Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Ice Maker – Well suited for any Counter Space

Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Review 2023

Are you troubling to make your ice or hate the wait? Then say hello to this portable ice maker – the Smart Plus Products Ice Maker. In some special occasions of our Lifelike Bridal Shower, Graduation Parties, Gatherings, Charity Events, etc. there must be a need of Plenty of Ice. We don’t have that much of space to produce in our Refrigerators. At that time, Ice Maker is the perfect Choice to fulfill our needs. We can place these Ice Machines in kitchens, bars, cafes, Hospitals, etc. It’s better for the people to check the reviews before buying any product to get the perfect appliance. Here, I am giving Ice Maker reviews according to my opinion and real experience of using the Smart+ Product Portable Ice Maker. Therefore, Check Complete Functionality and Features of this Product and Buy.

Smart Plus Ice Maker for Sale

There are various companies which manufacture different types of Ice Maker Machines. Versonel is one of the best Ice Refrigerator Manufacturing Companies. Versonel offers dependable and stylish products which add a stylish finish to your decor and for your home and headquartered in New Holland, PA 17557. It provides the best quality portable and small appliances through intensive product research, testing, and customer feedback. The goal of this company is to give you the best product that you can buy. It focuses on high-quality materials and on advanced testing systems to ensure customer need products. The products of this Company has the features like Innovation, Dependability & Style.

Versonel Smart Plus Products Ice Maker

Great for your enjoyment, make and save up ice the day of the party so no guest is kept waiting. With my friend’s suggestion, I sourced the Smart Plus Compact Ice Maker Machine on at a great price. On knowing the consumption of Ice, he suggested me this product. As he suggested me this Appliance is Simply Perfect. This Smart Plus Products Ice Maker produces the clean, cold ice in the matter of minutes with easy instructions. It can be bought anywhere, whether it’s a picnic, a party or hanging out with friends. You can make ice for your drinks to serve at your parties, boating, RVs and even when just chilling out. Enjoy the occasion with the Smart Plus Portable Ice Maker! This Versonel Smart Plus Ice Maker Machines are better than any undercounter Ice Maker.

The most popular and well known Smart Plus Ice Maker is Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker. The Complete review of this product is given below. Hence you can have a look on the below review to check the whole information like Features, Benefits, etc.


  • Ice Production and Storage Capacity
  • Design and Portability
  • Time Taken to Produce Ice and Ice Cube Size
  • Additional Features

1. Ice Production and Storage Capacity

Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Ice Maker Machine comes with an ice production capacity of 33 lbs. Compared to other portable ice makers, we can say that this ice maker is producing a bit more ice. So, if guests or friends frequently visit your house then this Smart plus ice maker would be a great help for you. Also, it can store upto 2 lbs of ice. If you don’t have the need for ice at the instant moment, you can store it for later use also.

2. Design and Portability

This Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Ice Maker comes with under 15-inches height. Also, it is lightweight and compact. These all features make it the highly portable unit and it can fit any of your countertop or wet bar. As it is lightweight, you can carry it anywhere while traveling on RV or boat or for any other trips or campings. Furthermore, coming to its design it has the feature of a well-insulated storage compartment. However, it won’t work as a freezer.

3. Time Taken to Produce Ice and Ice Cube Size

It gives 33 lbs of ice every 24 hours. However, within 6 to 10 minutes you will get the fresh batch of ice. Even if there is some extra ice after using the required amount, the ice maker can store it without melting the ice cubes. You can use both bottled water or tap water in the water reservoir of 1 gallon for making the ice which is an added advantage of this unit. Coming to ice cube sizes, you can choose from 3 different ice cube sizes; small or medium or large size.

4. Additional Features

  • Well insulated storage compartment
  • You can plugin this unit into any 110V outlet
  • Electronic Controls and LCD Display for ease of use: Another feature is, by pressing and holding the ‘Clock’ button for more than 3 sec you can keep the LCD light lit continuously.
  • Looks cool with its commercial-grade Stainless Steel Finish
  • The drain is not required.



  • Manufacturer : Versonel
  • Model : SPP15AIM
  • Dimensions : 14.5 x 11.8 x 14.5 inches
  • Ice Production Capacity : 33 lbs
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 2 lbs
  • Weight : 27.8 pounds



Smart+ Products SPP15AIM machine would use around 350-kilowatt hours in a month.


Overall, this Smart+ Products Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker is the best ice machine that has the capacity of 2 Cubic Feet and can make upto 33 lbs of ice a day with less power consumption. It makes the batch of ice within an average time of 6 to 10 minutes by using bottled or Tap water. Furthermore, at a time this unit can store 2 lbs of Ice. This innovative Stainless Steel Countertop Ice Maker has come up with a Well insulated storage compartment and is not a freezer. So, if you want a portable ice maker from which you can choose different ice cube sizes, then you can go for this Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Ice Maker.

Smart Products SPP15AIM Portable Stainless Steel Ice Maker image

Smart+ Products SPP15AIM Ice Maker comes with special features at low price only. It has the Electronic Controls and LCD Display for an easy operation. All together this is the best compact ice machine that is ideal for countertop or wet bar use.


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