RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker – Buy this Portable Machine & get Ice of different Sizes!

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker Review 2023

Are you vexed with your refrigerator functionality in making the Ice cubes? Then there is the solution to your problem. RCA RIC 102-Silver Ice Maker is the best Ice Maker which provides enough Ice for your need. So to have a tension-free party, I bought this RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker. Because on these occasions, RCA RIC 102-Silver works as the best Ice Maker Machine. It provides enough Ice for your party within the time. Based on my Personal Experience, I am giving a review on this RCA 102 Silver Ice Maker. So check out the Best countertop ice maker reviews of RCA in the following section.

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker

Everyone wants to have an exciting party with our friends. If we are having a party, we should have chilled drinks. But our freezer cannot produce that much Ice that can meet your party needs. So to get more Ice, we should have an Ice Maker. As a customer, we cannot buy any product without checking the review. I have a great experience with my RCA RIC 102 Silver Compact Ice Maker.

RCA RIC102 Silver Compact Ice Maker provides the batch of Ice in 6 minutes. It means you can get your drinks within 6 to 10 minutes. If we have a party at your home, then RCA Ice Machine is the best Ice Maker. The color of this Ice Maker is also very attractive. It has a very attractive color. The RCA RIC-102 Silver Ice Maker produces 26lbs of Ice per day. It also stores 1.5lbs at a time. So as of my opinion, it is more than enough for a single cycle. But as a customer, you need to check the pros and cons of the RCA Ice Maker. Here I have listed the Positives and Negatives of the Ice Machine offered by RCA.

About RCA

RCA is firstly founded as Radio Corporation of America. It was established on 17th October 1919. For over 90 years, RCA is introducing many offers for the customers. The company has launched Radios as its first product. Today, the RCA brand symbolizes American ingenuity worldwide. RCA has become a part of lives with its products. One of its products is RCA RIC102-Silver Compact, Ice Maker.

RCA RIC 102-Silver Ice Maker Review

I review this product as the best Ice Maker after using it for a long time. The RCA RIC102-Silver Ice Maker provides enough amount of ice for your home parties. Before buying this Ice Maker, I am worried about the ice for the parties I arrange at home. But after purchasing this best Ice Maker Brand product within my budget Series Ice Maker referred by my friend, i don’t bother about the Ice for the functions. I promise that after trying this RCA Ice Maker, you will review this product as the best one.


  • Ice Production
  • Light Indicators & Alerts
  • Portability, User-Friendly & Overflow Protection
  • Other Features

1. Ice Production

  • Ice Production Capacity: As we need a lot of Ice for usage, it will produce 26lbs of Ice per day.
  • Time is taken to Produce Ice: For producing a batch of Ice, it needs 6 minutes.
  • Ice Cube Sizes: At various times, we would like to have different sizes of Ice. RCA RIC Ice Maker provides this facility of selecting two different sizes of Ices as per our needs.
  • Ice Storage: Are you tired of melted Ice with your previous Ice Maker? Then buy this RCA Ice Machine, which has storage of 1.5lbs of Ice.

2. Light Indicators & Alerts

No need to wait for the Ice for a long time. Because RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker indicates when the Ice is full and when the Reservoir is empty, just add the water when it indicates and enjoy the Ice within Six minutes. The RCA RIC 102 Silver Ice Cube Maker will alert you when the Ice Basket is full, and the Ice Indicator light comes on. It also stops working automatically.

3. Portability, User-Friendly & Overflow Protection

When we are conducting parties, we should move the Ice maker according to our convenience. This Ice Machine has this facility of portability. As a User-Friendly system, we can operate this RCA Ice Maker without any guidance or Manual.

Automatic Overflow Protection: The Ice Makers automatically becomes off and controls the overflow of Ice. It helps the customer to avoid the Manual Work.

4. Other Features

  • Operating Temperature Range: RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker should maintain the temperature of 45-90 F.
  • Noise: RCA Ice Maker makes very little noise while starting as well as Making the Ice.
  • Built-in Accessories: As we cannot use our hands to pick the Ice from the bin, we should have a scoop. RCA RIC Ice Maker gives a free Ice Scoop to pick the batch of Ice at a time.
  • Drain System: It is obvious that we don’t like if ṭhe wastewater spread at home. By considering this situation, RCA Company has provided a drain outlet at the bottom of the machine.
  • Removable Ice Bin: There is a facility for removing Ice Bin from the Ice Maker.



  • Manufacturer : Curtis International LTD
  • Item model number : RIC102-Silver
  • Product Dimensions : 15 x 11 x 14.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 19.4 pounds
  • Type : Portable /Countertop
  • Ice Producing Capacity : 26 lbs
  • Ice Storage : 1.5 lbs
  • Water reservoir capacity : 2.3 Liters
  • Additional Features : Clear LCD Display, Intuitive Icons, Easy-Push Touch Buttons, Auto-On/Off Time
  • Ice Cube Size : 3 Sizes Small, Medium, Large



We can clean RCA RIC 102 ice maker with the help of a cleaning solution, warm water, and we can also use salt to clean the machine thoroughly.


RCA RIC 102 ice maker lasts for about one to two years.


Compressor and Fan convert water into ice. Yes, you can run a line to a 5-gallon jug of water to RCA RIC 102 ice maker.


To make your summer parties perfect, RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker is the best solution. This compact ice maker can give upto 26 pounds of ice daily. It produces ice within 6 minutes. So, if you too want a compact, high performance, and quality ice maker, then RCA RIC102 portable ice maker is a great choice. To know the best ice makers on the market from time to time, keep visiting our Reviews Ice Maker portal frequently. Thank you for your time!

RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker image

In-brief, RCA RIC102-Silver Compact Ice Maker is a portable ice maker ideal for small kitchen, RV, and Boat. You can easily carry it to the camping as well. It can produce 26 lbs of ice daily and can also store upto 1.5 lbs of ice. Al-together, if you want a compact ice maker with less noise, LED indicators, and a modern look, check the price now and buy online @ Amazon.


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