VEVOR 110V 90lbs Commercial Ice Cube Maker – Works greatly for restaurant applications!

Ice makers are no longer just needed for home but in other industries as well, like healthcare centers. The only difference is what one would need here, for commercial purposes, is a much bigger unit than what we would usually buy for our homes. The VEVOR 110V Commercial Ice Maker 80-90LBS/24H with 33LBS capacity is one such unit. Our tests on this ice maker reveal that it is an excellent investment, especially for commercial purposes. With each cycle it processed, what we saw was the production of cloudless and chewable ice cubes. Dive into below VEVOR 110v Commercial Ice Maker review to know what impressed us more and what did not.

The most impressive factor of our VEVOR 90 lbs – 100 lbs Ice maker is its premium built. Each of the components installed in it, from its drain pipe to the very powerful compressor, showed us that it is indeed a very efficient machine that can produce ice through numerous cycles during its operation. Most of its functioning is automatic, which makes it a great product to have in commercial spaces. Durability is also something this brand Vevor promises with this model, owing to materials used in this ice maker’s construction. Together, each of its features made a very compelling case for this ice maker that really makes it a buy-worthy device.

VEVOR 110v Commercial Ice Maker Review of 2023

1. Ice Production Capacity

Given this VEVOR ice making machine is a commercial model, we expected it to churn out ice as quickly as possible, and it did not disappoint us at all. Each of its cycles produced around 40 ice cubes, and a minimum of 8 minutes was required for them to come out. The longer they were in the machine, the thicker the ice was. As we ran this machine for longer hours, the quicker it was in ice production.

If this ice maker were to be on for 24 hours, it would quickly produce 80-90 lbs of ice. This clarified that this model was specifically designed for commercial purposes, given how quickly it could create and in the amount it did. Moreover, the ice thickness adjustment features added flexibility because this way, the ice could be used for varied purposes.

2. Installation

Everything you will need for installing this VEVOR ice machine 90 lbs comes in a single box. Its package includes all necessary items for its installing. From the water supply hose and water supply connector to the water draining hose, all are there already in its package.

All we need to do is to ensure that our ice maker is installed near a water outlet so that it is convenient for this machine to drain out water on its own. In addition to this, the installation of this appliance can be under-counter or as a freestanding position, where either the positions do not affect its functioning in any circumstance. This stated that it was a flexible model despite having the size it does.

3. Cleaning System

Cleaning a commercial machine is expected to be a hassle, so we thought this ice maker would become a challenge for us to clean it. But this is where the VEVOR commercial ice maker machine proved us wrong, quite to our surprise. The auto-clean feature allowed us to get the cleaning done with the touch of a button.

Its self-cleaning ability cleans up all pipes and trays in one go, which was something astonishing. Post-cleaning, all ice cubes that came out were odor-free and clear as they should be. Melted ice water is also something that didn’t concern us much because this machine’s electric drainage pump took care of it. Aside from its cleaning system, this ice maker can also filter up tap water into drinkable water if used for producing ice cubes. Thus, this ice maker can be of great use with its cleaning system.

4. Ice Storage Capacity

Ice storage capacity is where most ice maker machines take the downfall. Not only do they make less quantity of ice, but also their storage techniques, as well as capacity, is of poor quality. But, thanks to this VEVOR commercial ice making machine, it can easily store a large number of ice cubes with a fantastic performance.

Given its production cycles are quick and only 8-15 minutes long, an adequate storage capacity is needed. What this model was able to do which impressed us is that it can store up-to 33 pounds of ice. We were able to store around 15 kg of ice during the operation of this appliance before some ice cubes had to be taken out. The stored ice did not melt during this time because of a cyclopentane foam layer on all sides. External heat couldn’t reach the ice cubes, which is why they stayed intact until we had to empty its storage space.

5. Design

From materials to intelligent features, this VEVOR commercial ice machine for sale has a very efficient design. Brushed stainless steel exteriors fit well in any space where this appliance is placed in. As for its interiors, a food-grade PP injection liner has been put to use, making moving around this ice maker easy for us, given its assured sturdiness.

Its blue lights make it beautiful and add nicely to any interior design. For commercial spaces, these blue lights would be useful as they are indicative of cleanliness and hygiene. In addition to this ice maker’s visual aesthetic, an intelligent control panel allowed us to browse through its functions quickly, like to know the set temperature or to start its automatic cleaning.


Specifications of VEVOR Commercial Ice Maker Machine 90-100lbs

  • Manufacturer : VEVOR
  • Item model number : Commercial ice maker
  • Package Dimensions : 33 x 20 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight : 55 pounds
  • Voltage: 110-120V
  • Ice Production Capacity : 90-100LBS/24H
  • Ice Storage : 29 Lbs
  • Single Ice Plate : 36 pcs (4*9)
  • Ice Cube Size: 0.9″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″


Will VEVOR 110V 80-90 lbs ice maker work in a garage?

If there is proper ventilation present and an outlet in the garage, one can go ahead with the installation of this VEVOR Ice maker.

Can I simply turn this VEVOR 110V ice maker off when I don’t need to make ice?

It is possible to completely turn off the VEVOR 110V ice maker when not required, with the switch off button present at its back.

Will VEVOR 110V commercial clear cube ice maker automatically turn off when ice is full?

The VEVOR 90 lbs ice maker has been designed to shut itself off when the 33-pound storage tank is full.

What is the shape of the ice for the VEVOR 110V ice maker?

VEVOR 90 lbs ice maker produces crystal clear ice cubes, which are also visible with the tray’s shape in its front.

Final Thoughts

A commercial-grade ice maker is what this model is, and it has been proven through the entire VEVOR 110v Commercial Ice Maker Review why it is one of the best in the market. It wasn’t just the rapid and efficient ice making process that made a statement, but its entire design and function came together very well through its ice production duration. As quickly and easily it produced ice, its drain pump drained out excess or melting water as well. We loved how intelligent features inducted into it made things convenient. It was easy to observe the ice-making through its glass window and handle all functions with the control panel.

As powerful and efficient as this ice machine is, it also consumes less power, which is merely icing on the cake. We would put this as a recommendation for anyone looking for the best commercial ice maker, as we have detailed it all out in this article. It is also simple to operate and does the job quickly. They found hope this VEVOR commercial ice maker review helpful for you. Happy shopping!

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