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Vinotemp VT-IMSW Under-Counter Ice Maker Review 2020

Do you want a large amount of ice? Are you searching for the best ice maker for your residential purpose? Here is the best solution has suggested for you. I am using Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker. I bought this product by my friend’s suggestion, and now i recommend this product to all my friends and relatives. We can make Sleek and pure ice by this VT- IMSW Ice maker. Through this product, you can make a large amount of ice very easily. Hence i am sharing my idea about the Vinotemp Ice Maker Reviews here. Surely this information will help you when you want to buy the Cheap and Best ice maker.

Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker overview

If you want a huge amount of ice with high storage, Then Buy this VT-IMSW Under-Counter Ice Maker. I’m sure we can produce large ice by this self-contained icemaker. The Under Counter Ice Maker ensures convenient and easy access with carefree operation. According to my experience, it produces 12 lbs of ice per day. Vinotemp (VT), IMSW Under Counter Icemaker, is designed with stainless steel door, removable storage bin, full-length door handle and coloured in black. Vinotemp Ice maker also has Scoop and Sleek exterior to provide elegant ice accurately. Along with these, casters are included for the mobile installation and easy relocation. Check out the Best Undercounter Reviews in the following section. Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker front exhaust allows you for freestanding or built-in installation (fully recessed).


Now i am sharing my views about the Vinotemp IMSW Undercounter Ice Maker brand highlights. Vinotemp International is a leading wine storage industry. It has been building the premium wine cabinets for 20 years. The Vinotemp is a full-service manufacturer of custom wood wine cabinets and racking, Ice Makers. The company has specialized in all aspects of the wine storage industry. Since 1985, they have sold over 250,000 wine cellars in the U.S. and overseas. The company aimed at designing the Best Ice Makers in each category. The people who want to buy the Top Icemaker can have a look at the Vinotemp Icemaker Review.

Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Icemaker Review

I feel very comfortable with the Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Icemaker. Because whenever there is a need of ice, i will prepare ice very instantly and accurately with the under counter Icemaker. The best advantage along with the VT IMSW is it has automatic prevention feature. The essential characteristics of this ice maker are it will automatically shut down when its bin was full. It will alert when its load was full and also when it emptied. This Icemaker also has adjustable levelers for our convenience. By using this leveler, we can adjust the ice maker on uneven flooring. VT icemaker comes in very handy also. Its Volume is 28 L 15 in. W x 18 in. D x 25 in. H (52.5 lbs).


  • VT-ISMW Under Counter Ice Maker
  • Built-In Capability, Sleek Exterior & Stainless Steel Door
  • Large Ice Capacity & Restaurant-Quality Ice
  • Accessories
  • Special Features

Vinotemp ISMW Ice Maker is made up with stainless steel and black in colour. It looks smooth and works accurately. Whenever i have an occasion, i am making a huge amount of ice by using this Ice Maker. I am feeling great with this VT IMSW Ice Maker working. You can get the Best Ice Maker Reviews for current year along with features and Specifications.

It has Front Exhaust with it. Therefore Due to the Front exhaust, it gains Built-in or freestanding capability. The VT IMSW comes with the qualified Sleek Exterior which can produce the ice in Sleeks. The VT Ice Maker door is made up of the stainless steel material. The door contains the Full-width door handle also. That will make you easy operation.

The best feature of the VT-IMSW is it can produce as well can store the 40 lbs per day. It is not a small thing. Due to its large & quick production ice, it can apply to restaurants, Hospitals, Bars & Big food parties. Vinotemp Ice Maker produces the high-quality clean ice in a fraction of the time. Thus the produced ice is very healthy and very safety.

Vinotemp Ice Maker included the following accessories along with it.

One Ice Scoop.

One Removable Ice Storage bin.

VT-IMSW Temperature Range

Water operating temperature range for the Vinotemp Ice Maker is 45 degrees to 90 degrees.

An Ambient temperature range is from 40 degrees to 110 degrees.

East to use controls: Ice production and other functions can control easily. Because the controls are designed as computerized controls.

Adjustable Levellers: By using the adjustable levelers, we can adjust the ice maker uneven flooring for our convenience.


Specification Name Value
Model Name
Ice Maker Size
19.5 x 25.5 x 17 inches
Ice Maker Type
Undercounter / Built-in
Body Material
Ice Producing Capacity
12 lbs
Overflow Prevention

How to place the Vinotemp Ice Maker?

This is the basic question arisen from every new user. Hence i have a detailed answer for this question. I will clarify the better place for Vinotemp Automatic Ice Maker placement.

  • First of all, place the ice maker in dry and well-ventilated place.
  • Avoid the placing the ice maker near to any heat source and also in direct sunlight.
  • To allow for proper circulation ice maker requires at least four clearances at back, one clearance at sides and also one clearance at Top.
  • The Front should be unobstructed.
  • Place the unit on the flat surface.
  • The ice maker has designed free-standing or built-in.

Installation Process of Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker

Are you new to Ice Maker?

I will help you in your ice maker installation process. I provided here the full steps included in the installation of Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker Ice Maker.

Before Using your Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker

  • First of all, remove all the exterior and interior packing material.
  • Once check the condition of Ice Maker & the accessories.
  • Before Ice maker connecting to the power supply, let the unit stand upright for 24 hours. This will help to reduce the multifunction in the cooling system due to transportation.
  • Clean the Interior with lukewarm water by using smooth cloth.
Installation of Casters:

Casters are necessary for mobile install and ideal for rolling the unit from one point to another

  • Tighten Casters with locks is from the front of the unit.
  • Tighten Casters without locks in the impressions at the back of the unit.

Leveling the Ice Maker:

  • The Ice Maker must be level to ensure optimal flow from the evaporator. Otherwise, it will produce noise or reduce the ice production.
  • The Unit can be raised or lowered by adjusting the levelling legs at the bottom of the Ice Maker.

Safety measures & Warnings of Vinotemp Ice Maker

I prefer some safety precautions that have to take. We must follow all these to maintain our ice maker working best.

  • Please operate the unit with the undamaged card.
  • Unplug the power and also the water supply when you are cleaning or performing maintenance the machine.
  • Keep card away from high traffic areas.
  • Do not cover the cord and do not run the cord over carpeting or any other insulators.
  • Use nonflammable fluids in the machine cleaning.
  • Do not operate with housing panels removed.
  • When an appliance is working, you should not touch the evaporator with your hands.
  • The Icemaker condenser pins are very sharp hence they will quickly damage. So it will be better to handle them properly.
  • Special handling is required when refrigerator appliances are disposing of.
  • Locate the icemaker away from direct sunlight and from heat resources.
  • Cord must be away from the water to avoid electrical accidents.
  • Turn on the water supply tap switch before connecting to power. And not shut down the water supply switch when Appliance is working.
  • Make sure that your hands are dry and you are on the dry surface when you were operating the unit. Otherwise, the electric shock will cause.
  • The ice maker should install with all plumbing, electrical and water connections by state and local codes.
  • Hence choose the well-ventilated area for ice maker installation.
  • Finally, do not use Sharp instruments or abrasive cleaners to remove glue or tape.

Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker Warranty

Vinotemp offers the warranty to the parts and labor for 12 (twelve) months from the date of sale. For a scratch and dent or refurbished unit, the warranty is three months from your dated invoice. Vinotemp does not offer any warranty on parts purchased separately. Improper placement of the unit will also avoid the warranty. This limited warranty does not cover damage due to such things as the accident, misuse, mishandling, acts of God, fires, earthquakes, floods, high winds, etc.

Vinotemp – VT IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker Customer Service

If you believe your product is not working, then contact the customer service support for product services. Either you can contact through the Email id or Toll-free number. Before contacting the customer care, you must have the model number, serial number and the proof of purchase. The representatives of the Vinotemp will not consider the product for repair when you mishandle or improper package. Ice Makers received without the return authorization will refuge.

  • Email id:
  • Official website:


Vinotemp Under-counter Ice Maker is one of the top most Product among the Ice Makers. Many customers had  already bought this ice maker. The rating for this product in the Amazon is 3.0 points out of 5.0 points which are the great thing. Now i am sharing the customer reviews here.

Customer Review 1:

I would give this company three stars. It made full cycles of ice and still working. I am impressed with Vinotemp Ice maker. We have used this 4 to 5 times. I will suggest it, my friends, also!

Customer Review 2:

Works great. Quiet. No complaints.


  • Built-in or freestanding application
  • Ice Storage Bin and Plastic Scoop
  • Touch Screen Wine Coolers


  • Vinotemp produces the ice within a short time
  • Due to its portable nature, it is easy to carry the ice maker
  • It is self-contained ice maker which has the automatic overfill protection
  • Looks beautiful and easily attracts the people with its color black
  • Once the storage bin is fill, the Vinotemp ice maker stops its working until you remove the ice from the bin


  • It does not have the self-cleaning option
  • Vinotemp Ice Maker do not contain the lock facility
  • There is a need for the ventilation. Hence you cannot place the ice maker in small place
  • It does not contain the self-closing door option

Bottom Line

We have reviewed Vinotemp VT-IMSW Under-Counter Ice Maker after analyzing and testing for more than 94 hours. I recommend this built-in ice maker for the one who wants to produce an ample quantity of ice with a freestanding style of the ice maker. Yes, this Vinotemp VT-IMSW ice machine can produce 12 lbs of ice for every 24 hours and should be attached as Freestanding or Built-in. You may think to go for a portable machine instead of this. But unlike other portable machines, this 12 lbs under counter ice maker gives complete storage until needed. Check out the complete review and buy this best under-counter ice machine at low price on Amazon.

Vinotemp IMSW Under Counter Ice Maker is a stainless steel product which can make sleek and pure ice quickly. VT-IMSW is one of the top most Ice Maker products. It is colored in the black. It has good temperature withstand range. Giving Better Features and specifications compared with other product.

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