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Sunpentown IM-100 Portable Ice Maker Review​ 2020

For organizing parties, We need to have a large quantity of ice to serve drinks to the guests. Especially in summers, guests need refreshing and cold drinks to stress out. The required amount cannot be produced by a small ice tray from the refrigerator. So, in that situation, an Ice Machine is the best solution for your problem. Ice Machine produces the sufficient amount of Ice for all your guests during Parties. Now the next immediate question is which ice maker is the best with all the Features and Specification according to our requirement. So, before going to buy a new ice maker analyzing and comparing different products is an important issue. This Sunpentown IM 100 Portable ICE Maker is the best one according to my personal experience.

Sunpentown IM-100

The Ice makers can quickly make ice and do not require a continuous water supply. So, if we want to buy the new icemaker, then the next immediate questions arise is which company is the best with economic as well as performance-based? According to my knowledge, Sunpentown IM-100 Portable Ice Maker is the one of the right product for you with all the latest features. In this page, I will give you my personal experience with this Sunpentown IM 100 Portable Ice Maker. So after reading this product details, you will get the complete details about Sunpentown IM 100 Portable ICE Maker. In addition to the analysis, you may also have other info like Product Specifications, Features, and Overview, etc.

Sunpentown Ice Maker Machine

Sunpentown International Inc. was founded in the year 1993 and is based in City of Industry, California. This company provides various personal and small home appliances to its customers. Various products of the sunpentown company are air control, such as air portable air conditioners, custodians, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans, heaters, evaporative air coolers, and window air conditioners. Like air control, the company also offers various refrigeration products, like compact refrigerators, ice makers, upright freezers, and wine coolers. The company also provides kitchen products, including blenders, breakfast makers, cookware, dish dryers, dishwashers, electric kettles, hot water dispensers, induction cooktops, medicine cookers, milk frothers, ovens and roasters, radiant cooktops, rice cookers and dispensers, slow cookers, soymilk makers and juice extractors, toasters, and thermal cookers. Also, check SPT IM-600US 50 lb Stainless Steel Under-Counter Ice Maker Review here.

Sunpentown IM-100 Portable Ice Maker Machine Review

Sunpentown IM-100 Portable Ice Maker is a self-contained ice maker and very compact in size. This Ice Maker is easy to use and does not require any installation process. It Makes three different ice cube sizes. With a few simple steps, i will get the first batch of 12 cubes in less than 10 minutes, and it makes up to 2lbs of ice in an hour. This ice maker can produce a maximum of 35lbs of ice per day. This is an excellent ice maker that will work anywhere such as Kitchen, Home Bar, Boat, and Patio, etc. As the Sunpentown IM-100 is designed to be a fully portable, so it allows high quality of Ice whenever we need it. As it is a counter top ice maker we can fix it easily anywhere.

If we maintain a voltage level of 115v, then we can easily take this product to any destination because it has a self-contained unit and it is compact in size. I can use either bottled water or tap water to fill the reservoir, so that makes this small option even more attractive to this product. With these short and straightforward options, we will get a perfect ice at any time from anywhere. The Supentown IM-100 ice machine price is slightly high which is $225.29.


  • High Quality of Ice
  • Highly Efficient and Easy-to-use Touch panel
  • Easy Maintenance and Stylish Product
  • Portable

If we want an excellent quality portable ice maker, and that can produce a perfect quality of bullet-shaped ice at any time we need it, the Sunpentown IM-100 is the best solution which I experienced. It gives 35 pounds of ice every day. After filling the water reservoir, I can get the first batch of 12 cubes in less than 10 minutes without any delay as stated above. I can get three different sizes of ice with the help of this IM-100 Ice Maker.

The Sunpentown IM-100 Portable Ice Maker also has a CFC-free compressor so that it has high-efficiency compared to the other Ice makers. With the help of CFC-free compressor, the unit is easy for both the energy bill as well as environmental issues. The LED display and soft-touch controls make easy to operate this Sunpentown IM -100 ice maker. With the help of this product, I can also decrease my energy usage in addition to save my money.

The Sunpentown IM-100 is a stylish platinum color that will add a great feeling of style to any room it is placed in. As it is a compact in size, I can easily fit on counters/shelves and in small spaces also. It’s a unique attraction to my home. This product will contain a 1.2-gallon water reservoir that is easy to fill. With this tank, there is no need for drain requirement. The IM-100 also has a storage capacity of up to 2 1/2 pounds of ice.

Sunpentown IM-100 35 Pounds Ice Maker is highly portable that you can carry it anywhere. Means, if you travel more on RV or go for vacations or trips or campings on a boat, then this Ice Machine will be helpful for you to add more chill to your enjoyment. Also, you can place it anywhere on the counter space of your kitchen or living room or office break room. Furthermore, the design and looks perfectly matches any home decor.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
IM 100
Product Dimensions
17.1 x 15 x 17 inches
Item Weight
46 pounds
Stainless Steel
Portable/ Countertop
Ice Production Cycle
10 minutes
Ice Type
Type of Ice
Large and Medium
Ice Producing Capacity
35 lbs
Ice Storage
2.8 lbs
Water Reservoir Capacity
1.2 Gallons

Sunpentown IM 100 Portable Ice Maker Customer Service Details

If who have any doubts about this Sunpentown IM 100 Portable Ice Maker then does not return to your retail store. The sunpentown company provides the technical support number to their customer for the ease of their consumers. You just make a call to the Sunpentown customer care number. By making a call to the technical assistant or service, they will respond immediately without any delay.

Sunpentown Warranty & Safety Measures

If we found any fault in the machine or the fault materials then within one year from the date of purchase the machine will be repaired with free of cost. The various conditions applicable for this warranty are as follows

  • The Sunpentown Ice Maker to be notified of fault.

  • Product Purchase proof will be submitted to the representative.

  • All the replacements parts will be new.

  • In the USA only the product warranty applicable.

Safety Tips

Similarly, while using the electrical appliances following safety precautions are crucial to avoid the risk of fire, injury to the persons, and electric shock, etc. Some of the basic security measures are as follows

  • Do not operate the Ice maker with a damaged cord.

  • Please unplug the ice maker before making repairs as well as the cleaning process.

  • This is not intended for use by the persons including children, mental capabilities, etc.

  • Don’t clean the ice maker with flammable fluids. If we clean with the flammable liquids, it will create a fire hazard or explosion.

  • The sunpentown ice maker is brought indoors from outdoors during the winter season so that, with few hours to warm up to a room temperature before going to plugging in it.

***** Warning: Before going to start the ice maker, you should be noted that the maker should be grounded. To avoid hazard due to instability better to place the unit on an even & Flat surface.

Built-in Accessories

  • Ice basket.
  • Ice Scoop.


The sunpentown IM 100 Portable Ice Maker can operate upto an ambient temperature of 6OºF. So to exploit this Ice maker make sure that the temperature should maintain below the value.

How to Install My Sunpentown IM 100 Ice Maker?

I will provide the easy installation steps here about this Sunpentown IM 100 Portable ICE Maker. Just follow those steps and install your new buyed Sunpentown IM 100 Ice Maker. The step by step process of installing a sunpentown Ice Maker is as follows

  • Firstly, remove all the exterior as well as interior packagings.

  • See whether the Ice scoop and Ice Bucket are included or not.

  • Clean the interior with lukewarm water and the soft cloth.

  • Remove the water bucket and wash it with warm water.

  • Place the Ice Maker on a level surface.

  • You should make sure that there at least 5 inches of space between the back and sides of your ice maker from the wall.

  • Please allow one hour for refrigerant fluid to settle before plugging in the unit.

  • The primary step in the ice maker installation process is to check whether the machine is grounded or not.

  • To avoid the electric shock, the power cord of the product is equipped with a three-prong plug.

  • According to the design, the Sunpentown Ice Maker needs 120 volts 60 Hz supply.

  • Before going to use the sunpentown IM 100 ice maker, it is strongly recommended that must clean the machine thoroughly.

User Reviews for this Sunpentown Ice Maker @Amazon

Till now there are 27 customer reviews available at the Amazon. The sunpentown Ice maker has an average rating of 3.6 out of 5. From this data, it is clear that this product is suitable for daily usage. So it is an attractive product, and you can buy it. Some sample reviews of the Amazon customers are here. Read those Best portable ice makers reviews. and get an idea about this product and its features.

Customer Review 1: “Beats Dashing to the Store for Bagged ice “

In the above customer’s opinion, this ice maker is his first portable Maker. At first, he has to run lemon juice to it and toss out the first few batches of ice. With this process, avoiding the poor tasting of ice cubes and this machine has performed well also. So, he expressed that in this price range this sunpentown ice maker had the best customer satisfaction rating. Finally, he concludes that it makes the quality of ice fastly.

Customer Review 2: “Best Ice Maker ever! Well worth the money.”

According to another consumer who had purchased this ice maker, he had used this ice maker over 20 years and till now this machine is strong. This machine makes the ice cubes very quickly, and he never had any problem with this one. Sometimes he used to make the three different choices of ice cubes. So according to his opinion, this product is highly recommended for new buyers.

Along with these customers, out of 100 members, 69 people purchased Sunpentown IM 100 Portable ICE Maker to prepare ice cubes.


  • High efficiency
  • Compact
  • High Portable
  • Easy to use


  • This Ice Maker should be in Good Size & Weight as well
  • It is very Compact in size so we can easily move it to anywhere
  • The usage of the sunpentown IM 100 icemaker to produce ice is Easy
  • It Looks Great. The Design of sunpentown IM 100 ice Maker is Nice
  • I clean this Ice maker Easily
  • The ice produced by this machine is High Quality
  • The Product is Durable. It has Lots of Features
  • Sturdy
  • The installation of this product is easy compared to other machines


  • Along with the advantages, every machine has some cons
  • Like that the sunpentown IM 100 Ice Maker also has some cons


How do I fill the tank in Sunpentown IM-100?

You have to pour water manually into the Sunpentown IM-100 ice maker to fill up the tank.

Does the Sunpentown IM-100 model have a direct water source line?

No, Sunpentown IM-100 ice maker does not have a direct water source line.

Bottom Line

To get a fresh batch of ice cubes within 10 minutes and that too with your choice of ice cube size, Sunpentown IM-100 Portable will be the quick and best solution. It allows you to choose the ice cubes from 3 different sizes. Though it is portable, the quantity of ice it produces is more than other compact ice makers on the market. Wherever you place this Sunpentown IM-100 Ice Maker, its sleek design and soft-touch controls create a classy look. So, get this best portable ice maker online at a low price for your kitchen or bar.

Overall, Sunpentown IM-100 is a highly compact ice machine that fits any kitchen or home bar. With its special features and design, it stood as one of the best ice makers in the market. Buy this and get a large quantity of ice within the portable unit itself.

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