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Sentern Portable Electric Clear Ice Maker 2019

Sentern portable electric clear ice maker has compact design and glossy stainless fortify body. You just require having small space on countertop for Sentern ice maker, and this ice maker give you lot of clear crystal ice cubes. Sentern ice machine has big viewing window which helps you to monitor the process of ice making and checking the ice level. Sentern portable ice maker features present refrigeration technology with powerful calm down compressor and produces the denser and harder ice cubes that melts very slowly and chill out the drinks without changing its quality or taste. 

Sentern countertop clear ice maker produces high quality ice cubes that are crystal clear, with no sole indication of cloudiness, and solid enough thus it will not melt soon as you put in beverages. Furthermore, Sentern clear ice maker has LED control panel which is simple to use even equipped with indicators that gives you an idea about what is happening inside the machine at any moment. Sentern ice maker has high end exhaust fan helps to circulate the air from inside to outer and quickly dissipates the heat. 


  • Superior clear quality ice
  • Portable, Easy and safe
  • High storage bin capacity with efficient production

Sentern ice maker produces ice cubes that are clear, denser and harder, crystal clear ice, actual ice which melts slower than other type of ice and chill out the beverages without changing the quality and taste of ice cubes. 

Give firm supply of ice: With 2.2 L water tank you can get continuous ice cubes and can be easily manageable with LED control panel. You can program the unit to turn ON/Off automatically according to your convenience. 

Compact design and fashionable stylish stainless design ensures high durability and good look. Sentern ice machine is the best clear ice maker for parties, home, road trips and picnics. It is FDA approved product and ETL certified. Measurement of this ice maker machine is 11.2” * 14.4” *13.8*.  Sentern ice machine does not require any installation. 

With this Sentern ice maker you can enjoy the crystal clear and solid ice cubes within 15 minutes and makes about 48 lbs of ice in a day. It has storage bin capacity that stores about 2.4 pounds of ice cubes at one time. With the adjustment of cooling time you can choose the different sizes of ice cubes that are small, medium and large. 


Specification Name Value
Brand name
Part number
Sizes available
3 sizes small, medium, large
Product dimensions
11.2* 14.4* 13.8 inches
Ice type
Crystal clear
Storage bin capacity
2.4 lbs
Production of ice per day
48 lbs real crystal clear ice cubes
Not required
Water tank capacity
2.2 L
Approved by
FDA and ETL certified

Despite of being pretty heavy duty, the Sentern portable electric clear ice maker is considered to be simple and easy use with clear and nice ice cubes. Another feature of Sentern ice maker is that it provides you with play and plug functionality, so you just need to plug in and go. 

Sentern countertop ice maker is light weight and effortlessly you can move around and also has whole time technical support with 3 years of warranty. 

It is perfect for picnics, parties, home and other trips because Sentern ice machine does not require any outside water link up. The Sentern ice machine also comes with different warning features as you program the device to turn ON/OFF cycle of making the ice automatically depending on your comfort and convenience.

Things to consider before you buy Sentern clear ice maker

There are lot more things to consider before you purchase the ice maker.

  • Price:  it is the very important factor to consider because anyone will think of this factor initially to buy any appliance. You can purchase the basic portable ice maker for about $100. Efficient and high capacity ice maker machines cost about $300. If you want the ice maker to produce some specialized gourmet ice cubes with built-in or countertop devices, then it ranges around $1000. 

Check with all the other online stores because the cost of ice makers differs.

  • Size: if you need the ice maker to be the part of your bar or kitchen, then decide the place where to put the unit before purchasing. Take accurate measurements and find out the maximum size of appliance that is suitable to your location. 

And the thumb rule is that you need leave at least 1 inch clearance on all the sides of ice maker for proper ventilation and oxygen circulation. Without sufficient space, the unit may overheat and the machine will get stuck with soft ice and super wet. 

  • Style: most of the ice makers are constructed with stainless steel that fits in almost all the kitchens. Generally you can get them in black or white or silver. 
  • Simplicity: you should not choose the confused ice maker. The most significant options are: set the timer, power on, selection of size of ice cubes. The selected ice maker should be simple to clean and easy to install. 
  • Water recycling: an easy and innovative technology will make the ice maker easier to operate. 

The ice makers do not store the ice at freezing temperature, so the leftover ice will melt. In old models, the ice melted use to settle down at the main compartment and eventually damages the unit. 

Ice maker with the feature of water recycling takes the melted ice and recycles back to the system. This means that you don’t need to refill or drain the water. The melted ice will go back and the water is again used to produce many ice cubes. This saves water, time and lot of annoy. 

  • Longevity: a high-quality ice maker should sustain at least for few years without much maintenance. If you are regularly maintaining the unit properly, it will not break down. 
  • Type of ice and its size: need to have an option to choose between small size and large sizes. If not, make sure that your ice maker produces desired type of ice and its size.


  • Compact and Portable Design
  • Safe and Easy
  • High Storage Capacity
  • Better Quality Clear Ice
  • Digital Control Panel


  • Portable and compact
  • Easy and safe to use
  • High storage capacity
  • High efficiency
  • Best quality clear ice
  • FDA approved and ETL certified
  • Relatively quiet
  • Clear, large, hard ice cubes
  • Easy to operate


  • Slower when compared to bullet shaped ice maker
  • Ice bin and ice scoops feel like very flimsy
  • Very expensive
  • Ice cubes are delivered in blocks


Sentern portable electric clear ice maker can produce the ice cubes in 3 sizes just by setting the cooling time:  takes 15 minutes for small size, 20 minutes for medium size, and 25 minutes for large size. It produces 48 lbs actual clear crystal cube shape ice cubes in 24 hours which is highly impressive. Sentern ice machine makes denser, tougher and harder clear ice cubes that will not melt quickly. 

Overall Sentern countertop ice maker is wonderful portable ice maker that produces truly nice high quality ice, eco-friendly, easy to use, durable as well as small in size and made stainless steel material, highly recommended for people who can afford little more price. Sentern portable ice maker on sale has demand in market.

Overall, Sentern Portable Electric Clear Ice Maker is very simple to operate with its digital LED controls. There will no difficulties in installing and cleaning as well. From design to its operation, everything is great in this Merax Sentern Ice Maker. If you want to buy an ice maker that gives clear ice cubes and comes at low cost, then this Sentern Ice Machine will be the best choice.

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