ROVSUN 100 lb Ice Maker – Easy-to-use Commercial Built-in Ice Machine!

ROVSUN built-in commercial ice maker is a perfect add-on to your newly remodeled home, restaurant space, or hotel when you need a constant production of ice cubes. This ice maker is well-built with an ETL certification for durability. This ice-making electronic appliance gives us enough ice cubes for meeting any needs. After a huge recommendation, we were curious enough to have bought this product for the purpose of testing it.

This powerful ice producer produces about 100lbs of ice in a single day and has a 33lbs storage capacity. If you talk about its controls, let me tell you it’s super easy and works with just one press. Its control panel has an LCD indicator, which shows water and ice-making mode. Since it has a freestanding type of installation, it is suitable for huge home kitchens, restaurants, bars, panties, hotels, grocery stores, cafes, etc., where the need for ice is massive and constant. It is a convenient appliance to install. Just make sure to have an adequate water supply outlet and a drainage outlet adjacent to the wall /cabinet where this appliance will be installed. The water supply’s ideal temperature must range from 41-950F. Its pressure level for water supply is 0.04-0.6 MPa.

ROVSUN Built-in Ice Maker Review, 2023

1. Design

They well designed rOVSUN commercial ice maker 100 lb to provide an efficient and robust supply of ice. This model of ice maker has a rugged and built structure made of stainless steel and iron painting, giving it an industrial look. They made its exterior in order to sustain any rust. This product’s dimensions are measured as 18 x 16 x 31 (L x W x H) and weigh about 63 pounds.

This 100lb ice maker has an LCD indication control panel and a vent system attached right at its unit’s front. There is a water attachment at the back end of this device for water and drainage supply. This Rovsun commercial undercounter ice maker does it’s cleaning by itself. It also comes with an impressive auto-clean mode where you merely have to press that specified button. That’s it. This appliance starts the automatic cleaning process immediately. This ice maker is structured for safe, continuous, and long term use.

2. Built-in or Freestanding Installation

Unlike many regular ice makers, which are confined only to one installation type, this ice maker can be installed as one wishes. ROVSUN 100 lb ice machine has a dual-type of installation system. It is mastered to fit under a kitchen cabinet or bar counter and also can be used as a freestanding appliance. This built-in commercial ice maker is accompanied by all the necessary tools required for its installation process, whether you opt for freestanding or as a built-in, and it goes as per your choice.

This unit comes with a 3-meter long white water supply hose with a 6.35mm diameter and a 2-meter long water drain pipe. It is essential to ensure that before installing this ice maker, it should have proper support of power supply and water supply outlets. Or else there will be issues during its operations. This 100lb ice machine should be kept in an upright position for the first 24hrs before starting to operate it. After 24hrs you can quickly start its functioning.

3. Smart Controls

This Rovsun built-in stainless steel commercial ice maker has a smart technology control system installed in it. This 100lb commercial ice maker has a built-in easy-to-use control panel, which functions as an LCD indicator specifically for water and ice making modes. You can even manually change your ice cubes’ size by simply pressing the (+) and (-) buttons.

This free standing ice maker rapidly churns up 100lbs – 150lbs of ice cubes and produces 45 square-shaped ice cubes in just 12-18 minutes. There’s an auto shut off mode and auto-clean mode on its control panel, wherein this device shuts off automatically when its storage tank is full. This ice producer can also clean up itself by automatically draining out all dirt from its storage tank. So, in short, you have all of its controls at your fingertips.

4. Ventilation System

To provide effective and continuous operations, an ice maker machine should also have a well-working ventilation system built in it. This machine for restaurants has large-sized exhaust vents at its front end and back end of this unit. It helps in quicker heat dissipation and effective heat dissipation. In short, for water to turn into ice, the hot air has to be displaced from this ice maker.

A strong ventilation system is always needed for an ice machine to produce sufficient ice for any situation. Poor ventilation in any ice maker device would cause less ice production, especially during hot weather. So you need not worry about this Rovsun ice maker since its vent system is equipped to perform well irrespective of the weather.

5. Warranty

Rovsun provides a limited 1-year warranty from the date of purchase of this product. This warranty service solely covers only defects and faults in its material during the time of workmanship. Rovsun warranty service will be applicable only if done through an authorized service center and not any other unauthorized agents.

Its warranty is void if any damage was caused to its unit due to misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, incorrect installation, overloading of this appliance, etc. Other specific details are clearly mentioned in the user manual provided with it. These warranty applications may differ from state to state.



  • Manufacturer : ROVSUN
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 16 x 31 inches
  • Item Weight : 63 pounds
  • Ice Making Capacity : 100lbs/24H
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 33lbs
  • Material : Stainless Steel & Iron Painting
  • Ice Making Time : 12-18mins
  • Ice Shape : Clear Ice Cube (0.9″x0.9″x0.9″)


How long do ROVSUN 100 lbs commercial ice makers preserve ice before it melts?

This ROVSUN 100 pounds ice maker preserves ice for about 15 to 20 minutes before it starts to melt.

Does this ROVSUN Built-in Stainless Steel Ice Maker require a drain pump to connect to installed plumbing?

ROVSUN Stainless Steel Ice Maker comes with a drain hose, but its gravity drove.

Are the ice cubes produced by ROVSUN 100 lbs ice maker clear?

Yes, this ROVSUN 100lb ice maker produces clear ice cubes.

How large are the ice cubes of the ROVSUN 100 lb/150 lbs ice machine?

The ice cubes’ size is almost 1-inch square produced by ROVSUN 100 lb/150 lbs ice maker.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping up our ROVSUN Built-in Stainless Steel Freestanding Ice Maker review, we would say that it’s a compact and convenient to use kitchen appliance. This undercounter ice maker is ideal to fit in huge home kitchens, restaurants, bars, pantries, hotels, grocery stores, cafes, etc.

This ice maker unit effectively and quickly produces about 100lbs of ice in a single day and 45 ice cubes in just 11 – 18 minutes. The entire control panel is user-friendly and has one-touch operations for quick and convenient functions. You only need to get a proper water and drainage outlet to support this device, and it will do the rest. Hope our ROVSUN Built-in Ice Maker review is satisfactory enough to clear out all your doubts about this ice maker. Have a happy shopping!

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