Prime Home 26 lbs Portable Ice Maker – Makes your Work Faster with its Smart Features

Prime Home 26lbs Ice Maker Review 2023

Prime home stainless steel ice maker is glossy and modern device that produces bullet shaped clear ice within 8 minutes, for total ice capacity of 26 lbs. in 24 hours. Prime home compact ice maker is a fairly innovative and new release ice machine, which is one of the best-selling models at Prime home ice maker is portable and compact that weighs 19.3 lbs and this unit measures 9.5* 12.9* 14 inches. You can take these prime home direct ice maker 26 lbs. wherever you need and use this unit where there is nearby power outlet.

Prime home countertop ice maker makes tiny ice cubes that are perfect for pushing through petite water bottle openings and can be used in mixed beverages. It is not necessary to connect the machine to water line as you just need to fill the reservoir with fresh filtered water. Prime home direct portable ice maker machine can be used in basement bar, home kitchen, poolside parties and wherever you need. It is light weight, compact in size and easy to move, store and can straight away take out from the box and use this unit without any installation. For in-depth knowledge, study our complete Prime Home 26lbs Ice Maker Review below.


  • Capacity & Smart Features
  • Portable, Quiet and Energy efficient
  • Including accessories

1. Capacity & Smart Features

This portable ice maker for home bar works fast, makes chewable, bullet shaped ice cubes within 8 minutes, and produces up to 26 lbs. of ice in 24 hours. Perfect for small water bottle openings or mixed drinks.

Smart features: Automatically avoids the overflow with warning lights and shutoff automatically when the ice storage bin is full. Give alert to you when water need to be refilled. Does not require installation.

2. Portable, Quiet and Energy efficient

Unit measurements 9.5* 12.9* 14* inches, and you take this appliance anywhere you need. Do not need water hookup, and it is ideal option for outdoor parties, barbeques or basement bars.

This Prime Home Stainless Steel Ice Maker is the energy efficient ice maker designed to be with low noise; and runs on 120 watts with silent cooling function. 2.2 liter water reservoir located under the ice basket, helps you to reuse the water from melted ice to produce new ice.

3. Including accessories

This best Compact Ice Machine comes with plastic scoop and removable ice basket so you have all you need to do adventures. Modern, durable stainless steel finish fits perfectly on kitchen counter, bar, or tabletop. You can even able to store the ice cubes for later use also.



  • Manufacturer : Prime home direct
  • Model : R-134A
  • Product dimensions : 14.8 x 14.7 x 11.3 inches
  • Item weight : 18.85 pounds
  • Ice storage : 26 pounds
  • Bottle Capacity : 24-Bottle Capacity
  • Bottle Size : 750 mL
  • Design : Freestanding

5 ways to decrease the energy costs for Prime Home Compact Ice Maker

In general commercial ice maker machine require 2 to 3 times additional water than essentially it needs to make the ice. By making slight adjustments to the machine, you can save many dollars in a month. Below are some of the tips to choose energy efficient ice maker and adjust the maker to be as water efficient as possible.

1. Choose air cooled, not water cooled

If you are seeing for most energy efficient condenser, the way to go is to choose air cooled condenser.

Water cooled condenser, needs water for not only producing the ice, but as well to cool the device. The water cooled condensers in some cases may need less energy to work, but on an average they use 100 gallons of cooling water to produce 100 lbs of ice cubes. That is, it is using excess+ water. Many of the cities are now banning water cooled condensers due to excess wastage of water.

Note: if your unit is in completely closed area, like closet, then the space acquire very hot, so it is vital to keep the location with well ventilation.

2. Regulate and supervise water pressure

One simple way to decrease the usage of water on ice maker machine is by controlling the inward water pressure. If your appliance is not adjusted to lower end of manufacturer’s listed range, you can manually adjust it. Some of the machines come with choice control methods that help you to program and select the quantity of ice you require. This is another way to decrease the energy and water usage. If the is not having this feature then you need to power off device when it is not in use.

3. Always clean the device

The cooling unit and coils present on the backside of unit will accrue dirt, dust and rust. This develops the minerals on unit that will ultimately spoil the machine.

Unless you have planning effort in regular cleaning of ice machine, its job gets often ignored. Just on regular cleaning of cooling unit and coils, you can impressively decrease the whole energy spent. If you are not having the time to deal with cleaning the back of ice maker, then you might invest on self-cleaning model.

In addition to the back of unit, the storage space for ice cubes can also get accrued with bacteria, mold and algae. If you have observed a slimy texture within ice storage bin, this is because of bacteria and algae present in water. Some ice maker machines come with antimicrobial feature that you can place in ice bin or drop in water to remove the mold and bacteria.

4. Provide water filtration arrangement

One simple method to make the machine to last long is by spending on water purification system. Many ice suppliers suggest a filter kit that is worth paying for. It may cost couple of hundred dollars but saves you with thousand dollars in long run. 40% of maintenance issue is due to unfiltered water.

Clean water with filtered ice gives better taste. The filter in ice maker machine helps to get rid of odors, chlorine and dust that affect directly the quality and taste of water/ice.

5. Choose an ice maker machine with energy star certified

Ice machines need lot of energy to run. On an average, 500 lb. /per day air cooled machine spends 5000 KWh in a year. An Energy star proficient unit, is 23% extra water efficient and 15% extra energy capable than non-certified ice making devices.

Following are some air cooled condensers which are suitable for energy star official recognition:

  • Self-contained( SCU)
  • Ice making head(IMH)
  • Remote condensing unit( RCU)


Prime Home Direct Ice Maker 26lbs comes with smart features, indicators and buttons. There would not be any overflow of ice or water as it is equipped with warning lights and auto shutoff feature that stops process of ice making when the ice basket is full. With stainless steel finish it looks sturdy and has durable construction which is expected to long last for many years. This is best compact ice maker and free standing that you can put easily on bar area, kitchen countertop and anywhere you need it and even fit attractively with its stainless steel silver color. Prime home ice maker makes ice quickly; works very well, runs quietly, looks great and affordable price tag.

Prime Home Portable R-134A Ice Maker Countertop image

All-inclusive, with modern look and amazing features Prime Home Portable Ice Maker perfectly fits your home bar, kitchen, basement bars, offices, etc. As it is compact in size you can easily carry it anywhere with you for campings. So, get this durable ice machine that gives fresh ice within minutes.


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