Built-in vs Portable Ice Maker 2023 | Which is best? – Portable or Undercounter Ice Maker

Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker, which icemaker should you pick? Whenever you are searching for an ice maker, you might face some difficulties in spotting the differences between an Under Counter Ice Maker and a Portable Ice Maker. Even they are much similar in their functionality and size, but there are still distinct differences between the two. So it is quite important to understand the features of each before making a purchase.

Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker

Before beginning let us first know that Under counter ice maker is also known as Built-in icemaker and the Portable ice maker is known as the Countertop ice maker.

Under Counter Ice Maker and Portable ice maker can be compared based on the following parameters. Check those and get knowledge on Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker.

Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker image
Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker image


Best Under Counter Ice Maker is built-in into the cabinetry and is considered as a permanent appliance in homes, offices, bars, restaurants and coffee shops. Built-in Ice Maker is difficult to move due to its size and requires at least a small truck for transportation. It needs multiple people for loading and unloading purposes. Whereas Portable Ice Maker as the name suggests can be used anywhere like to a park or outdoor festivals. It easily fits into a car and can be charged by using an adaptor connected to the power source of your car. Let’s check another factor regarding Built in Vs Portable Ice Maker.

Production capacity

Production capacity image

Under Counter Ice Maker have large production capacity. It can store and produce a lot of ice at a time. Built-in Ice Maker is best for hosting a party or business meetings. It is a reliable source of ice and can meet the demands of commercial use. Best Portable Ice Maker is compact in size and has a limited capacity. It is sufficient to meet the needs of a family but not suitable for a large party or business. Now move on to next factor “Size” to know more about Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker.



Under counter ice maker take up a lot of space whereas Countertop Ice Maker is compact and can be stored easily in apartment, home, office for regular or occasional use. It is the best choice for tailgating parties and the boathouses.

Water line and drain requirement

The drawback of Built-in ice maker is that it requires a constant supply of water. So, there will be the installation of new pipes and drains for your home which needs the assistance of a plumber. But in the case of Portable Ice Maker, there is no need for any separate water line or drain which makes it a very affordable option. But not having a water line also means that we need to continually add water. Every time the ice is low, we need to pour in more water for more ice.

Counter Top ice maker can start making ice as quickly as 6 minutes but it cannot store frozen ice for a long time. But Under Counter Ice Maker can keep frozen ice for a long time. Under Counter Ice Maker is the perfect appliance to use when large quantities of ice are needed quickly and for extended periods of time.

Conclusion – Built-in vs Portable Ice Maker

In conclusion to Undercounter vs Portable Ice Maker, I would say that all ice makers have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you are going on for camping and tailgating, carrying bags of ice can be a cumbersome and unreliable idea. Nobody wants to use stale ice sitting in a store for too long. Smashing ice bags in front of guests can be an awkward thing to do. With an ice maker, you will probably never run out of ice. You can get fresh ice on demand with the water from your home.

Running out of ice in your business can deter customers from purchasing their drink of choice and may lead to poor reviews of your business. One should determine their needs like production capacity, the time it takes to make ice, storage space etc and choose the appropriate ice maker accordingly.

In my personal opinion about Portable Ice Maker versus Built-in Ice Maker, Portable Ice Maker is better as it is designed for the people who don’t want to go into the hassle of buying large ice bags, people who want ice immediately for their home parties or camping trips. Keep visiting Reviews Ice Maker portal for more information.

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