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Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Stainless Steel Ice Maker Review 2020

Are you facing the Problem of Ice Shortage Every time at your Parties? Do you need help in buying a Smart Ice Maker with better Storage capacity & Portability Feature? One of the Best Products with all the requirements fulfilled is here. Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker with 44 lbs Ice Storage Capacity is Prominent for its Portability. So, a regular Party Thrower needs a lot of Ice. You can prefer this Product to procure a significant amount of ice in less time. The Orien FS-50IMOD 44 lbs Ice Maker will come under both Freestanding and Built-in Icemaker. The compressor used in this model is Air-cooled. Therefore, this model needs ventilation.

Orien Outdoor Ice Makers Reviews

Orien Brand Report

In 2011, the Orien came into existence. Its headquarters is in Virginia, USA. From then, this company stands on its mission in creating new Models in Electronic Goods with great design and liability. They are renown for their Best Quality and durable electronic Goods. They also serve the perfect Ice Machines for the Customers. Based on the needs and budget of the Clients, all types of Appliances are available. Mainly the Orien provides Stainless steel products. By using Stainless Steel on their products, the liability of the Product may improve. Also, the Orien products are most desirable in the Market.The Orien USA Limited Company assumes no responsibility for their goods.Therefore, the customers should contact the Orien Customer Support other than Local Electricians to make the Repairs of Orien Products.


  • Type
  • Ice Maker Weight & Temperature Range
  • Special Features
  • Warranty Length
  • Built-in Accessories

It comes under the list of Outdoor Ice Makers due to the Portability. The Customers can use them in outdoor Parties as well as in Kitchens.

Installation Type: We can use Orient 44lbs Ice Maker in both Freestanding and Built in Ways.

Compressor Type: According to the condenser types, ventilation technology may vary. In Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker Air-cooled compressor includes. That means Ventilation is a must.

Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker is one of the best Portable ice maker for this year. The Weight of the Ice Maker is less when compared to other Machines. To say it in clear it weights 113 pounds which can used as both built-in or freestanding. This model operates at the temperature range of 45° F to 110°F.

  • Removable bins: The Removable container or bin in this Ice Makers holds 25 pounds of ice.
  • Automatic overflow protection: The Ice Makers becomes automatically off and controls the overflow of Ice. It helps the customer to avoid the Manual Work.
  • Environment-Friendly: Orien FS501MOD is Environment-friendly because it is CFC-Free. Therefore, using this may cause no damage to the surrounding.
  • Door: The door has the provision of Hinge field Reversible door. Therefore, it helps the Customers to use it in their Style.

The Orien Company provides one year Warranty for the product. It applies only if the Parts and the Design are same as provided at the Time of Purchase.

Hence, the above details are the Key Features in Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker. So, by verifying this, the Users can prefer the Product according to their need.

Built-in Accessories are the one which comes along with the Product. The Orien Outdoor Ice Makers will get the following accessories with the Product.

  1. Removable Bin.
  2. Scoop.
  3. Drain Hose.
  4. Water Supply Hose.
  5. Caster with Lock.
  6. Caster Without Lock.

Hence, the above items are the one we get with the Product. In addition to this, the customers can buy the Long Hose or Extra Wiring according to their need.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
23 x 14.6 x 33.5 inches
Item Weight
113 pounds
Stainless Steel
Fuel type
Installation Type
free standing
Form Factor
120 volts
Door Hinges
Material Type
Stainless Steel

Temperature of Orien Outdoor Ice Maker

Normal operating ambient temperature of this ice makers should be between 45°F to 110° F. In Celsius the temperatures must be between 7° C to 43° C. Normal operating water temperature should be between 41°F (5°C) and 90°F (32°C). The operation of the ice maker for extended periods outside of these normal temperature ranges may affect production capacity. When the ice storage bin is full, the sheet of cubes does not fall into the bin completely. It holds the ice-full probe open. The machine stops making ice and automatically progresses to the cold preservation stage. During this stage, the compressor regularly works to keep the temperature low to reduce ice melting.

Placement of Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker

This model is a rare piece which may come under both Freestanding and Built-in Ice Maker. The Freestanding ice makers can stand anywhere like outside our homes as well as Inside. When the Customers needs ice for the outdoor parties, they can arrange this Ice Maker. In another case,  it is also a Built-in Icemaker. Therefore, It can be kept in our kitchens too. Also, the Ice Makers must get its Place allotment where there is proper ventilation.

Installation of Orien 44 lbs Outdoor Stainless Steel Ice Maker

The Installation Process for the Ice Maker is available in a Step by step way. So, the Customers who bought this Orien Ice Makers can follow this steps while starting their Installation. Therefore, verify the Process below.

  • Qualified personnel should do this ice maker installation.
  • We have to ensure proper ventilation for the ice maker. For that, the front of the unit must always be an obstruction free one. While installing the under counter ice makers, follow the recommended spacing dimensions. Check the following aspects.
  1. 2/5″ or 10 mm / more clearance at back,
  2. 1/5″ 5.1 mm at two sides,
  3. 1″ 25.4 mm at the top for proper air circulation.
  • The installation should allow the ice maker to Pull forward the servicing if necessary.
  • Choose an area with good Ventilation and along with temperatures above 45°F and below 110° F.
  • We should not keep the Ice makers next to ovens, grills or other sources of high heat. Installation of the ice maker requires a cold water supply inlet. It is of 1/4” (6.35mm) soft copper tubing with a shut-off valve.
  • The ice maker needs a continuous water supply with a minimum pressure of 15 per square inch gauge. Also, a static pressure not to exceed 80 per square inch gauge.
  • The temperature of the water we keep into the ice maker should be between 41°F and 90°F  for proper operation.

Therefore, before using the Orien FS501MOD Outdoor Ice Maker, the Buyer should check whether the above Points satisfy or not. The Durability of the Product depends on the Usage of the Product. So, take care and if there is any issue check the User Manual also.


Assurances cancels when there is an alteration/change in the parts or other components of the Orien Product. The Warranty may not apply for the product if there in any change in the design or structure of it. This warranty covers units only in the continental United States and does not include the following:

  • Damage from improper voltage or installation.
  • Damage in shipping
  • Defects other than manufacturing defects.
  • Any installation expenses that will also incur.
  • Labor or repairs after the initial 12-month period.
  • Damage from abuse, misuse, accident, alteration or lack of proper care or maintenance.
  • Damage resulting from poor or inadequate water filtration.
  • Improper or incorrectly performed maintenance or repairs.
  • Use of parts not recommended by Orien USA, LLC.
  • Damage due to acts of God.

This limited warranty is given in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. This warranty does not cover incidental or consequential damages. Some States do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. So the above limitation or exclusion may not apply to you.


The following are the safety measures that are available for this Product.


It says that failure to heed this Protection statement may result in severe personal injury or death.


It says that failure to heed this safety report may lead to extensive product damage, serious bodily injury or death.


It says that failure to heed this security report may result in minor or moderate injuries, equipment damage.

All safety messages will alert you about the potential hazards. It also tells you how to reduce the chance of injury. And also let you know what can happen if we don’t obey the instructions.

Amazon Customer Review

This Ice Maker is ideal for the outdoor kitchen areas and also parties in general. It produces ice quickly and has a decent storage bin. When the ice falls, it doesn’t break up and stays as a sheet which could be a little annoying. That is the reason why I didn’t give it five stars is that sometimes. Also, the storage capacity is 25 lbs. But it doesn’t get fill up because the ice tends to collect at the back of the machine. Otherwise, it’s a fair price for a decent machine.


  • UL approved
  • Air-cooled condenser
  • Freestanding or built-in
  • Automatic overflow protection
  • CFC-Free


  • These Ice Makers are Portable. So, the Party Throwers may like it for the Portability Feature
  • There is Energy Star Compliance for the Orien 44 lbs Product
  • There are Accessories available along with the Product. Removable Bin and Scoop comes under this
  • Orien Ice Maker is a User-Friendly Ice Maker and operating it is very easy
  • The Ice if melts will go out with the help of Drain System. Drain Systems will help the Icemaker to avoid impure water to froze by sending them out
  • There is Automatic Overflow Protection option in this Model. It will assist us to prevent the wastage of Ice by stopping the Production whenever the bin fills
  • There is a provision of Removable Storage Bin. Whenever the bin fills, we can take the bin out or can even Store it in the Ice maker itself
  • There is Hinge for the Door. So, it is reversible and can use in both ways


  • There is No-Self Closing door for this Product. The User should close the door manually
  • There is no Lock facility for the Orien 44 lbs Ice Maker
  • It Produces Noice sometimes. This will occur when the load is more or general Sound that is generated by every refrigerator
  • There are no Alerts, if the Water Capacity, Bin Storage exceeds the limit
  • No Light Indicators are available for this Ice Maker
  • The user should manually clean the Ice Makers, but there is drain Service

Bottom Line

As you can see, Orien FS-50IMOD Outdoor Ice Machine is CFC free and will also be very helpful to our environment. So, if you buy this ice maker it not only benefits you but also benefits our environment. We have covered all other features, specifications, pros, and cons of this machine in our in-depth review. Hope the information is beneficial for you to get the best ice maker that satisfies all your ice making needs. If you are already using this machine, share your thoughts in the below comment section to help our friends get some knowledge on its working. Thank you for your time! Happy shopping!

If you are the one who cares more about the environment, then this Orien FS-50IMOD Outdoor Ice Machine will be a perfect option. It is UL approved, CFC free, overflow protected and can be used for both built-in or freestanding applications. Overall, it is a durable unit that lasts longer with proper maintenance and usage.

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