Vremi 26 lb Portable Ice Maker – Its Bullet ice cubes even fits your Small Water Bottle Openings!

Vremi Portable Ice Maker Review 2023

Vremi countertop ice maker is appropriate for people who are staring for practicality and convenience. Vremi portable ice maker is the great choice for those looking for portable, durable, affordable ice maker machine for home. Vremi ice maker effectively makes 9 ice cubes within 8 to 10 minutes which are in bullet shaped. The weight of each ice cube is 8 grams which makes it perfect and suitable for mixing with drinks or fit in small bottle openings.

Vremi 26 lbs ice maker machine has measurement of 9.5* 12* 13.5 inches so it can be easily carried with you wherever you travel. As it does not need water connection, Vremi ice maker is a perfect option for outdoor parties, basement bars, or barbeques. This device avoids overflowing by making the warning lights on and automatically shuts off when the ice bin is already full or need to refill it with water. Vremi portable ice maker runs smoothly and at efficient 120 watts of power with cooling function that is quiet.


  • Designed to produce fast and perfect ice cubes
  • Quiet with energy efficient
  • Portable and Easy to clean
  • Intelligent features
  • Includes scoop and ice basket
  • Saves water without wasting

1. Designed to produce fast and perfect ice cubes

This Vremi ice maker produces ice quickly, that is it makes 9 delicious, bullet shaped, chewable ice cubes within 8 to 10 minutes in each cycle. Single ice weights 8 grams which makes it ideal for minute water bottles holes or beverages.

It’s trendy not to be square: Vremi chill ice maker makes unique and cylindrical shaped ice cubes. This new ice shape comes out to be faster and quieter, clanging ice cubes for more graceful solution. Since this ice cubes are efficient and smaller, so they can easily fit in openings of small water bottles with two available sizes and you can get the enough quantity of ice you need.

2. Quiet with energy efficient

These appliances do not make much noise with cluster of clanking and clanging. Vremi silver ice maker is designed to be chill and runs with efficient 120 watt power. Under the ice basket, it has water reservoir with capacity of 2.2 liters and also helps the ice maker to reuse melted ice water in making new ice cubes, giving you the best in usage of water and energy efficient.

3. Portable and Easy to clean

This unit measure 9.5* 12* 13.5 inches, this unit can be taken with you wherever you go as it is light, flexible, and easy to store. This ice maker does not require any water line connection, so it is perfect choice for outdoor parties, basement bars, and barbeques.

This unit has detachable ice tray which you can take out and clean it easily. Just take out the tray and clean the walls with clean-up solution. It is simple to clean this device and suggested to clean, wash and rinse the machine at least twice a month.

4. Intelligent features

This Vremi ice maker is basically designed as bummer-proof. With the help of features such as warning lights and automatic power off, this machine avoids under fills and overflows which is problematic in other machines. With this feature you can completely focus on party leaving the ice maker machine. With Vremi portable ice maker you will not get any trouble for hauling out for colossal bags. Ice cubes also produced very fast that is 8 to 10 minutes; where you need to spend less waiting time for ice cubes and more on enjoyment.

5. Includes scoop and ice basket

Vremi ice maker is certified by both FDA and ETL which has 1.5 lbs detachable ice basket and plastic scoop, so to do adventures you need not purchase anything more. With its modernized stainless steel finishing it can fit perfectly on any kitchen counter, tabletop or any bar. Make sure that you use the ice within less time or else it may melt or store the ice cubes in freezer for further use.

6. Saves water without wasting

Even though the water reservoir is protected, over certain period of time the ice will melt. As the ice cubes liquefy, the water will turn back to reservoir to produce more ice. It is suggested to freeze the ice for future use if you are not using it in right way. Vremi ice maker is the best portable stainless steel ice maker.



  • Manufacturer : Vremi
  • Product Dimensions : 13.5 x 12 x 9.5 inches
  • Item weight : 20.9 pounds
  • Ice storage bin : 1.5 pounds
  • Weight of each ice cube : 8 grams
  • Production of ice : 26 lbs in a day
  • Time for one cycle : 9 minutes
  • Power required :120 watts
  • Warranty : 2 Years Warranty

Cleaning and maintenance of Vremi Portable Quiet Ice Maker

In order to keep the ice cubes fresh, tasty and quality and also for keeping the Vremi 26lb Ice Maker Machine great, we need to clean the ice maker machine on regular basis.

  1. Switch the power and unplug the ice maker from wall outlet.
  2. If you found the residual water in ice tray, quietly push the tray backward so that water will drain back to water tank.
  3. Remove the ice basket and clean the interior of unit with soft cloth which is soaked in diluted detergent and warm water.
  4. By using water rinse the interior part and remove the left over water by unplugging the cap of water drain located at the bottom on front of the ice maker.
  5. Replace the drain cap in correct position.
  6. Clean the exterior of ice maker with soft and damp cloth. Use soft dishwashing soap, and if necessary
  7. Don’t clean the evaporator
  8. Never clean the machine with flammable fluids.Drain the water tank and dry it completely for storing when it is not in use for prolonged time.

Preparing the Vremi 26lb Ice Maker Machine to use

  1. Before start using the device, clean the ice basket and water tank with soft cloth dipped in warm water and diluted detergent. Follow above the instructions of cleaning and maintenance.
  2. Place the machine on flat, dry and sturdy surface. Leave about 8 inches on all the sides for appropriate ventilation.
  3. For the refrigerant fluid to settle down wait for 24 hours, then plug in the ice maker machine to 3 prong grounding power outlet.
  4. Discard the initial batches of ice when the device is used for first time or after storing it for extended period of time.

How to use the Vremi Countertop Ice Maker?

  1. Check whether drain cap is closed well or not.
  2. Open the top cover and take out the ice basket. Pour the water into water tank up to the maximum water level mark
  3. Put back the ice basket and close the top cover
  4. Press the ON/OFF button and LED indicator will light up showing that ice maker started the process of making the ice
  5. Each cycle takes approx 8-10 minutes of time
  6. When the basket is full with ice cubes then “ice full” indicator will light up and the process will stop, and stay in idle state until the ice cubes in ice basket is removed
  7. When the water tank is empty then “add water” indicator will light up , the operation will automatically stop, device will be in idle state until the refilled with fresh water
  8. Slowly remove the ice using ice scoop
  9. To avoid any damage to machine, fill up the water tank only with room temperature water or cool water, not with hot water
  10. For every 24 hours change the water in water tank to ensure the healthy, hygiene and to avoid bad smelling ice.



The Vremi countertop’s ice maker max water level indicator is present in the reservoir.


There is a free return and exchange policy for one year with this Vremi Ice Maker. You can contact customer care for further information. You have to store the receipt for further complications with return policies.


Clean the bin of the Vremi ice maker, especially as it is always filled with water always. Use a soap solution or warm water and salt scrub to clean it. Dry it thoroughly before replacing it.


You can hook up to the waterline or just add water. But it is advisable to add water.


Vremi 26 lb Portable Ice Maker occupies 9.51213.5 inches of space.


There are many specifications that make Vremi countertop ice maker a wonderful portable ice maker. It is designed with stainless steel which has long durability and produces 26 lbs of ice in a day that holds about 1.5 lbs of ice. The water reservoir is present below the ice basket such that the melted ice water will return to reservoir to produce more ice. This machine is ideal for barbeques, outdoor gatherings, and as wet bar ice makers which is light in weight and can be easily stored. Overall Vremi ice maker is the best quiet ice maker and it is highly recommended for the people who are looking for incredible portable ice maker. Hope our Vremi Ice Maker Reviews helped you to make the best choice.

Vremi Countertop VRM010636N Ice Maker Portable Stainless Steel image

Vremi Countertop Ice Maker is a quiet and energy efficient machine that is designed to produce ice fastly and perfectly within minutes. This machine is compact enough to carry anywhere with you. All in one, this is the best ice maker with many smart and special features that help you produce perfect ice in a required size.


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