Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker, 27 lb Capacity – Buy this Cost Effective Unit Now!

Whynter Portable Ice Maker Overview

At present, everyone is using the bulk of ice. We are using ice in many places like hotels, hospitals, etc. With the refrigerators, we can’t get that much ice. So, Whenever you want a large amount of ice, we can use ice maker. It produces Ice with different sizes and quantities as per your requirements. Ice Maker is a stand-alone appliance for making ice on a large scale quickly and easily. There are various types of Ice Maker Machines. One of the best Portable Ice Making Machines is Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable, Ice Maker. Here we gave the brief details of this product.

Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker Review

The Whynter IMC-270MR Portable Ice Maker is a highly compact and affordable unit designed for space-constrained use in your kitchen, home bar, and office. Whynter is the best Manufacturing Company which produces various Products like Air Comfort, Life Style, Out Door Living, and Refrigeration. Whynter brings exceptional products that make your day a little more relaxed and comfortable. This Company product primarily designed for Portability and Space Utilization purposes. The Whynter company provides Flexibility while using products. This company always committed to offering full quality products.

Whynter IMC-270MR ice maker will produce the perfect bullet-shaped ice cubes quickly and efficiently. The Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker can create up to 27 pounds of ice per day. You can select between 2 sizes of ice bullets depending on your preferences. This portable ice maker does not need direct plumbing. Simply fill the 2.2-liter reservoir with water, choose your ice size and watch the Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker make your first batch in as little as 10 – 15 minutes.


  • Ice Size & Storage Capacity
  • Indicators (Green) & Sounds
  • Indicators (Red)

1. Ice Size & Storage Capacity

Whynter IMC-270MR ice maker produces bullet-shaped ice. The default cube size from the factory is set to large. Each time when you press this button, the cube size selection will change between Small and Large. The chosen mode shall stay as selected unless changed, or there is a power failure. For the most efficient operation, when the ambient temperature is below 59ºF, use the small cube size setting—the Whynter IMC-270MR ice maker stores up to 1.5 lbs of ice.

2. Indicators (Green) & Sounds

Power Indicator(Green): The indicator below POWER will illuminate green when the unit is turned on.

Ice Size Indicator(Green): The indicator below the selected cube size will be illuminated green.

Normal Sounds: The Whynter IMC-270MR ice maker may make sounds that are not familiar to you. Hard surfaces like the floor, walls can make the sounds seem louder than they are.

3. Indicators (Red)

Add water indicator (Red):

The Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker automatically checks the water level in the water reservoir. If the water level is too low, the indicator will illuminate in RED, and the ice maker will stop working automatically. Once you add water to the unit, the index will turn off, and the ice maker will resume regular operation.

Ice Full Indicator (Red):

When the ice basket is full, the indicator will illuminate in RED. The sign will remain lit until the frost in the bucket melts away slowly or has been removed. The unit will stay in a “Standby” mode until the ice has been removed, at which time the group will automatically start operation as usual.



  • Manufacturer : Whynter
  • Model : IMC-270MR
  • Dimensions : 9.5 x 14.1 x 12.9 inches
  • Item Weight : 15.3 pounds
  • Ice Prodcution Time : 10 Minutes
  • Ice Producing Capacity : 27 lbs
  • Ice Storage Capacity : 1.5 lbs.
  • Water Reservoir Capacity : 2.2 Liters

Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Countertop Ice Maker Specifications

  • Easy to install.
  • Auto shut-off when ice bin is full.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • High-efficiency CFC-free compressor.
  • No drain required – water from melted ice cubes is filtered and re-used.
  • Freestanding installation.
  • Standalone appliance.

Whynter Portable Ice Machine Working Temperature Range

The Whynter IMC-270MR ice maker produces approximately nine ice cubes every 10 to 15 minutes Depending on the size of the cube is selected. When the ambient temperature is lower than 59ºF, the small ice cube size is recommended to avoid ice cubes clumping. For best performance, water temperature should be between 55ºF and 85ºF and ambient temperature between 65ºF and 77ºF.

Contemporary Design

The Color of this Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Ice Maker is metallic silver color. Metallic silver color – Adds sleek style to your production. With its simple design and silver texture, this portable ice machine from Whynter will match any setting, whether it’s in your kitchen, sitting at the bar, or out by the pool. It weighs only 19 pounds, so it’s portable and easy to move. These ice makers have a drain at the bottom to empty and clean. This compact ice maker machine is available in three colors.

Whynter Portable Ice Maker Installation Process

Locate the Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker away from direct sunlight and sources of heat. Direct sunlight may affect the acrylic coating, and heat sources may increase electrical consumption. Extreme cold ambient temperatures may also cause the ice maker not to perform correctly. Plug the ice maker into an exclusive, properly installed-grounded wall outlet. Do not under any circumstances, cut or remove the third (ground) prong from the power cord.

Warranty and Customer Service

This Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker provides a one-year limited warranty and a three-year warranty on compressor. This ice is warranted, to the original owner within the 48 continental states, for one year from the date of purchase against defects in material and artistry under regular use and service.

IMC-270MR Whynter Ice Maker Warnings and Safety Precautions

  • Never clean appliance parts with flammable fluids. The fumes can create a fire hazard. Do not use excessively wet cloth, industrial solvents, and oil-based products to clean this appliance.
  • Do not store or use gasoline or any other flammable vapors and liquids in the vicinity of this or any other device. The fumes can create a fire hazard.
  • Do not abuse, sit on, or stand on the device.
  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the device.
  • During installation, the power supply must not be excessively or dangerously bent or flattened.
  • Do not tamper with controls.
  • Ensure objects are not obstructing the air vent.
  • Never insert your fingers or other objects into the air outlets.
  • This appliance must be earthed.

Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Ice Maker Reviews

89% of the Customers recommended this Product. There are overall 36 Portable Ice Maker Reviews on this Product on Amazon. Most customers seem to be happy with their purchase. Based on the nature of the product and the high amount of reviews it has received, it is a popular product, and most of the customers seem to be happy with their purchase. Here we have given the Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker reviews.

This machine is super tiny. The full capacity of ice will fill

I have had portable ice makers for years. I think that is important when reviewing an ice maker because if someone has never owned another one to compare this one too, they may be inclined to give five stars because it does make ice. As compared to others that I have owned, this machine is super tiny. The full capacity of ice will fill ONE large glass. Whyter Under Counter Ice Makers will produce more ice when compared to the Whynter Compact Ice Machine.

Great product for travel or office desk use

This thing is incredible but set your expectations right; this is a small unit and will produce ice within 7-8 minutes (9 small pieces). This won’t provide the same amount of ice a freezer would, and this ice maker is not refrigerated, so the ice left in the tray for a long time will melt into the water reservoir, which will be remade into ice. This would be a good use for small camping or on your office desk. For parties, you must look elsewhere. This unit runs at around 103 watts when in use, not bad at all. There are light bulbs that use more power than this. Overall, I am happy with this product, just set your expectations right and you will be pleased.



Yes, Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker can take water automatically through the pipeline.


No, Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker is only compatible with110 -115V/ 60Hz power supply


This depends on the water you use in Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker. The ice will be clear if you use filtered or distilled water, else it will be cloudy.


If you want to get a stylish and portable ice maker for your kitchen, this Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Ice Maker will be a perfect choice. Not only for the kitchen, but it is also designed for any space-constrained use like an office or home bars. From what I’ve seen, the control panel is straightforward to use, and with few clicks, it makes a fresh batch of bullet-shaped ice in less than 15 minutes. So, get this highly efficient and affordable ice machine now at the best price and get 27 lbs of perfect bullet-shaped ice every day with a choice of 2 different ice sizes. For more information on the best ice makers, keep in touch with our portal.

Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable 27 lb Capacity Red Ice Makers image

Whynter Portable ice maker has a lot to offer for such a reasonably priced appliance. It makes a lot of ice and provides all of the essential features needed to simplify the process. Finally, you may want to look for a lengthy warranty and the best compact ice machine, you should also examine the reputation of the brand, and you will satisfy by buying this product.


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