Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker | No need to shut-off manually during Over-flow!

15″ W 30 lb. Built-In Clear Ice Maker Review 2023

These days ice is a style element for drinks like the cocktail and as a preserver of life-saving drugs. To meet your specific usage requirements of ice in the best possible way, you can rely on the expert like Scotsman. There are many reasons to consider while buying a convenient ice maker. However, there are also just as many features you have to think about before making your purchase.

Explore furthure for more details. Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker, which perfectly meets your business needs. Take the right time to check the specifications, features, and design of the Scotsman DCE33PA1SSD 15 Inch Ice Machine in the following Section.

Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker Overview

Every type of food catering business requires an ice maker machine for its Best Service. There are various styles and configurations available, so it’s difficult for you to choose the best ice maker which suits your business’s needs. Are you tired of filling Ice cube trays and enjoying the chilled ice cubes without any effort? Buy Scotsman 15 Inch 30 lb Gourmet Ice Maker which fulfills your business needs perfectly.

This Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker Produces up to 30 lbs of clear cube gourmet ice within 24 hours. It has a Built-in Drain Pump and has the ice storage capacity of 26lb. The Scotsman DCE33PA1SSD 15″ W Undercounter Icemaker produces the crystal clear, uniquely-shaped, slow-melting, taste-free, and odorless ice. This Ice making machines offered by Scotsman available in stainless steel finish and maintains an ideal bin capacity with automatic shut-off and restart.

Scotsman Built-in Clear Ice Maker Accepts custom wood panels to match your decor. This 15 inches Built-in Clear Ice Maker of Scots man has a Stylish exterior with Aluminum Door and handle with a stainless steel exterior for your kitchen or bar. Check out this Built-In Ice Maker Reviews before purchasing the Scotsman 15 Inch Ice Maker

All About Scotsman

Scotsman is the world’s best ice making machine manufacturer, which brings you a sophisticated ice maker that freezes water and makes ice efficiently. Around half a century of research, innovation, and superior customer service, the Scotsman remains the largest manufacturer of ice makers in the world with authorized services in over 100 countries.

This Ice machine manufacturer company delivers purposeful innovation across more than 300 models of ice machines, bins, and dispensers. Scotsman combines reliability, efficiency, and ease of maintenance to produce today’s most advanced ice machines. The Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker is another best product that you can buy with minimal cost.

Scotsman Ice Machines play a crucial role in the success of each operation from hotels, bars, restaurants, and supermarkets to hospitals, laboratories, fisheries, and food processing facilities. A reliable supply of Ice cubes, nuggets, flake, and gourmet ice in required quantities, ranging from one cube at a time to 10 tons of ice a day.

Scotsman 15W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker Review

I have personally bought this Scotsman Built-in Clear maker after going through the customer reviews, and completely satisfied with its performance. I have been using this Scotsman Ice Machine continuously for one and a half years, and still, it works great.

The Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker produces a Large, slow-melting ice form, which is ideal for your party beverages. The stainless steel finish gives an elegant look to your modern kitchen. So stop bothering about all these things and buy the best Ice maker offered by Scotsman. I am very satisfied with this Scotsman DCE33PA1SSD 15 Inch Built-in Clear Icemaker and highly recommend for you.

Scotsman 15″ Built-In Ice Maker Features

Scotsman is the world’s leading ice maker manufacturer that understands its customers better than any other company. Here I am dedicated to bringing you the best portable ice maker reviews and information regarding using and maintaining your new ice machine. Let’s look at the Features offered by Scotsman 15 inch 30lb Ice Machine in the following section.

  • Hygienic, Durable and Elegant Design
  • Clear Ice
  • Other Features
  • Ice Production Capacity
  • Operating Temperature Requirements
  • Built-in Accessories

1. Hygienic, Durable and Elegant Design

The Ice Machines offered by Scotsman are energy efficient, hygienic, durable, easy to maintain, and User-Friendly. This Scotsman 15 inch width built-in clear ice machine features an attractive stainless steel exterior, an overlay panel door, and an integrated handle.

2. Clear Ice

The Uniquely-shaped, crystal-clear, slow-melting, taste-free, odorless ice won’t dilute the flavor of drinks. So you can enjoy your loved beverages with its original taste. The Scotsman Ice Makers are the unrivaled leader in clear ice, has designed an inspiring trio of professional-grade products to enrich the entertainment experience in the home.

The 15″ 30lb under counter ice maker is capable of producing gourmet ice cubes by continually circulating water through pumps and gently sprays into inverted ice cube molds.

3. Other Features

  • Ideal Bin with Automatic shut-off and restart: Maintains ideal bin capacity with automatic shut-off and restart.
  • Wood Panels: Accepts custom wood panels to match your decor.
  • Wine Storage Unit: Complements the Scotsman Refrigerator and Wine Storage Unit.
  • Stainless steel finish: Available in stainless steel finish only.
  • Built-in Drain Pump: The Scotsman 15 inch 30 lb Stainless Steel Clear Ice Maker machine comes equipped with a drain pump.
  • User friendly: Scotsman 15″ W 30lb Under Counter Ice Makers is not only attractively designed, but it is low in maintenance and easy to operate.
  • Field reversible door: This Scotsman Countertop Built-in Clear Ice model available with the field reversible door.
  • Noise Free: The 15 inch 30-pound Built-in drain pump ice maker is a noise-free ice-making machine offered by Scotsman.

4. Ice Production Capacity

The Scotsman DCE33PA1SSD 15″ Built-In clear ice machine designed to produce 30 pounds of Ice within 24 hours. This Scotsman 15 inch 30-pound clear ice-making machine produces 30 pounds of gourmet ice within 24 hours. The gourmet ice is available with the 1” x 11⁄8” x 1¼ ” sizes. This Ice Maker produces an Ice Large, slow-melting ice form, ideal for mixed drinks. Scotsman 15 inch width 30 pounds stainless steel maker gives Gourmet Ice. Scotsman 15” cabinet width ice maker produces up to 30 pounds of gourmet ice within 24 hours and Stores up to 26 pounds.

5. Operating Temperature Requirements

The operating temperature range of this 15-inch width 30-pound Built-in Clear has the following ranges as follows.

Air Temperatures 50°F to 100°F.
Water Temperatures 40°F to 100°F.
Electrical Voltage -10% +10%.
Water Pressures 14 PSIG to 70 PSIG.

6. Built-in Accessories

The following are the built-in accessories available along with Scotsman 15″ 30 lb Under Counter Ice Maker as follows.

The Custom Handle Trim Piece.
18” Filler Kit Available in Black and Stainless Steel.
Wrap-Around Stainless Steel Door Sleeve Kit.
Handle with Black Label for DCE.



  • Manufacturer : Scotsman
  • Item model number : DCE33PA-1SSD
  • Product Dimensions : 22.8 x 15 x 33.9 inches
  • Type : Undercounter /Built-in
  • Ice Type : Gourmet Ice
  • Type of Ice : Large
  • Ice Producing Capacity : 30 lb
  • Ice Storage : 26 lb
  • Ice Production Cycle Time : 24 Hours

Scotsman Ice Maker Placement

Scotsman DCE33PA1SSD Undercounter Ice Maker is one of the best ice machines used indoors, that too, in a controlled environment. Do not locate the unit in low-lying areas where puddles like pools will accumulate.

If you have placed the Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker Outdoor, then the ability of ice maker for making and storing ice will get reduced due to the Heat gain from the sun. Also, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can potentially damage the plastic components of the ice machine. So, while placing the Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Maker consider all these factors.

  • You can place Scotsman 15″ W 30lb Under Counter Ice Maker horizontally on a properly leveled surface.
  • Keep the Scotsman 15 inch 30pound Stainless Steel Ice Machine away from the direct sunlight and heat sources. Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating, and also, heat sources may increase the consumption of Electricity.
  • Keep the Scotsman Ice Machine to ensure proper ventilation and allow 6 inches of space at the back and on each side.



The size of the ice produced in Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker is 1” x 11⁄8” x 1¼ ”.


Yes, Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker comes with an inbuilt drain pump.


Yes, you get a stainless steel door for Scotsman 15″ W 30 lb Built-in Clear Ice Maker.


Upon testing the Scotsman 30 lbs Built-In Clear Ice Maker for 120 hours, we have reviewed this unit. We found that it produces 1-inch long round and clear ice cubes, and it will be perfect for small bars. The ice production is 30 lbs, but it can store upto 26 lbs. It means almost it is storing the amount it is producing. The one who won’t use ice frequently can go for this Scotsman Ice Maker. But if you are looking for a portable or self-cleaning ice maker, it may not suit your requirement. Check out the complete review with features, specs, pros, and cons and get this unit at the best price.

15 W 30 lb Built-In Clear Scotsman DCE33PA-1SSD Ice Maker

If you are looking for a built-in ice maker with large storage capacity, then I recommend the Scotsman 30 lbs Built-In Clear Ice Maker. It can produce 30 lbs of ice daily and stores 26 lbs. It even comes with a drain pump and auto shut-off options. Check out the price and get the best Gourmet Ice Maker now!


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