Vevor 88 Lb Commercial Ice Maker with 33lbs Storage – Outstanding Quality & Expeditious Production!

If you are the official party thrower or host multiple events, then an ice maker is surely one of the must-haves. With the plethora of options available in the market, this Vevor 88 lb commercial ice maker is pretty much all you can need in an ice producing machine.

As soon as we bought this ice maker for testing and knowing its features, we were beyond impressed. Vevor 80 to 90 lbs commercial ice maker, with its powerful compressor, makes a batch of fresh and hygienic ice within just 8-15 minutes. It can make up to 88lbs of even-sized chewable ice cubes of 0.9×0.9×0.9” within 24 hours. And its intelligent features like auto-clean, ice thickness adjustment make it a super-efficient and valuable buy. Ice-making has never been easier, and with this machine, monitoring defaults is absolutely hassle-free. The water filters ensure crystal clear and odor-free ice cubes. Thus, getting the ‘good ice’ is no more an issue; plug this ice producer in a well-ventilated area and get started. Keeping in mind the user’s convenience, Vevor made sure to provide necessary accessories with its packaging. Check out the below Vevor 88 lb Ice Maker review and see whether it fits your commercial requirement or not.

Vevor 88 Lb Ice Maker Review for 2023

1. Design

This Vevor ice maker is 19x 15 x 33 inches in dimensions and weighs about 58 pounds. It has an ice storage capacity of 33 pounds, which is so far the largest and best storage capacity. This model is built with brushed stainless steel, which gives a classy look and also makes sure of sturdiness and durability.

This ice-making machine gives a compact look along with a sleek design. One can quickly keep this product in any place as it adds a beauty spark to any interior. It is designed to work well in a voltage of about 110-120V, 60Hz, and with the power of about 230W. The interior of this machine is made up of a food-grade PP injection liner with a thickness of 2.5mm, which gives excellent sturdiness and impact-resistance. This well-built machine comes with a high-end water pump that helps to pump water smoothly and live long!

2. In-built features

Many ordinary ice makers are defined by their in-built features which they offer. The higher quality features they offer, the most likable they become. Vevor 110v commercial ice maker 88lbs/24h with 33lbs storage is most favored for its powerful compressor.

Unlike other noisy compressors, this best ice maker makes minimum noise and produces fine ice within minutes. The compressor has powerful cooling features and makes sure to save excess energy. This machine has a strong water filter that makes sure to convert tap water to drinkable water and then produce high-quality, healthy ice from that. Its in-built nano blue light helps to keep an easy check of our fresh and clean ice from outside. Not only just convenience, but the nano light makes sure to produce an aesthetic effect on our whole machine. Vevor kept in mind all the necessities, including a water draining hose, ice scoops, water supply hose, and connector within its package.

3. Ice-Producing and Storage Capacity

This Vevor ice cube machine can very efficiently offer 33 pounds ice storage capacity. It also makes sure for easy access to the fine quality of ice 24X 7. It comes with a multi-grid ice tray of 36 Pcs designed to produce around 88 lbs. of ice in a day.

To consume ice cubes, it is essential to see that our ice cubes are healthier enough, which is precisely what this ice cube maker does. As it produces clear and crystal ice cubes, which are hygienic in their nature, can be consumed without thinking twice about the quality of ice. Its freezer section has shelves that make it even organized and gives space for storage. Heat Insulation helps to store ice in its shape and size for up to 5 hours without melting it. But if you want to use the ice in the future and not immediately, then it is always suggested to transfer them to your refrigerator.

4. Smart operation

The Vevor 110v commercial ice maker 88 lbs in 24 hrs comes with a lighted LED advanced and detailed automatic control panel. Its smart control panel makes it a modern model, as it has easily accessible buttons that have multiple functions. With the buttons in its panel, you can turn this machine on and off, auto-clean, and adjust ice thickness. Its disturbance display shows if the ice is making, harvesting, or status of the water storage, high temperature, and overtime.

Another intelligent feature of this Vevor 100 lbs ice maker machine is its ice thickness adjustment. You can easily adjust your ice thickness; it takes around 5-8 minutes to produce thin ice, 8-11 minutes for medium thickness, and 11-15 minutes for thick ones. And this machine has a six-sided cyclopentane foam layer, which provides good insulation and isolates external heat very efficiently, making sure that ice cubes don’t melt fast.

5. Auto Clean and Drainage

Say goodbye to the fuss and mess in cleaning your ice makers. It is not just a hassle, but also one can get hurt sometimes while cleaning them. This Vevor 88lb ice maker has one-button auto-clean features that clean all the trays and pipes. Apart from that, it also makes sure to ensure that the produced ice is odor-free and hygienic.

It has a very efficient drainage system, accompanied by the water supply hose, water supply connector, and water draining hose that adds to your convenience. It is a gravity drain, so you need to make sure to have the proper setup, just put the draining hose with the faucet and let it do its work. The high-quality compressor makes sure to let this machine have continuous drainage ensuring no internal damage. The LED panel is precise and makes sure to point out the various functions that this machine embodies.


Specifications of Vevor Ice Cube Machine 110v

  • Manufacturer : VEVOR
  • Item model number : Commercial Ice Maker
  • Product Dimensions : 33 x 20 x 17 inches
  • Item Weight : 55 pounds
  • Ice Storage Bin : 33Lbs
  • Ice Production Capacity : 80-90LBS/24H
  • Reservation : 5-7 hours
  • Ice Cubes : 32 PCs (4*8)
  • Ice Cube Size : 0.9″ x 0.9″ x 0.9″
  • Material : Stainless Steel+ABS


Can Vevor 88 lbs Ice Maker be used under the counter?

Yes, this Vevor 88 lbs Ice Maker can be used under the counter if you have enough drainage space for it.

How big is the freezer side of this Vevor commercial ice maker 88 lbs?

The freezer side of this Vevor 90 lbs commercial ice maker measures around 33 x 20 x 17 inches. It is within two doors, and each entry has a shelf for storage.

Can you store ice in this Vevor 110v 88 lbs commercial ice maker?

Vevor 110v 88 lbs. commercial ice maker’s heat insulation makes sure to store ice for up to 5 to 7 hours, but it is always suggested to transfer the ice to your refrigerator for future use.

Does this Vevor 110v built-in ice maker have an automatic water line?

Vevor 110v built-in ice maker comes with a drain line.

Is Vevor 88 lbs commercial stainless steel ice maker water-cooled or air-cooled?

Vevor 88 lbs. commercial stainless steel ice maker is air-cooled.


We would like to conclude this Vevor 88 lb Ice Maker review by recommending this product to look for a perfect ice maker. With more extensive storage and production capacity, this ice maker can be suitable for household and commercial purposes. It comes with a 12-month warranty and a lifetime technical service.

This built in ice maker for home does not waste much energy and makes sure to produce cloudless chewable ice, just the way it is liked. And you can get the ‘good ice’ for your party only within minutes. Along with that, the ice can stay within the machine for up to 5 hours due to its powerful heat insulation features. This free standing ice maker not only gives a problem-free installation and operation but also ensures a hassle-free auto-clean. With ice thickness adjustment, Nano blue light, and malfunction detection, this machine makes sure to give you a possible ice making experience. With this marvelous built-in ice maker, make ice like a pro! Happy shopping!

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