Whynter IMC-270MS Compact 27 lbs Ice Maker – Affordable Machine for your Kitchen / Office

Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker

Maintaining any restaurants, hotels, etc. requires lots of ice. You also need extra ice for a party, a picnic, or another family outing. We all have refrigerators in our homes. But, it becomes quite difficult to produce the required quantity of ice using a freezer. In those situations, the ice maker can give you just what you need. The ice maker is a stand-alone appliance for making ice on a large scale quickly and easily. There are various types of ice makers for sale. One of the best portable ice-making machines is Whynter IMC-270MS Compact, Ice Maker. Here, we will provide all the details and information needed to choose the best ice machine for sale based on your situation.

Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker Overview

The Whynter IMC-270MS Portable Ice Maker is a highly compact and affordable appliance designed for space-constrained use in your kitchen, home bar, hospital, or office. Daily it produces 27 pounds of Ice in the shape of Bullets. Every 10 to 15 Minutes, this commercial ice machine will make nine ice cubes. The capacity of the water reservoir is 2.2 L. The main advantage of one of the used ice machines is no need for drains. It means the water from melted ice cubes will be filtered automatically and re-used. This Whynter Compact, which is the best Ice Maker, will provide the best Performance and Reliability. Whynter Ice Maker reviews will help you to buy the Best Ice Maker Machine in a market.

Whynter Portable Ice Maker IMC-270MS Review

It provides the feature like ice size selection. You can select the size of ice, either small or medium, depending on your preferences. This Whynter IMC Small Ice Maker has indicators like add water indicator, full ice indicator, power indicator, etc. to give alerts. This ice making machine contains built-in accessories like bin, ice scoop, etc. The cheapest ce maker produced by Whynter consumes the power up to 120 Volts to produce ice cubes. It contains the high efficient CFC-free compressor. All the features and reviews of this Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker are provided below. You can also refer Whynter IMC-270MR Compact Portable Ice Maker reviews to know its specifications, Features.


  • Capacity
  • Ice Size Selection & Water Recycling System
  • Contemporary Design
  • Led Indicators
  • Special Features Include

1. Capacity

Ice Production Capacity: Produces 27 lbs. of bullet-shaped ice cubes in 24 hours. Fill the water reservoir to the water level mark and select an ice setting, small or large, and the machine will begin making ice automatically. It makes nine ice cubes for every 10 to 15 minutes.

Storage Capacity: The capacity of Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker manual water reservoir 2.2 L. Ice basket stores up to 1.5 lbs. of produced ice.

2. Ice Size Selection & Water Recycling System

This home ice maker produces bullet-shaped ice. You can select the size of the ice which you want, either large or small. The default size of the cube is large.

Water Recycling System: It means water from melted ice cubes will be filtered and re-used automatically. No drain required.

3. Contemporary Design

The color of this Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker is metallic silver color. Metallic silver color – adds sleek style to your production. With its simple design and silver texture, this portable ice machine from Whynter will match any setting, whether it’s in your kitchen, sitting at the bar, or out by the pool. It weighs only 19 pounds, so it’s portable and easy to move. These ice makers have a drain at the bottom to empty and clean. This compact ice maker machine is available in three colors.

Freestanding design: This appliance uses side vents to keep air flowing.

4. Led Indicators

This Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker provides the alerts by using sensor indicators as given below.

  • Power Indicator(GREEN) – The indicator below POWER will illuminate green when the unit is turned on.
  • Ice Size Indicator(GREEN) – The indicator below the selected cube size will be illuminated green.
  • Add Water Indicator(RED) – The built-in ice maker checks the water level automatically in the water reservoir. If the water level is too low, the indicator will illuminate in RED, and the ice maker will stop working automatically.
  • Ice Full Indicator(RED) – When the ice basket is full, the indicator will illuminate in RED. The indicator will remain lit until the ice in the basket either melts away slowly or removed.

5. Special Features Include

  • Auto shut-off when ice bin is full, i.e., Automatic overflow protection
  • Sensor indicators remind you to add water and empty ice.
  • Removable ice basket for easy ice transfer
  • Water filter
  • High-efficient CFC-free compressor.



  • Manufacturer : Whynter
  • Item model number : IMC-270MS
  • Installation Type : Free Standing
  • Color : Metallic Silver
  • Material Type : Stainless-Steel
  • Ice storage : 1.5 Pounds
  • Voltage : 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions : 9.5 x 14.1 x 13 inches
  • Item Weight : 19 pounds



This depends on the concentration of juice and the number of times you use it in Whynter ice maker. If you dilute it well, it will not cause damage.


Whynter IMC-270MS ice maker should be cleaned thoroughly with the solution. The cleaning bin is very crucial here.


To get the fresh batch of ice within minutes, buy this Whynter IMC-270MS Portable Ice Maker now. We have reviewed this machine after analyzing and testing it for over 90 hours. Along with features we have mentioned some pros and cons as well. So, if you are looking to buy a compact ice maker for the kitchen or home bar or office or RV or boat, Whynter IMC-270MS will be the right choice. Overall, it is the best product with many interesting features. Though it has some cons, they are not much important when compared to its pros. So, simply buy it, fill it with water, choose the ice size, and get the ice within 10 to 15 min.

Whynter IMC-270MS Compact Ice Maker image

The Whynter portable ice maker has a lot to offer for such a reasonably priced appliance. It’s easy to use, it makes a lot of ice, and they provided the machine with all of the essential features needed to simplify the process.


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