VIVOHOME 26 lbs Countertop Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine – Perfect for Kitchen, and Home Bar

Running out of ice while having a perfect summer event is extremely frustrating. There is never enough ice while having a cocktail party, and a refrigerator literally cannot produce that. That is why we bought this VIVOHOME Ice Maker Machine, renowned for generating sufficient ice for any situation. After testing its efficiency, we were more than satisfied with all of its functionalities. It can give you enough ice that will surely make your house party the coolest one.

This Vivohome Countertop Ice Maker gives you the bullet-shaped small ice cubes that can fit into any bottle nozzles. In an average of 6-10 minutes, it can produce absolutely 26 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. This is designed for portable use so that it can be easily carried and used at different places like your kitchen, RVs, bars, restaurants, summer parties, cocktail parties, etc. It helps you monitor the ice-making process and ice level through a view window and indicate you by light. The Vivohome is favorably quiet too, so it does not disturb you anytime during the process, and there is no need for a complicated installation process. Just turn on the switch, add water, and “voilĂ ,” a batch of ice ready in a few minutes. Sounds good, right?! Here are the detailed Vivohome 26 Lbs Ice Maker Review, with pros and cons and all.

VIVOHOME 26 lbs Ice Maker Review 2023

1. Design

The design of this VIVOHOME Countertop Ice Maker Machine makes its usage more convenient. Due to its compact and lightweight design having dimensions 15 x 14.6 x 11.2 inches and 18.21 pounds weight, it is effortless to be carried even in RVs and boats. Its design includes an automatic overflow protection sensor that will save you from the overflow of ice which creates a mess.

This Vivohome Portable Automatic Ice Maker can be used in two size modes and is available in two colors, red and silver, that can be opted for according to your requirement. The design is extremely simple and fascinating, that it will not give customers a hard time understanding its use. Its stylish and elegant look will add a beautiful spark to any interior space.

2. See-through Window

It is quite difficult to open your ice maker again and again to check its working and ice level. It could also be a potential threat to your ice maker as it might get broken if you or any kids open your ice maker repeatedly.

That is why this VIVOHOME Portable Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine has a view window or see-through window from which it is incredibly convenient to check the ice level in its basket and observe the ice production. Being a Table Top Ice Maker, this window makes it look more stylish on your counters or tables, and you can enjoy fresh and cold ice cubes in just a few minutes without any hassle.

3. Ice Production Capacity

Freezing plenty of ice in the refrigerator is challenging as well as time-consuming. And, many other typical ice makers may not produce sufficient ice cubes to meet all your ice necessities.

VIVOHOME Countertop Automatic Ice Cube Maker Machine can produce a total of 26 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours and can give you ice cubes just within 6 minutes after adding water. So, you do not need to wait long to make your drink cool and refreshing. Also, while having a party, it won’t disappoint your guests due to the shortage of ice cubes. It will never let you run out of ice because of its enough ice production capacity in a short period of time.

4. Compressor and Drainage System

Most ice-making machines produce a lot of noise while operating. It might be annoying, and one may not dare to install such noise-making ice makers in their living rooms or while having a conversation with their guests.

But, this VIVOHOME 26 lb ice maker isn’t like others. It is designed with a compressor cooling system because of which it operates at a very low sound without bothering your special event or leisure time.An improper drainage system is a huge problem with many ice makers that can lead to poor ice quality and several faults in the machine. VIVOHOME Portable Automatic Ice Maker’s drainage system is at its bottom, which stores residual water keeping the area clean for making hygienic and fresh ice.

5. Indication Lights

This Vivohome Electric Automatic Home Ice Maker is smart enough to never make ice-production a headache for you. Firstly, the ice level can be monitored by its see-through window at the top of this machine, and indication lights are also available for a hassle-free process.

When the water level reaches 2.3 quarters, it means the reservoir is low. A red indicator light turns on and alerts you to add more water. When its ice bucket gets full, another indicator light turns on to remind you of removing ice from it so that more ice can be produced. This indication system makes the process of ice-making hassle-free and convenient for the user.


VIVOHOME 26 Pound Ice Maker Specs

  • Brand: VIVOHOME
  • Timer: 24 Hours
  • Ice Capacity: 26 lbs
  • Time Cycle: 6 minutes
  • Ice Cube Shape: Bullet
  • Power: 115V/60Hz
  • Ice Making Current: 1.7A
  • Package Dimensions : 14.75 x 14.5 x 11 inches
  • Item Weight: 18.98 pounds
  • Refrigerant: R600a 0.81Oz/23g
  • Vesicant: C5H10
  • Enclosure: Plastic
  • Material: Stainless Steel


What size is this VIVOHOME ice machine? (Dimensions)

The dimensions of this VIVOHOME ice machine is 15 x 14.6 x 11.2 inches.

Can we use coffee instead of water in this VIVOHOME 26 lbs countertop electric ice maker?

Yes, you can use coffee instead of water in this VIVOHOME Countertop 26 lbs ice maker.

Do you need a special type of water for the VIVOHOME 26lbs ice cube maker machine?

No, you don’t need any special type of water for this VIVOHOME Compact ICe machine. You can just pour normal filtered water to make ice out of it.

Can I keep ice in the VIVO HOME Ice Maker machine or do I need to transfer it to the freezer?

Yes, you can keep the ice in this VIVOHOME Electric Ice Maker Machine until you need it, but it needs to be transferred when the basket gets full, and you want the machine to keep producing more ice.

How do I clean VIVO HOME Ice Maker?

To clean this VIVOHOME Portable Ice Maker, you can wash it with water from the inside as that water can be drained out through its drainage system at the bottom of this machine. And from the outside, use a wet wipe or towel.


In the end, we would like to let you know the conclusion of our Vivohome 26 Lbs Ice Maker Review, that it is the best portable ice maker machine that we have tested so far. Because of its compactness and lightweight, it can easily be carried along to different places to keep getting ice cubes.

This VIVOHOME 26 pound ice maker is a good option for parties and bars because of its quick and efficient service. Being a smart ice-maker, it is incredibly convenient to monitor its working. Getting around 26 lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours is a good deal at its price. Its operational process is so simple that you don’t even need to use this VIVOHOME ice maker manual to follow any complicated steps. We highly recommend you to use this ice maker machine to have plenty of ice in a very less amount of time. Hope our article is sufficient enough to give a clear view of this product. Happy shopping!

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