ROVSUN Commercial 100 lbs Free-standing Ice Maker – Ideal for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops

ROVSUN Commercial Ice Maker Review 2023

A commercial ice machine has become an absolute necessity for the people who are running a cafeteria, bar or restaurant for serving food and drink. ROVSUN Built-in stainless steel commercial ice maker is ETL authorized and is made from high durable stainless steel with rust resistance and extends its provider time. ROVSUN group gave great importance to the quality of their products and every unit of this ROVSUN is well built and also tested to ensure the safety and longevity. But you should not buy without referring Rovsun Ice Maker Reviews. So, check the complete review on this page and decide.

ROVSUN stainless steel under counter ice machine is elegant and has compact design with freestanding or built-in application and the unit doesn’t occupy much storage space that is it fits perfectly under a counter or in the kitchen cabinet. It is suitable for restaurants, home, bar, grocery store, café, hotel, supermarket and many. If you are looking for best and quality commercial ice machine then this will be at the top listed with high rating.


  • ETL Approval
  • High efficiency
  • Compact design
  • User friendly
  • Product details

1. ETL Approval

They go above and strive beyond to provide the high quality product. This built in ice maker for kitchen is ETL licensed so that you can very confident in receiving an efficient, safe and well built appliance. As it is made of stainless steel it not only helps to prevent from rust but also extends longevity and the black frozen anti fingerprint panel makes the unit more fashionable.

2. High efficiency

Built with an instinctive and easy to use the control panel that has LCD indicator for showing the ice and water making functions. The time taken for making ice and thickness of ice cubes can be altered by pressing the (+) or (-) buttons. It is the rapid making machine and produces up to 100 LB ice per day in the time span of 12-18 minute cycle. ROVSUN commercial ice maker has large storage capacity of 33 LBS and the ice cube size is about, and you can control the thickness of ice easily.

3. Compact design

It is the built-in ice maker for kitchen or can be used as free standing ice maker application. It fulfills the needs of commercial ice making, great for home, bar, restaurant, café, pantry, hotels, grocery store, super market etc. Always make sure that ice maker machine have water and drainage outlet close to the unit.

4. User friendly

Installation is very easy process, and just makes sure that you have a water pipe outlet close to your unit and drainage outlet, gravity drainage. It has smart panel which is very easy to use and set up, and the operations become easier by following the tips on machine. It is the best automatic ice maker with automatic cleaning function, saves energy and has low noise where you can run the machine throughout the night.

5. Product details

Unit Dimensions: 18”16”31” (LWH), Ice Making Power: 270W, net weight: 63 lbs. ROVSUN commercial ice maker includes 5 accessories such as water inlet hose, ice scoop, drain hose and 2 connectors. Before start using the machine for first time, clean the device and keep it in upright position for about 24 hours. Connect the appliance only to the potable drainage and water supply.



  • Manufacturer : ROVSUN
  • Model : HZB-45
  • Product Dimensions : 18 x 16 x 31 inches
  • Ice making capacity : 12-18 minutes
  • Gross weight : 68 lbs
  • Net weight : 33 lbs
  • Room temperature : 50-100
  • Vesicant : C5H10
  • Refrigerator : R134a, 24g
  • Climate class : SN/N/ST/T
  • Water supply pressure : 0.04-0.6 MPa

Rovsun Commercial Ice Machine Package includes

  1. Ice maker-1
  2. Drain house-1
  3. Ice scoop-1
  4. Water inlet hose-1
  5. Connectors-2
  6. User manual-1

More on Rovsun Stainless Steel Under Counter Ice Maker

Portable ice makers are just the size of microwave and typically go on to your kitchen counter. ROVSUN commercial ice machine is not too big so can be used as portable ice machine for restaurants.

Automatic ice makers are the most popular and convenient feature which uses valves, electric motors, thermostats and timers to control the filling, emptying and freezing the ice making trays. Once the ice gets frozen, the icemaker will dump it into holding bin where people can use it from the bin when they need. When the bin is full, sensors in holding bin stop making the ice. Generally there are two types of automatic ice makers: one type uses the flexible plastic tray where the device inverts and twists in order to release the cubes. The other type uses the mechanical finger that flips frozen ice cubes into hard metal freezing tray.

Under counter ice machines are sometimes called as built-in ice machines which are designed to fit easily into the kitchen without taking much floor space. They are installed directly into the cabinetry just like cooking range or dishwasher. One such built-in ice maker for kitchen is ROVSUN commercial ice machine. It can also be used as free standing ice maker for restaurants.


It is the great little machine which puts more ice than in very small footprints and great for parties to serve the large amount of ice in less time. ROVSUN ice maker does not heat up the room like other appliances and very impressive appliance which produces continuous ice with less effort. You can even break the ice into individual part easily and the bridge thickness of ice is adjustable.

ROVSUN Commercial Ice Maker Automatic Built-In Stainless Steel Under counter image

With beautiful design and easy to use controls, ROVSUN gave us the perfect ice maker for commercial purposes. ROVSUN Commercial Ice Maker is ETL certified and is designed user-friendly. All-together it is the best ice machine which is applicable as a built-in or freestanding. Check the price and get it now for your bar or office or hotel or restaurant or home.


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