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Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS 15" Brilliance Outdoor Ice Machine

If you love to entertain or if you have a large family it is beneficial to have your own ice maker. Also, in hotter climates, you can really appreciate your ice maker because you need not buy your ice from a delivery service or an industrial refrigeration plant. Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker is one of the best ice makers used indoors, that too in a controlled environment or outdoors within certain limits. Check out the Best Ice Maker Reviews i.e, all about Scotsman Ice Maker SCN60GA1SS here.

Once, I went to a small party at my friend’s house, and that’s the day when I met the amazing ice maker of Scotsman for the first time. As a party lover, I’m almost addicted to the usage of more ice in my beverages. So next day I have bought Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker SCN60GA1SS and installed at my working place. In this article, based on my personal experience I am giving the Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker reviews which makes you buy and install this ice maker.

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Brilliance Series 15″ Undercounter Ice Maker Overview

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Ice Maker is a 15″ Undercounter Ice Machine which produces over 80 lbs of nugget ice in 24 hours. With this, you and your family can enjoy the soft, chewable ice and lots of it. This product is approved for outdoor use also but within certain limits. It stores upto 26 lbs. It has the feature of Lighted bin, self-closing door, and Field Reversible Door. I don’t know whether every Ice Maker has a special feature or not. But, this SCN60GA-1SS Brilliance Series Scotsman Ice Maker Machine has a special feature of producing Chewable Nugget Ice. Your whole family can operate this Ice Maker easily with the user-friendly panel. This product is available with gravity drain system which is one of the great features that attracts the customer.

About Scotsman

Scotsman is one of the world’s leading ice machine manufacturers. From hotels, bars, restaurants, supermarkets and fast-food outlets, to laboratories, hospitals, food processing facilities and fisheries, Scotsman ice machines play a major role in the success of each operation. With a reliable supply of flake, super flake, cubes, nugget, scale, and gourmet ice, in quantities that range from 10 tons of ice a day to 1 cube at a time, we can say that Scotsman is clearly the Ice The World Demands. In the 1950s, Scotsman Ice Systems is the first to develop reliable, affordable ice-making machines.

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker Review

Do you want the best Ice Maker? A lot of people including me will buy the product based on the user review. So, I want to share my experience and some other users Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker review with you through this post. I have been using this Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker since 2 years without any complications. This ice maker is the cheap and best nugget ice machine which is preferable if you want to get a large amount of chewable ice at your home/workplace. Get more about this product from below sessions.


  • Ice Production & Storage Capacity
  • Cooling System & Operating Temperature Range
  • Self Closing Door & Reversible Door
  • Noise Free & User friendly
  • Alerts & Light Indicators
  • Built In Accessories & Drain System

SCN60GA1SS Scotsman Ice Maker is a 15-inch Undercounter Ice Machine which produces over 80 lbs of nugget ice in 24 hours. With this, I got to know that it is producing more ice than any other ice maker. Compared to the previous models it is giving three times more ice. The bin in the SCN60GA1SS Scotsman 15-inch Undercounter Ice Maker can store ice upto 26 lbs. Compared to other stand-alone, dedicated ice machines, this ice maker uses 40% less energy and more than 50% less water to produce Ice.

Type of Ice: We should appreciate that Scotsman has introduced the best Portable ice machine that produces over 80 lbs of nugget ice in 24 hours. Nugget ice made from bits of compacted ice that absorbs the flavor of the beverage. So, with this Nugget Ice, you can enjoy soft, chewable ice and lots of it.

Of course, there will be a cooling system for any ice maker to produce the ice. But all it matters is what type of Refrigerant it is using to produce the ice. From the specifications, I got to know that the Refrigerant type is R-134A. There is an operating temperature range of minimum 40°F (4.4°C) and maximum 90°F (38°C). It should work within this operating factors only.

The Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker has the feature of Self Closing Door along with Lighted Bin. This Self-Closing Door reduces the effort of closing the door manually. I’m impressed with the feature of Reversible Door in the Scotsman 15-inch Brilliance Ice Maker. The door swing is reversible. The door in this ice machine can be attached to open with hinges on the left or right.

I can’t say that this Scotsman Ice Machine is completely noise free. It produces less noise which we can consider as almost noise free. This feature makes you prepare your ice in peace. By seeing the above features, you may already get to know that Scotsman 15″ Undercounter Ice Making Machine is the best ice maker which is user-friendly. You can easily operate and install the ice maker in your home. The amazing control panel gave life to this feature.

Your whole family can operate this Ice Maker easily with the user-friendly panel. This panel makes you know whether power is on or off, gives you an alert of the no-water condition and a time to clean reminder.

  • When the Ice Machine is switched On the LED indicator indicates the green light.
  • The LED indicator shows the red light when there is no water supplied to the Scotsman Brilliance Series ice machine.
  • When it’s time to clean the machine, the LED indicator indicates the yellow light.
  • Clean Button provided on the control panel which helps you to clean the unit with just one click.

With the Ice Maker, I got an Ice Scoop with which I’m serving the pure ice every time in my beverages. So, make use of the Ice scoop and avoid using hands to take the ice from the bin. Before buying the Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker, I thought that the excess water should be drained into swimming pool or onto grounds. But the Scotsman Brilliance Undercounter Nugget Ice Maker gave the best drain system at the bottom. It is gravity drain type which is one of the great features.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
Product Dimensions
22.8 x 14.9 x 33.4 inches
Item Weight
129 pounds
Ice Maker Type
Undercounter / Built-in
Free 10yr Warranty on Major Components
Ice Cube
Body Material
Ice Producing Capacity
80 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity
26 lbs
Reversible Door
Special Features
UndercounterDrain Required

Working Temperature of Scotsman Undercounter Ice Maker

If the Scotsman 15″ Brilliance Automatic Ice Maker operated in temperatures beyond the limits listed below, then the severe damage will occur to your unit. Also, remember that the damage occurred due to this is not covered by warranty.

Placement of Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Maker

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker is one of the best ice makers used indoors, that too in a controlled environment or outdoors within certain limits. Do not locate the unit in low-lying areas where puddles like pools will accumulate.

If you have placed the Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker Outdoor, then the ability of ice maker for making and storing ice will get reduced due to the Heat gain from the sun. Also, the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can potentially damage the plastic components of ice machine. So, while placing the Scotsman Brilliance Nugget Ice Maker consider all these factors.

Brilliance Series Freestanding and Built-In Ice Maker Installation

After buying the product, the common question to all of us is how to install it? The installation process of Scotsman Freestanding and Built-in Ice Maker is as follows.

  • Before making the ice, clean the ice maker to have tasteless ice.
  • The product dimensions are 22.8 x 14.9 x 33.9 inches, so make sure to follow these spacing dimensions.
  • When installed in a corner, the door swing of the ice maker may be limited due to handle contact with the wall or cabinet face.
  • The Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker must be connected to a potable water supply.
  • Deionized water not recommended because it could damage the ice machine.
  • The Brilliance Series Freestanding and Built-In Ice Maker must be on its 115 volts, 60 Hz, 15 amp circuit.
  • This ice maker equipped with a power cord, and you can plug it into a nearby outlet. Extension power cords are not allowed by most codes.

Warranty details of Scotsman Ice Machine

There is 10 years warranty on Major Components of Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker. You can also get the 5 years warranty on parts of the compressor only and 1 year on parts and labour on all components. Warranty covers defects in workmanship or materials. Some damages that are not covered by warranty are,

  • If the Scotsman 15″ Automatic Ice Maker operated in temperatures beyond the limits mentioned, then the severe damage will occur to your unit. This damage not covered by warranty.
  • It does not cover corrections of installation errors in ice machine or maintenance.

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Generator Customer Reviews

Till now I mentioned about the product in my point of view. I know that’s not enough for you to decide whether it is better to buy this product or not. So, here are some user reviews about Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Generator.

Customer Review 1: Best appliance in my whole house

“I will have had my Scotsman icemaker for three years in February. I do the regular cleaning with the scaler when the light comes on and vacuum the condenser screen so that it will stay maintained. It takes over an hour to do the whole process but is worth it. I’ve never had any issues with it and would buy another in a heartbeat if need be. Best appliance in my whole house! We all love the ice. I purchased it from a local dealer. A suggestion will be to buy the warranty if you are concerned about having any issues. I haven’t had any, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

Customer Review 2: Very Fantastic Ice Maker

“My wife has dreamed of having the Sonic type nugget/pellet ice for years. So for her Birthday / Mother’s Day / Anniversary (yes for the cost of it I had to spread it into a trifecta) I bought one of these in March. I got the gravity drain version and installed it under a bar in the kitchen. Drilled a hole through the wall and drained it down into the basement, plumbing run up to it from the basement, and I also ran the electrical down into the basement to plug it in- so it looks almost built-in with no wires / plumbing.

She loves it; the kids love it; it works great. Makes tons of ice (she hated our fridge ice maker – it never kept up since she loves to have tons of ice water all day long). Next time we get a refrigerator no need for the ice maker that takes up a bunch of room and always seems to break. Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker is not too noisy (less loud than our fridge or dishwasher). I enjoy the Ice too (but I didn’t really have a problem with our old icemaker or ice).“

Customer Review 3: Superior Product

“My wife and I are “ice addicts” as we actually eat ice all day long. This Scotsman Ice Maker has totally met our requirements – to deliver ice in large quantities and is soft enough not to break our teeth. The Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker delivers ice 24/7, is very quiet delivering that ice, and is easy to operate. Also, the appliance was easy to install and maintain. What more could one ask? We are very pleased with this ice maker and very pleased with the services we received from AJ Madison. We highly recommend both this device and the company that sold and delivered our ice maker. Thanks so much.“


  • Field Reversible Door
  • 10 Year Warranty


  • It produces a large amount of ice, i.e., 80 lbs in 24 hours
  • Contains Self Closing Door
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Lighted bin
  • It produces soft and chewable nugget ice
  • Get 10 Year Warranty on Major Components
  • Reversible Door is available
  • It is approved for outdoor


  • Scotsman Freestanding and Built-In Ice Maker is not portable
  • It is not having the self-cleaning function and automatic overflow protection
  • Lock facility is not available
  • You can’t leave the ice machine outdoor beyond the limits because the ability of ice maker for making and storing ice will get reduced due to the Heat gain from the sun

Bottom Line

To make the delicious nugget ice at your home or bar, Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS 15-Inch Ice Machine is the right choice. Even if you are exclusively looking for an under-counter ice maker for your bar, this will be the best option. It gives upto 80 pounds of ice every day and can store upto 26 pounds. This stainless steel under counter ice maker brings luxurious taste to your ice and also looks great. For me, its Field Reversible Door helped a lot to switch the door and customize based on the location it is going to fitted in. Hope this review on Scotsman SCN60GA-1SS Ice machine helped you to choose the best machine. For more information on best ice makers, keep in touch with this site Thank you!

Scotsman SCN60GA1SS Undercounter Ice Maker is the best ice making machine. It produces a large amount of nugget ice which is a great feature of this ice machine. You and your family can enjoy the soft and chewable ice in your beverages.

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