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U-Line (U-ADA15IMS-00A) Review 2020

Are you there on the list of the regular party hosts? Then Never run out of ice again with this Compact Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker. Check out my personal review of the Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker. From the day of installation, I have never faced any problems with this Ice machine. So, Check the Complete review of this product and Buy this from any of the online sites you wish. I’m sure that you will never regret buying this. So, Have a glance at the complete Ice Maker review.

ADA UADA15IMS00A Ice Maker Review

Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker is a highly compact and economical unit. It has the design which facilitates Height Compliance in your kitchen, bar counter of your home or office. The In addition to its compactness, it can produce ice quickly and efficiently. It is a cheap and best Ice Maker Machine to create ice at home. The customer can get the ice cubes in perfect crescent-shaped. The U-Line UADA15IMS00A Portable Ice Maker can produce up to 25 lbs of ice per day. It always produces a standard size of ice. The U-Line ADA Series Stainless Steel Finish Ice Maker can Stand alone or can be Built-In as well. Therefore, U-Line ADA Series Countertop installation is quick and easy and suits great in any room in the house.

U-Line Brand Description

Henry Uihlein has started the U-Line Corporation in the year 1965. It is an outgrowth of Ben-Hur. U-Line is the first company to develop an Under Counter Icemaker which has both residential and Commercial Uses. It also holds the patent for its Undercounter Icemaker. U-Line is the pioneer in producing Under Counter Ice Makers, Refrigerators, and other wine Preservation products. The U-Line Company presents the products comprising Advanced Technology with a touch of Aesthetic Elegance.

Therefore, they perfectly meet the needs of today’s modern Lifestyle. The U-line products stood in top-10 Under Counter products. It is because of the reason they possess exceptional functionality, inbuilt style, inspired innovations. The company gives attention to even the finest details. Let us have a look at the U Line Undercounter Ice Maker Review for the better understanding of Product.

The U-Line company manufactures Clear Ice machines, Crescent Ice Machines, Marine Series, Outdoor Series, ADA Series and much more. The U-Line Ice Makers are best in Quality. U-Line Company Under Counter products stood high even after five decades because of its quality, uniqueness, and best models. From the past fifty years, the company is making changes in the product designs. According to the changing Lifestyle, new product features are provided which suits your modular kitchens. U Line is best known for its Countertop Ice Makers in the market.

Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker Review

The U-Line products stood in Top 10 positions due to its low cost and excellent compliance. The ADA Series is released to install under a 34” high countertop. All the Controls are easily accessible and allow the customer a single hand operation. So, These models are a perfect solution where the buyer requires ADA height compliance. Models are available in the following finishes: Stainless or Black.

The ADA Series spans four product categories – Crescent Ice Makers, Glass Door Refrigerators, Solid Door Refrigerators, and Combo Models. All the ADA series products are cheap, Best, and Affordable. Before buying any product, one should consider some minimum requirements. So, for this, you should check the Key Features of the product. The important features of U-Line Crescent Ice Maker are available here. So, Have a glance at them once in the following section.


  • Built-In Accessories
  • Conserves on water & No drain required
  • Production and Storage
  • Built-in or freestanding & Field-reversible doors
  • Special Features

Each and every product have its own features. So, one should consider these features before buying any product. So, to make your buying process easier, we have listed the complete features of the Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker. Have a glance at them before buying.

The product uses less than 3 gallons of water to produce 22 pounds of ice.  2-1/4 gallons for 18 lbs. It is nearly four times greater than the speed of an average household refrigerator. It is Easy and inexpensive to install. Only requires a 1/4″ outside diameter water line.

  • It Produces and stores up to 25 lbs of crescent-shaped ice per day. High ice production and storage capacity.
  • Leveling legs and reversible door swing will provide a versatile placement of the product
  • Enjoy built-in application or freestanding use with an optional kit.
  • Professional Door Handle, 1 1/4” Diameter is available.
  • Commercial Door Handle, 7/8” Diameter
  • The braided water supplies line kit is provided.

Therefore, check for the built-in accessories at the time of buying.

Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker Provides custom looks. when this  product is built-in with no additional venting clearance needed on sides, top or rear. Do not obstruct the grille.

Field-reversible doors: Flexible installation options are available. All models with black and white doors are field-reversible. Stainless steel models must be ordered right- or left-hand hinged.

  • Vinyl-clad cabinet: It has textured, luxurious appearance. More resistant to scratching, peeling and flaking.
  • Integrated handle: Does not add depth to the cabinet when built in.
  • The Door will accept a 1/4″ panel: Ability to match surrounding décor and cabinets. Black and white models only.
  • Flat recessed grille: Blends with the other models and integrates with surrounding cabinetry.
  • Defrost Type: Only Manual Defrost is available in this product.
  • For indoor use only: This U-Line Ice Maker is the perfect ice maker for residential or small commercial purposes only.


Specification Name Value
Model Name
Ice Cube Dimensions
14.5 x 11.8 x 15 inches
Undercounter / Built-in
Ice Type
Type of Ice
Large and Medium
Ice Cube Size
1/2” W x 3/4” H x 2 1/4” L
Ice Producing Capacity
25 lbs
Ice Storage
2.2 lbs
Product Weight
31 lbs
Water reservoir capacity
Uses less than 3 gallons of water
Additional Features
Clear LCD Display, Intuitive Icons, Easy-Push Touch Buttons, Auto-On/Off Time


The Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker unit is designed to operate between 50°F (10°C) and 100°F (38°C) only. Higher ambient temperatures will reduce the unit’s ability to reach low temperatures. It causes in reduced ice production. So, follow the temperature guidelines before using it.


This model is specified for indoor/interior applications only. So, It is not to be used in open/ exposed to areas. Therefore, For the best performance, keep the unit out of direct sunlight and away from the heat-generating machines. In climates where high humidity and dew points are present, condensation may appear on outside surfaces. The condensed water will evaporate when the humidity decreases. Hence, read the manual completely to know the Location details.

U Line Built In Ice Maker Installation

When installing adjacent to the wall, the customer should ensure 2 1/2” clearance on hinged side for 90˚ door opening. So, The user should allow ample room for the door handle. There is no need for additional clearance around sides, top or rear of the unit is required for ventilation. Never obstruct front grille air flow.

1. Plug in the power/electrical cord in the socket.

2. Gently push the unit into the socket. Do not to kink the water supply line or entangle the rope.

3. Re-check the leveling, from front to back and side to side. Make the required adjustments. The Ice maker’s top surface should be approximately 1/8″ (3 mm) below the countertop.

4. Install the anti-tip bracket.

5. Remove the interior packing material and wipe out the inside of the unit with a clean, wet cloth.


  • Easy and inexpensive to install
  • Built-in or freestanding application


  • Complementary Stainless Steel looks great with home decor. So, makes your home look elegant
  • Easy to Install the ADA series ice makers as they are built in models
  • Makes Crescent Shaped Ice within few minutes without waiting
  • The U-Line ADA Series Ice Makers Produce up to 25 lbs. of ice daily. So, there will be no shortage of ice at home
  • The product is highly Durable. It is a compact Built-In product, therefore, it requires low maintenance
  • High Quality
  • 2 Year Limited Manufacturers Warranty is available on this product
  • Removable Ice Basket is available in this for easy ice transfer
  • It is a completely noise free product


  • The customers should clean the product manually because this Product doesn’t have Self-Cleaning Function
  • It doesn’t Contain Lock Facility
  • Uline ADA UADA15IMS00A Crescent Ice Maker is not Energy Star Certified
  • It does not have automatic overflow protection. So, the customer should manage it from time to time

Bottom Line

We tested U-Line U-ADA15IMS-00A for more than 60 hours and then wrote this review to help you get some knowledge on its benefits or features. It is the best option for the one who are looking for the most energy-efficient ice machine. Yes, it produces large capacity of ice with minimal electricity only. Some built-in machines are difficult to install but this U-Line U-ADA15IMS-00A Ice Maker is very easy and doesn’t require any expenses to install. So, if you think all these features are satisfactory and reached your requirements, buy it soon at Amazon. Thank you for your visit!

All-together, U-Line U-ADA15IMS-00A Crescent Ice Maker is one of the most economical ice makers that produce a large number of crescent ice cubes. Furthermore, the amount of ice it produces is the amount it can store as well. Check out the complete review and get this stainless steel ice machine at a low price.

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