RCA ICE102 Countertop Ice Maker – Get Ice Cubes ready for Party within Minutes!

RCA ICE102 Compact Ice Maker Review 2023

Tired of going to the store and purchasing ice bags frequently? So to overcome such dreadful activity and even pricey too, RCA compact ice maker has come into existence with which you will definitely fall in love with this ice maker machine. RCA portable ice maker machine is a sleek and compact appliance that you can store up anywhere in and around the house and even it works too fast. This RCA red ice maker is perfect for outdoor entertainments and activities such as parties, family gatherings and for planned or spur of the moment.

RCA Ice Maker RIC102 feature 2 ice cube sizes so that you can customize the ice to your drink; and 2.3 quart reservoir can help to make plenty of ice cubes ahead of time to have on your hand. RCA ice maker has electronic control panel with LED indicators assist you to put an ice order just with the touch of button and ready to serve lemonade, soda cocktails and many such beverages. RCA countertop ice maker produces 26 lbs of ice in 24 hours. Before deciding, check out complete RCA Ice Maker Review from below sections.


  • Capacity
  • Portable & Quiet
  • Ice cube sizes, Temperature Range & Alerts
  • Special Features

1. Capacity

Ice production capacity: RCA countertop ice maker can produce large amount of ice that is 26 lbs of ice cubes per day.

Time required for making ice: For getting one batch of ice, it takes 6 minutes of time. Within 6 minutes you can get required amount of ice.

Ice storage capacity: Not only production, RCA ice maker can also store 1.5 lbs of ice for future use.

2. Portable & Quiet

RCA ice maker machine has facility of portability so that you can able to move ice maker according to your convenience. You can place it on any of your counter space and can also carry it in RV or Boats for camping’s. RCA 26 lbs ice maker makes very less sound while starting the process as well as while making the ice. So, you can leave with peace of mind.

3. Ice cube sizes, Temperature Range & Alerts

We would like to have different ice cubes sizes depending on the food we take. RCA compact ice maker provides the facility to choose two different sizes of ice according to your need. This RCA ICE102 compact ice maker should sustain the temperature of 45-90 degree Fahrenheit. RCA ice maker machine will give you alert by turning on the indicator light when the ice basket is full and also stops functioning automatically.

4. Special Features

  • Built-in accessories: RCA potable ice maker gives you free ice scoop to pick up the batch of ice cubes at a time.
  • User-friendly: You can easily operate the RCA ice maker red with the instructions given in the manual and is very user friendly.
  • Drain system: There drain outlet present at the bottom of device from which you able to drain out the water completely.
  • LED indicators: This ice maker indicates when the ice bin is full and when the reservoir is full.
  • Automatic overflow protection: The ice maker machine stops automatically and controls the ice overflow. It helps the user to avoid manual work.
  • Removable ice bin: This machine is provided with removable ice storage bin from ice maker.



  • Manufacturer : Curtis international LTD
  • Model : ICE102-Red
  • Product dimensions : 15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
  • Storage bin capacity : 1.5 lbs
  • Item weight : 3.2 ounces
  • Reservoir capacity : 2.3 quarts
  • Ice per day : 26 lbs

More info on RCA Portable Ice Machine ICE102

Parts, functions and features:

  1. Covered with transparent window
  2. Control panel
  3. Ice maker and pusher
  4. Water reservoir
  5. Water drain cap
  6. Ice basket
  7. Ice shovel
  8. Compressor cooling fan.

Control panel information:

  • Power ON LED indicator light
  • Power ON/ OFF button
  • SELECT SIZE button
  • ADD WATER alert button
  • ICE FULL LED indicator.

Operating instructions:

This RCA ICE102 compact ice maker uses fully automatic control system, with advanced microcomputer features for convenient and easy ice making. Making ice is fast and very simple. Just simply add water, plug into outlet, and press ON button. You can select one of two sizes of ice cubes with just touch of a button. When you first turn on the unit or during ice making process, the compressor will stay inactive for 3 minutes, while energizing.

There are some warning indicators that alert you to fill the reservoir with water when it is empty and to remove the ice cubes when the storage bin is full. The unit also has built-in safeguards that can avoid the accidental damage, by automatically shutting off the system whenever required.

Pre-operating instructions:

  • The incline angle of machine should not exceed 45 degrees during use or transportation. Do no keep the unit upside down. Doing so can cause refrigerating system or compressor to operate incorrectly.
  • To avoid malfunction ensure that device is on level and stable table or platform
  • The unit must be placed in level and dry surface with enough ventilation, and far away from heat sources.
  • Do no fill the reservoir with hot water. This will damage ice maker.

How to operate RCA 26lbs Ice Maker?

  1. Open the top lid, take out the storage bin and fill the reservoir with drinkable water, 2.3 quarts of water to marked level and place back the storage basket. Close the top lid.
  2. Plug the unit into grounded outlet and press the “ON” button on control panel for the machine to get on.
  3. Select the required ice by pressing the button S and L on control panel. The ice maker will begin making the ice very soon.

How to use RCA Ice Maker RIC 102?

  1. Ensure the drain tap at bottom is closed and water tube screen in correct place
  2. Plug the unit to grounded outlet and the green power indicator will light up
  3. Open the top cover and remove the ice bin
  4. Fill the reservoir to max level and do not exceed the max marked water level
  5. Put back the ice bin and close the top cover
  6. Press the power button ON and the green light indicator will remain on
  7. The initial ice making cycle takes around 6-13 minutes based on size of the cube selected. The process starts when the water is being pumped into water tray located below the evaporator fingers. Over the next 6 to 13 minutes ice will form on evaporator fingers. Once the process is completed the ice tray will tilt backward and the left over water will drain back to the reservoir. The ice cubes then dropped from evaporator fingers and pushed frontward into ice bin by ice shovel. The tray will automatically set into its position beneath the evaporator fingers and next cycle starts.
  8. The “ICE FULL” will light up when the ice bin is full and the machine stops its cycle automatically. Slowly remove the ice from ice bin with the help of ice scoop. And once the ice basket has become empty close the cover, and the ice making process will restart automatically.
  9. “Add water” indicator will light up when there is no water in reservoir and process of making ice stops automatically. Press the power button off and then remove the basket and add water to the reservoir.
  10. When you finish the ice making, transfer the ice into freezer. The ice will last in ice maker for 18 hours period depending on ambient temperature.



For this press, the reset button of RCA Ice 102 Ice Maker and the process is done.


Use soap solution recommended by the RCA Ice 102 Ice Maker manufacturers to clean it. It is always good to use mild detergent as it can affect the functioning of the machine.


Hooking up RCA 102 ice maker is a simple process. You need to set up all the valves of the ice maker and Mount the unit.


You can buy RCA ice 102 ice maker from Amazon.


Whenever you are in need of ice, and then remember the best help is your RCA ICE102 compact ice maker. It is medium class ice maker but does its job efficiently and nicely. So if you require performance in compact unit, this unit is perfect and well suit for you. Hope the details covered in this RCA Portable Ice Maker Review helped you to pick the right machine.

RCA ICE102-Red Compact Ice Maker image

Now get rid of cube trays and get this RCA Compact Ice Maker that produces ice quickly within 30 minutes. As you can see this ice machine is stylish and matches your home decor perfectly. Though the price is a bit high, it brings value to your money. Furthermore, this portable ice maker is very easy to use and clean as well.


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