damage due to acts of God

Customer Reviews

Customer Review 1: Quality Ice Maker

We have had this ice maker for a few weeks now, with no significant issues. The ice needs a couple of whacks from time to time to break the sheets apart, but not a significant drawback. If you are a heavy user and the ice has further to fall, it will probably break up OK. Other icemakers we have purchased were better at making individual cubes, but for a much higher price.

Customer Review 2: Good for your warehouse

Makes clear ice, and cubes are fine. You can vary the thickness. I tried to use this to replace a Kitchen Aid unit but had issues with aesthetics and noise. Downsides to this ice maker – If you need to attach to an internal drain (e.g., sink drain), the unit does not come with an internal pump. If you order a pump, it must be installed behind the unit (not inside it), thus extending the depth of the unit by approximately 6 inches. So if you have 24 inches counter depth, this unit is going to protrude by 1/2 foot. The door is stainless, but the rest is black.



Cleaning the mold is a simple process. You just need to use a washing liquid recommended by the Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker, or you can simply put the bin in a dishwasher.


The shape of ice prepared in Orien FS-55IM Indoor Ice Maker is a cube.


Orien FS-55IM Ice Maker is one of the best ice makers that gives the ample quantity of ice. Many under-counter machines give more than 44 pounds of ice. But you know, as the capacity increase, the cost may also increase. If you think 44 pounds is more than enough for your ice making needs, then this Orien FS-55IM Built-in Ice Maker will be your right choice at affordable prices. In this review, we have covered all the features, specifications, and advantages and disadvantages. So, study this in-depth Orien FS-55IM review and buy online at a low price.

Orien FS-55IM 44-Pound Built-In Undercounter Ice Maker image

Though there are fewer features compared to other under-counter ice machines, this Orien FS-55IM is the most satisfying and prefferable ice machine for many customers. If you are looking for a reliable and durable under counter ice maker at low cost, then this Orien FS-55IM is good to go.


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