RCA RIC102 Portable Ice Maker Machine – From Small to Large get Ice Cubes of any Size

RIC 102 RCA Ice Maker Review 2023

A drink with chilled ice can make your day relaxing. Nowadays, ice places a vital role in our life. In our daily lives, we use a lot of ice for drinks like cocktails & cool beverages. Especially in summer, we consume more ice than our freezer can produce. As the temperature increases, we want to drink chilled water or drink to overcome our thirst. But our freezer cannot produce that much of Ice as we expect. Instead of blaming your freezer, buy an RCA Compact Ice Maker, which provides lots of ice to enjoy your lovable chilled drinks at an instant. Based on many users’ reviews, here is the RCA Ice Maker review.

RCA Portable Ice Maker Machine RIC 102 for Sale

RCA was first founded as Radio Corporation of America. It was established on 17th October 1919. For over 90 years, RCA has been introducing many offers for customers. The company has launched Radios as its first product. Today, the RCA brand symbolizes American ingenuity worldwide. Now it has become iconic for 4k televisions, tablets, home appliances, and various other products. RCA has become a part of lives with its products. It attracts customers with the slogan, “Now, as always, RCA is made for moments.” To provide fascinating moments of their lives, RCA has introduced RCA RIC 102 Silver Compact Ice Maker, which provides 26 lbs of ice per day. Here we have provided a brief review of Ice Maker so that you can get complete details in this RCA Ice Maker review.

RCA offers various products for customers. For fond people, ice can buy products of RCA USA company because these Countertop Ice Makers will give enough ice for your usage. Everyone wants to have chilled drinks, but there is no guarantee of getting instant ice at any time. If we have an Ice Maker at our home, we can easily make ice without any problem. Based on my personal experience, I prefer RCA Ice Maker. But as a customer, you have to check the RCA Ice Maker review from different customers. So check the company’s products so that you can buy Radio Corporation of America Ice Machine for having chilled drinks at home.


  • Ice Capacity
  • Time Taken for Ice Production and Ice Cube Sizes
  • Indicators
  • Special Features

1. Ice Capacity

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker can produce up to 26 pounds of ice every day. We can not say that this is a large capacity as some portable Ice Makers in the market are producing upto 40 lbs ice. However, ample quantity will be sufficient for most ice lovers looking for the best compact Ice Maker. Coming to storage, this RCA Ice Machine can store upto 1.5 lbs of ice.

2. Time Taken for Ice Production and Ice Cube Sizes

Time Taken: RCA Portable Ice Maker can produce 26 pounds of ice every 24 hours. But to get a fresh batch of ice, this RCA RIC102 Ice Maker needs just 6 minutes. Yes, within as little as 6 minutes, you can enjoy a batch of ice. This time is less than the time taken to visit the nearest stores for ice.

Ice Cube Size: This RCA Silver Countertop Ice Maker allows you to choose from 2 different ice cube sizes. Either small or large, select the control panel option and enjoy ice cubes of your desired size.

3. Indicators

There is no need to monitor RCA RIC102 Compact Ice Maker continuously or frequently to know whether it is done with ice making or not. This RCA Ice Maker is now coming with indicators indicating a need to refill the reservoir or when ice is full. It is a light indication or alert when the Ice Basket is full and automatically stops making ice. When you remove ice, then again, it restarts.

4. Special Features

  • Portable: This RCA portable electronic Ice Maker is highly compact that you can carry and place it anywhere on your countertop.
  • Noise Level: It won’t make much noise while making ice.
  • Automatic Overflow Protection: When there is an overflow, Ice Maker automatically turns off.
  • RCA 26 lbs Countertop Ice Maker comes with a drain outlet as well.
  • You can remove the ice bin from this unit if necessary.
  • You will get a scoop along with RCA RIC102 Compact Ice Maker.



  • Manufacturer : RCA
  • Model : RIC102-Silver
  • Dimensions : 15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
  • Ice Production Capacity : 26lbs
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 1.5 lbs
  • Weight : 19.4 pounds



The reset button on the control panels of RCA Ice Maker helps to finish the process.


Steps to operate RCA Ice Maker

1. Water is pumped to the rotating ice tray of RCA Ice Maker.
2. The compressor and the fan of the freezer help to freeze it into ice.
3. Then a warm refrigerant makes ice to get released into the bin.


A right soap solution is recommended for cleaning thoroughly. You should clean the RCA countertop ice maker once a week to avoid any sort of infection.


Here, ice formation takes place. You can transfer it to the freezer to store the formed ice and to avoid melting.


If we are at a party, Ice is a must for drinks. But our freezer cannot produce that much of Ice. In those cases, we should have an Ice Maker. In that case, RCA RIC-102 Silver Ice Maker works efficiently according to our needs. As RCA 102 Silver Ice Maker can store 1.5 lbs of Ice, it will be the best Ice Maker choice for customers who regularly use Ice. It also produces Ice in two sizes. According to our needs, we can select the size of Ice.

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker image

Overall, RCA RIC102 Compact Ice Maker is the perfect portable ice machine for your kitchen or RV or office. This compact machine comes at an affordable price and gives many special features like automatic overflow protection, drain outlet, indicators, and more for user’s convenience.


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