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VonShef Counter Top Ice Maker Review 2020

Do you want to have a Drink with Chilled Ice? A drink with chilled Ice gives some excitement. Everyone intends to have this excitement. The only solution for this is getting instant Ice. For that, we have to buy the Best Ice maker. As I am using Vonshef Ice Machine, I suggest you buy Vonshef Portable Ice Maker. Because this is the Ice Machine, I am using for a long time. I have a very good experience with this product. So to have a good Ice within the required time buy this Ice Machine. The good thing about this Vonshef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker is it can be easily transported to any place.

VonShef Premium Portable Ice Maker Review

Do you want to buy a VonShef Portable Ice Maker? Then you have to get the complete knowledge about the product you are going to buy. Because this is the product, we are going to use regularly. In our everyday life, we mostly use ice cubes. There are different ways of using ice. Like if you are throwing a party for your friends and relatives, you have to serve the drinks. But we can’t have a drink without Ice. We always to like have a drink with chilled Ice. For that, we need to have Ice Maker. On those occasions, Vonshef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker is the best product. The Price of VonShef Premium Ice maker is $ 139.99.

VonShef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker

40lbs Portable Ice Maker is one of the products offered by Vonshef. This Ice Maker can produce 33-40 lbs of Ice in 24 hrs. It is the best Icemaker for BBQ’s and Parties. Vonshef Ice Maker produce 3.3 pounds of Ice in a single cycle. The Premium 40lbs Countertop Ice Machine have a free Ice Scoop so that we can easily take Ice from the bin. It required no Plumbing or Drainage facility. It means this Ice Maker will automatically drain the water from the Ice Maker. With all these features Vonshef has introduced a product named VonShef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker. But before going to buy this product, one should check all the features and specifications in detail.

VonShef Ice Maker Reviews

The headquarters of Vonshef Company is located in the United Kingdom. VonShef is a company which offers various accessories required for Kitchen. The products include Ice Makers, Bake makers, Food Storages, Items related to Cooking, Items related to Dining, etc. It provides various types of Ice Makers like Digital Ice Maker, Counter Top Ice Maker, etc. Presently, in this article, we have features, specification, and other details of Vonshef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker. From these features, you can get the complete details of VonShef Best Portable Ice Maker.

VonShef Portable Ice Maker Overview

I like parties very much. I usually conduct parties at my home. It is obvious that at home we conduct small parties. Even it is a small party we need to have Ice. But every time I am facing a problem with Ice. Then One of my friends suggested buying an Ice Maker. Even at the time of buying, I had a confusion about the product. But my friend suggested me to buy this product. After buying this Vonshef Portable Ice Maker, I am very happy that I Bought this Ice Machine. It produces enough Ice in a very less time for my Parties as well as for my home usage. Now I am throwing parties without any tension of Ice. So I prefer the people to buy this Vonshef 40lbs Ice Maker who are fond of Ice.


  • Capacity & Shape of Ice
  • Ice Cube Sizes & Ice per Cycle
  • Portability, Noise Free & User-Friendly
  • Special Features

Ice Production Capacity: VonShef Premium 40lbs Portable Ice Maker is one of the best products offered by the company. It has a capacity of producing 20kgs of Ice per day.

Shape of Ice: We can get the Bullet Shaped Ice in Vonshef 40lbs Portable Ice Maker which will be perfect for our drinks or beverages.

Ice Cube Size: The Ice machine produces the ice in three Sizes. It produces small, Medium, and Large Size of Ice. Depending on our need we can choose the Ice Cube Size.

Ice per cycle: For one cycle Vonshef Ice Machine can produce 3.3 pounds of Ice and that too within 10 to 15 minutes. Now there is no need to run to near by store or gas stations for ice as you are getting the fresh batch of ice in no time.

VonShef 40Lbs Ice Maker is portable Ice Maker which can be transported to any place. You can place it anywhere on you counter space or can carry it with you to the trips or camping’s. Also, sufficient for RV’s and boats.

Noise Free: This Ice Machine makes less noise while starting and making the Ice.

User-friendly: It is a product which the functionality can be easily understood by any customer.

  • It auto shut off the system when ice is made. It also has the Control panel features like push buttons and LED indicators.
  • Alerts: It has a built-in alarm system that warns when the ice compartment is full, or the water reservoir is empty.
  • Built-in Accessories: The company provides free Scoop for this Vonshef Portable Ice Maker.
  • Drain System: No Plumbing or Drainage is Required for this product.


Specification Name Value
Item model number
18 x 17.8 x 16.3 inches
Item Weight
33.6 pounds
Portable/ Countertop
Ice Production Capacity
33-40 lbs
Ice Storage Capacity
3.3 Pounds
Product Weight
24.2 lbs
Water Capacity
3.4 Quart Water Reservoir
Additional Features
FREE Ice Scoop, No Plumbing or Drainage Required

Vonshef 40lbs Ice Maker Customer Care Service

Vonshef provides a good Customer Care Service for the products they offer. For this 40lbs Portable Ice Machine, the company provides a warranty of 12 months, i.e., One Year.

Contact Details:

If the customers face any problems regarding the Vonshef Ice Maker, they can easily contact the company so that they can get the immediate response from the authorities. You have a chance to mail to the company explaining the problem of the product. Alternatively, you can also contact the retailer for solving the queries.

The mail address of the company is
UK –

The customers have given some review based on their experience. Some Customers have given 5 Star, some 4-star Rating, etc. Most of the customers have given 5 Star Rating for this product. It has 33% out of the total, 13% of the user rated 4 Star, etc. Here we have provided the some VonShef Portable Ice Maker Review based on Amazon.


The customers have given some review based on their experience. Some Customers have given 5 Star, some 4-star Rating, etc. Most of the customers have given 5 Star Rating for this product. It has 33% out of the total, 13% of the user rated 4 Star, etc. Here we have provided the some VonShef Portable Ice Maker Review based on Amazon.

er quiet either. Our refrigerator ice maker sometimes “froze up” at the worst time or else continued to dispense ice after you moved your glass. It’s so nice not to hear my husband complaining. It’s the best investment I made all year. I would definitely recommend it.

Customer Review 2: Not Loud as other reviews said

 Not loud like other reviews said. I also don’t use it all day long on a daily basis, more like twice a week to refill my frig ice bucket. Good size, easy to transport as needed. I like when it beeps that water is empty as a reminder to refill it. It’s great for making ice to bag for a later event.


  • Drain System
  • User-Friendly
  • Stainless Steel


  • Provides three sizes of Ice
  • It can Produce 3.3 Pounds of Ice at one cycle
  • It is a portable system which can be moved to ant place easily
  • Gives a free scoop along with the product
  • It has a built in alarm system for Water and Ice Indicator
  • There is no Plumbing or Drainage is Required


  • No Self Closing Door. We have to open and Close the Door based on our need. The door doesn’t be opened or closed automatically
  • This Product doesn’t have Self-Cleaning Function. We should clean Manually, i.e., Ourself
  • This Product does not Contain Lock Facility


How to setup Vonshef Portable Ice Maker?

To setup Vonshef Portable Ice Maker

  1. Place the ice maker ina place away from direct sunlight
  2. Plugin the icemaker
  3. Ice maker is ready to use
How to use Vonshef Portable Ice Maker?

Vonshef Portable Ice Maker usage

  1. Reservoir stores water 
  2. Ice formation takes place here. 
  3. You should always use clean water.
  4. Otherwise, the machine will get spoilt, and ice formed will be cloudy.
Can you turn off the low water/full ice tray alarm?

Yes, we can turn off the alarm of Vonshef Portable Ice Maker.

Bottom Line

If you want to get an Ice Maker that is portable yet need to produce a large quantity of ice, then this VonShef Countertop Ice Maker is highly recommended for you. Though this is a compact ice maker, it can produce upto 40 lbs of ice per day. From the portability to productivity it has many interesting and useful features. And obviously this too has some cons but they all are passed by its benefits and features. Our review on this VonShef 40 pounds Countertop Ice Maker is to bring you the complete knowledge on how it works and whether it is suitable for your requirement or not. Hope it is helpful for you in the journey of buying an ice maker.

Al-inclusive, VonShef Countertop Ice Maker is the perfect unit for any counter space. It gives you the choice of 3 different ice cube sizes, there will be a built-in alarm, it is easy to install, easy to use and what not? You can get all the benefits of a portable ice maker along with large ice production capacity with this.

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