Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker 100 Lbs – Perfect for both Home & Industrial applications!

Apart from those who consume ice daily as a significant food substance, ice makers are also of great use to those who are planning on setting up a small business on their own. An ice maker capable of producing as much ice as needed to set up an ice-cream stall should have a strong compressor like the one that the Vremi commercial ice maker has. Vremi commercial ice maker here may tick all the boxes you are hoping to get filled. Its freestanding design gives you the authority over where exactly you want this ice maker to be stored.

Vremi Commercial Grade Ice Maker has a large frame, enabling you to produce much more ice than needed in a day. It is used even in commercial areas to create large-scale amounts of ice daily so that you do not have to wait for your refrigerator for a long time to make a bunch of ice. It can produce up to 100 pounds of ice cubes in a single day, making it one of the most powerful large scale ice creating ice makers out there. This ice maker also has a storage bin for storing excess ice that remains after use. Its well-built body and sturdy structure is sure to inspire trust in you. We wasted no time deciding to present this Vremi commercial ice maker review to you by testing out the same.

Vremi Commercial Ice Maker Review (2023)

1. Capacity

As you can already assume from the name of this product, Vremi commercial freestanding ice maker has a vast capacity for producing ice, which is one reason it can be used even in commercial places.

You can keep this ice-making machine in your house for your kitchen purposes or if you own a cafe or an ice cream parlor. The powerful and efficient compressor of Vremi ice machine can produce as much as 99 pounds of ice in a single day. You get 45 clear cubes of ice in a batch of ice after every 11-20 minutes.

2. Design

Vremi built in ice maker for home or business boasts a very practical looking frame with a very easy-to-understand structure. It produces almost a hundred pounds of ice per day, so this is pretty large. It measures 17.6×15.7×31.4 inches in length, width, and height.

The powerful performance and large body of this built-in ice maker do not compromise when it comes to looks. It has a stainless steel body that is very sleek and shiny to attract many customers’ attention. Also, it is made rust-proof so that its appearance does not get deteriorated with time. This ice maker has a storage bin in its bottom, and the cavity where you can pour water for making ice is situated at the top of it.

3. Freestanding Installation

One can benefit well from the freestanding devices than the built-in appliances. This Vremi 100 lb Commercial Ice Maker is not a built-in ice maker. So this ice making machine does not have a limitation in case of being stored.

It is a freestanding ice maker machine, so you can install it wherever you need, be it a cafe, your cozy kitchen, your dining, or a restaurant. It does not hold a lot of space, so your house kitchen would not be congested even if you store it in a corner of the very same kitchen. In fact, you can change its position and place it easily as long as it has access to a supply of water and a drainage way because this ice maker is not a fixed unit that can not move at times.

4. Operation panel

Vremi Automatic Ice Maker has a smart operation control situated right in front of this machine’s body. It has LCD indicators, which lets you quickly understand this digital panel’s keys and functions.

There is its power button, which is present as an on/off button. Then you get to see there is a button which says timer and clean. Pressing this button once would enable you to set a timer for this ice-making machine. And encouraging the same button twice would transform same key into a cleaning button. The “plus” and “minus” signs in this digital panel are used to increase or decrease the thickness of those ice cubes according to your own preference.

5. Ice Cube Type and Size

Vremi commercial clear cube ice maker makes 45 cubes of ice only in 11 to 20 minutes, which further implies that this ice maker can make 3240 ice cubes every day. Its comes with a 1.2L water tank connected to any nearby water source, which deletes the constant filling of this ice machine.

This clear cube ice making machine produces cube-shaped ice units perfect for putting in your cold drinks or juices and great for serving your customers in your small cafeteria. These ice cubes are generally 0.8 inches on each side. You can control these ice cubes’ thickness from its digital action panel without much of a problem.

6. Self-cleaning function

You purchase an ice maker so that you can save yourself some time from having to fill in water in your refrigerator every time you need ice for some purpose. Now, if you have to invest a lot of time to clean this ice maker on your own, all that spare time is lost within a blink of an eye.

But, Vremi 100 pounds Ice Maker has an auto cleaning function on its action panel. You have to connect its water hose, plug in its main power plug, pour water into this machine, and then press the timer button two times for more than 5 seconds to activate its self-cleaning function. After your Vremi Chill Out Ice Maker is clean, you can again appoint it to make ice cubes.


Specifications of Vremi 100 lb Commercial Ice Maker

  • Manufacturer : Vremi
  • Product Dimensions : 17.6 x 15.7 x 31.4 inches
  • Item Weight : 59 pounds
  • Ice Cube Type : Clear Cube Ice
  • Production Capacity : 99 Pounds in 24 hours
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 29 Pounds
  • Ice making cycle : 11 – 20 minutes
  • Installation Type : Freestanding
  • Water Tank : 1.2 L
  • Color : Stainless Steel Black


How do I add a filter to this Vremi 100 lbs ice maker?

You can go to any electronic appliance store and purchase an inline filter. Installing this filter may be a bit tricky for a typical customer, so we advise you to hire a professional for adding this filter to your Vremi 100 lbs ice maker.

Does Vremi Commercial Grade 100 pound Ice Maker come with an auto shut off to making ice?

Yes, Vremi commercial grade 100 pound ice maker does come with an auto shut-off feature while making ice. When its ice level touches the tip of this ice machine, it automatically turns itself off, and when the ice level gets decreased, it starts automatically.

How many amps does this Vremi commercial stainless steel ice maker draw?

Vremi commercial stainless steel ice maker draws 2.2 amperes when connected to a 115 voltage or 253 watts of power input.

Does this Vremi Commercial 100 lbs Ice Maker need to be connected to water or can the tank just be filled?

As this ice maker unit is specially made to suit commercial purposes, you have to connect a water line to this Vremi commercial 100 lbs ice maker in order to make ice cubes.


To reach our conclusion, we must say that this ice maker is one of the best ice makers available in the market at this price range. This Vremi ice maker is definitely the best commercial ice maker for sale for its astounding working ability and ice-making capacity. We personally tried out this ice maker machine in order to bring some relief to all our readers who are in search of a powerful ice maker for their home or coffee shop.

With its powerful compressor, Vremi ice making machine works at its best to bring its top class and quiet ice making to your little heaven. It has a smart action panel with lucidly written buttons and their functions to better understand its working techniques. You can adjust your ice cubes’ thickness with this best Vremi built-in ice maker for home or business. It’s sleek and stylish design is in the right companionship with its powerful performance. Hope you find this Vremi Commercial Ice Maker review helpful to provide answers to your questions. Have a happy shopping!

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